Breckenridge, CO!

Hey y’all, I’m back again and super ready to share an amazing vacation with you!! Jordan, Mila, and I woke up bright and early on January 1st to meet with the rest of the Muse’s at the airport. Once all of the stress of finding the right terminal, checking our bags, and going through security passed we started getting so excited for our flight to Colorado to depart. Our flight landed in Denver, so we had to ride to Breckenridge from the airport. The entire ride was gorgeous and just made us even more excited to arrive at our final destination. We were all starving, so once we got our luggage settled at the condo, we ventured out to Downtown Breckenridge to find a spot for dinner. We found a spot called “Flip Side” and it had some of the best burgers! I ordered just a regular hamburger with veggies, mustard, and ketchup. Jordan ordered a hamburger that came with bacon, cheese, and a massive onion ring (as you can see).

After dinner, we did some walking around before we headed to bed. The next morning, we got all bundled up and ready to take on our first full day in Breckenridge. As we were walking into town we noticed this beautiful view of the mountain and couldn’t pass up a picture opportunity. We went to “The Blue Moose” for breakfast. I loved this little spot. Mila enjoyed some milk and pancakes. Jordan ate a chorizo, egg, and cheese bagel with some breakfast potatoes and a Bloody Mary.I enjoyed 2 poached eggs, bacon, toast, and a mimosa. Everyone else had some delicious looking breakfast as well, but I didn’t take pictures of it all. We spent the rest of the day exploring the towns shops and even went to go buy a sled. We had such a great time looking around at everything from souvenirs to dinosaurs. We had also gone to the grocery store to get some things to cook at the condo. ShaRon made us all some delicious spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. The next morning, we enjoyed breakfast at the condo. We had bacon, egg, and cheese tacos and they were delicious! My north face snow boots started to fall apart as soon as I put them on that morning, so Jordan helped me out with some duct tape. I still haven’t figured out why they just randomly began to crumble. The rest of the day was filled with some more exploring and sledding. We all had such a joyous time sledding, but Mila really loved it. Near the sledding area there was a dog park. It was so cute getting to see all of these big, fluffy dogs running around in the snow. During our walk back I spotted this awesome house. I wished that I could just pack my things in move right in. For dinner we went to a place called, Downstairs at Eric’s. This wasn’t our favorite spot to eat, but I did like their Buffalo chicken strips and French fries. Day 3 was our ski day and it was absolutely gorgeous out on the slopes. Jordan and I skied/snowboarded from opening to close with a little lunch break in between. We had so much fun flying down the green slopes and also challenging ourselves with some blue slopes. I have always loved skiing, but hadn’t gone in 4 years and last time I injured myself, so I wanted to take it easy this time. Needless to say, it was incredible and I loved getting to enjoy it with Jordan by my side. We were also joined by Brittany and Luke for a few slopes, which was a lot of fun! For dinner, ShaRon cooked all of us some baked chicken and three-cheese macaroni. On day 4, we all woke up and enjoyed a delicious breakfast together. I ordered 2 poached eggs, hash browns, toast, and bacon. I also had some chocolate milk and it was all amazing together.

Jordan, Mila, and I rested at the condo for a bit during the day before getting ready for our very eventful evening. We all got dolled up to go to a place called “Two Below Zero,” for sleigh rides, a delicious dinner, and a live performance. When we arrived to the venue, we waited inside a little barn for the horses to arrive. Shortly after our sleighs arrived, they took us to a bigger barn up the mountain for our dinner. The entire sleigh ride was beautiful. When you first arrive at the barn, you are seated at your table and given hot chocolate with the choice of adding peppermint schnapps to it. Soon after that they bring you a warm and yummy chicken Santa Fe soup. The entree was grilled chicken and steak with a baked potato and steamed vegetables.Last, but certainly not least, they bring you a warm apple pie to enjoy while you listen to the performer sing some old classics. After the performance, the sleighs take you all back to the parking area to get your cars. We headed home to bed afterwards, but we very much enjoyed our evening. I would definitely recommend if you’re going to Breckenridge with your family or even just with you hubby or boyfriend to check this place out. They also offer a summer version where the horses travel with wagons instead of sleighs. The morning of day 5, we all went to a crêpe trolley for breakfast. I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese crêpe. Jordan enjoyed a salmon, cream cheese, and spinach crêpe. We spent the rest of the day exploring the downtown area again. We looked at all the little shops that we hadn’t been in yet and we even came across this awesome looking restaurant setting on top of the frozen water. The restaurant is inside of a gold ridge that is originally used for gold mining in Colorado. We all had Mexican food for lunch. Mexican food in Colorado is very different to the Tex-Mex we’re used to, but I still found the quesadillas very delicious. They mixed a basil pesto into the cheese of the quesadilla, which gave it a delicious twist. It was our last night in Breckenridge, so while Mila stayed at the condo napping with the rest of the family, Jordan and I went out to have a little more fun. We checked out this quiet little martini bar called, “Cecelia’s.” I ordered a cosmopolitan and Jordan ordered a chocolate martini. It started to snow pretty hard outside and it was the first time it had snowed since we’d been there, so we were very excited. We checked out a little Irish pub to have a couple more drinks before we walked back to the condo. It was still snowing like crazy on our way back.

Mila was awake once we got there, so the three of us and Luke put our bathing suits on and ski gear on top to walk over to the hot tubs provided by the condo. I always love getting to relax in a hot tub while snow is falling around me. It’s just the getting out of the hot tub that isn’t very fun (lol). When we woke up the next morning, everything was covered in fresh snow. It was beautiful. We all headed back to the Denver airport for our flight home. We were sad to go, but excited to get home to our own beds.

Breckenridge was definitely a trip that won’t be forgotten and I am so thankful for the wonderful memories that were created and I have been able to share with you. I’ll be back to fill you in on even more exciting things very soon.

XOXO, Paige.

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