Winter Recap!

Hello everyone & happy Monday!

I hope you all have been doing well and enjoying these first few months of 2023. It’s always crazy to me how quickly we move through each year. As we enter the Spring season today, I wanted to share a recap of what my family has been up to the remainder of this (now) past winter.

These last three months have been filled with oh so much! Between a baby shower in Dallas, amazing weather, softball, 2 nasty viruses, time outdoors, surgical procedures, home renovations, and a wedding it has been a little nuts over here. I remember wrapping up my last recap talking about how I was ready to relax in this slow season of the year, but boy was I wrong lol. Regardless of the busyness, it really has been a great 3 months and I can’t wait to fill you all in!

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading!

We have spent a ton of time outside in awe of some gorgeous winter (more like spring/early summer) weather. We’ve gone on many outdoor walks, taken lots of trips to the playground, attended fun-outdoor events, and played with all of our outdoor toys.

My grandmother has also been visiting from Oklahoma, so we have been able to enjoy spending special time with her as this is her first visit since 2019. I even had the honor of hosting her & my family over for dinner & board games last week, which was an absolute blast!

Now, let’s get ready for the highlights!


I mentioned in my last recap that we had begun renovating our primary bathroom. We began demo the day after Christmas and now have pretty much the entire renovation complete. We have a few minor things that we still would like to change, but the big things are done & this bathroom is literally a dream come true. I didn’t think that I would ever be so obsessed with a shower. I am also beyond happy with how our selections turned out. The colors & tile choices are everything that I had hoped for and more.

Here are the details of what all we changed/selected:

  • Shower expansion (7ft x 4ft) after demo of existing shower and linen closet.
  • Custom maple built in added on top of existing vanity and stained “Harbor Mist” from Sherwin Williams.
  • Entire vanity wall received new shiplap painted “Extra White” by Sherwin-Williams.
  • Lower cabinets all primed and painted “Vogue Green” by Sherwin-Williams.
  • All new wall tile “Exhale Blanco” by Emser Tile brought to ceiling in shower expansion with brushed gold jolly.
  • All new shower floor tile “3in Hex Taupe” from Emser Tile.
  • All new brushed gold shower fixtures from Wayfair.
  • New shower 24in linear brushed gold drain.
  • All new brushed gold tub fixtures from Amazon.
  • Matte Black vanity faucets and drain covers to match from Amazon.
  • New his & hers vanity mirrors matte black from Hobby Lobby.
  • All new brushed gold vanity hardware from Amazon.


In January, Sis had some procedures done, which resulted in 10 days at home while she healed. She had ear tubes inserted (Tympanostomy) + had her tonsils and adenoids removed. These procedures were done in the hopes to help drain the fluid that had remained in her ears for months + regain some hearing she had lost & prevent her from continually getting strep throat as she had for several years. Her surgery & recovery went incredibly smooth and we couldn’t be happier with her results so far. Mila was fully healed within 2 weeks of her surgery and regained all of her hearing.

Kannon also had ear tubes inserted at the beginning of March. He had experienced 6 ear infections within 12 months + another 2 nasty ear infections in between his ENT consultation & surgery. He also had a very easy recovery and we are really hoping these tubes will help prevent constant infections and rounds of antibiotics. He had his post-op appointment this morning and the doc said that his ears, tubes, and hearing test results all looked amazing!


I would have to say that this year’s Valentine’s was one of my absolute favorites!

February 9, my little fam & some friends of ours attended the Galentine’s Sip & Stroll event held in Downtown Tomball annually. We had the best time visiting all the cute boutiques.

February 11, I had my first Galentine’s and boy was it fun! We started our night with delicious food & drinks at Sixty Vines in Market Street and then spent the rest of our evening dancing the night away in Waterway. It was such a fun Mama’s night out spent with great friends & my siblings.

February 14, was a day spent with my loves. We enjoyed breakfast together, shared loving gifts, I had some 1:1 time with Kannon at his little gym, and then we ended the night with homemade pizza’s & watching “Yesterday.” It was perfect! ❤️


Mila’s spring softball season began at the end of February and it has been so much fun so far. Jordan and I decided to lead the team this season as head coach & team mom and I must say it’s a handful, but it’s so worth it! We have loved every second of organizing all the things for these girls and watching them have an absolute blast during their practices & games. We are so excited to see how the rest of the season goes. Go Tree Frogs!


On March 4, 2023 my little sister got married! My entire family traveled to Austin, TX for the weekend to celebrate their union & we all had an incredible time. It was so special being able to stand by Bailey’s side while she married the love of her life & it was so sweet watching my little flower girl & dude walk down the aisle together. It was definitely a weekend that we will never forget! #popacorkfortheroarks


This year’s rodeo season was tons of fun! We started the celebrations off with the HLSR trail riding reception in Downtown Tomball with some friends & family.

Jordan and I took Kannon to his very first rodeo & concert experience on March 15th and that kid had the time of his life! Between him looking adorable in his cowboy get up & watching him dance his little heart out to Kenny Chesney, my Mama heart just about exploded with joy. It was the perfect evening with my handsome guys. ❤️

Spring Break has come to an end & we were able to spend our weekend watching Sis play ball and welcoming her back home for the first time in almost 2 weeks. It’s always hard when holiday schedules cause us to go longer periods of time without having her with us. It was so sweet watching her & Kannon see each other at the fields on Saturday and to enjoy her return yesterday.

We are ready to take on another week full of joy as we enter a new season. I wish each of you the same. Happy first day of Spring & thank you for joining me here today.




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    Busy, beautiful family! Been a busy one here but hope to make a few games very soon. Always love looking at all of the FUN pictures and LOVE Y’ALL TOO!!!

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