Spring Recap: Softball, Sunshine, & A Sweet Surprise!

Hi y’all & happy Friday! It’s been a minute since my last recap. We had just wrapped up the kid’s medical procedures/healing, my little sister’s wedding, and Spring Break when I was here last. I can’t wait to share what all we have been up to this Spring and hope that each of you enjoy. 

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading today’s recap!


We had such a great time with Mila’s softball time this season. Jordan and I decided to team up as Head Coach & Team Mom and we truly had the best time! Most of the girls played together last Fall, so it was awesome seeing them stick together for another season and we’re hoping it will continue in the future as well. The team ended up in the top 6 out of 18 teams, which was a huge accomplishment!

We celebrated the end of an AWESOME season by treating the girls to some epic fun at Altitude Trampoline Park. It was definitely a season to be remembered. GO TREE FROGS!


On March 7, 2023 (also the day of Kannon’s Tympanostomy), Jordan & I found out that we will be expecting another bundle of joy. We were incredibly excited to share the news with our family & friends. We surprised Mila at the end of her Spring Break and then told the grandparents the following week.

We celebrated the gender reveal of baby Muse this past weekend and found out that she will be a GIRL! We had the greatest time celebrating such a special moment with some of our closest friends & family. We cannot wait to welcome our sweet, Jasper Callie Muse, to the clan this November.


We had a wonderful Easter weekend with each of our families.

We spent the evening of Good Friday at my grandparents house dying Easter eggs. This has been an annual tradition since I was young and I love getting to carry it on with my kiddos now. 

We spent most of the day Saturday at Jordan’s aunt & uncle’s house in Hockley, TX. They have a beautiful property with lots of space for the kids to run around and play. We hung out and talked on their back patio most of the time.  Jordan & the kids played lots of backyard games and Kannon got in a little nap on me. 

We started off Easter Sunday with an Easter egg hunt, bunny shaped cinnamon rolls, and church on the TV. We spent the rest of the day at my parents house with my siblings, parents, aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandparents. It was a very relaxing weekend getting to see our loved ones and celebrate our Lord and Savior.


We have had lots of warm weather and sunshine since the Spring season began, so we have tried to spend time outdoors with the kids as much as we can, especially since it’s Kannon’s favorite place to be. He is constantly begging to go “outside” even on days when it’s thunder storming lol. 

We have spent many days at our neighborhood park & playing with our water toys in the backyard + had some fun days at my parents pool and nearby splash pads.

My first trimester of this pregnancy was pretty rough with feeling extremely run down and nauseous. Now that I’m in the second trimester, I am feeling much more myself and I have been trying to make it a priority to take Kannon on some outdoor walks in the morning’s before it gets too hot.  


This Mother’s Day was probably my favorite one. I got to spend the morning relaxing & enjoyed a delicious brunch with my boys at Craft Grill Breakfast Club! We spent the rest of the day at my parents house devouring pasta & playing Pictionary. I ended the night soaking in a warm bath & watching a movie. It was perfect! 

Jordan also surprised me with a hair appointment the following Wednesday, which was such a perfect gift. I love how my hair turned out and it was the perfect touch to start off my second trimester feeling fresh and more like myself. 💗


Mila’s last semester of 2nd Grade was a great one! We had many fun school lunches together, she had an awesome time at her 2nd Grade Choir Program & Awards Ceremony, and she had the best time at Field Day.

Yesterday was Mila’s last day of 2nd Grade. She had a half day at school, so we celebrated the day by playing in the backyard with our splash pad, a new slip n’ slide/pool combo, and popsicles + I made one of her favorite meals for dinner. We are so excited to have another awesome Summer with the kids. I still can’t believe our girl will be starting 3rd Grade & our boy will be turning 2 this upcoming August. I’ve been getting so emotional thinking about how quickly they are both growing up & I’m sure the pregnancy hormones are not helping. 😂

Now that school is out, Spring softball is over, and most of our big events have taken place, I am super excited to enjoy a (hopefully) relaxing Summer with my little fam. Jordan & I have a concert coming up, I have some fun ideas for things to do with the kids, Kannon will continue his weekly Little Gym classes, and his swim lessons will start up again in a couple of weeks, but other than that we don’t have anything big on the books & I’m kind of excited to just go in and wing it this Summer. I can’t wait to see what adventures we go on & memories we make together. 

Hopefully now that I’ve caught up a bit, I can get these recaps out a little more consistently. I have missed writing and sharing my life with you all more often. I promise to be back again very soon!




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