The Time of Our Lives: South Beach Miami, FL

Hello everyone, I hope y’all are doing amazing and are getting super excited about the weekend ahead. My thoughts & prayers are with everyone effected by the hurricanes especially in the Carolinas.

Today I am sharing the most exciting post I’ve ever written and I am so giddy about it.

As most of you know, Jordan and I headed to Miami Beach last Friday, so I have tons of fun adventures to share with y’all, plus something very exciting/surprising/amazing. I hope y’all enjoy. 😊 We arrived at Bush Intercontinental Airport 2 hours before our flight on Friday evening, so everything was a breeze. After checking in and going through security, we headed over to a tequila bar near our gate called, Cadillac.

The plane ride was nice and short! I watched “Blockers” the whole time which is such a funny movie and Jordan watched “Avengers: Infinity War.” This was my first time flying American Airlines and it didn’t disappoint.

When we arrived at our hotel we were surprised to find out that our room had been upgraded to a suite, so we were both super excited! We stayed at a resort called, Royal Palm South Beach, which was right off the beach & on Collins Avenue, so we were within walking distance of tons of restaurants, shops, and bars.After getting settled, we walked around a little bit and found this place called, Pizza Bar, that made giant slices of pizza, which was great because we were both starving. I ordered the “White Pizza” which had 3 different types of cheeses & white sauce and Jordan ordered the Hawaiian Pizza. Each slice tasted great and we definitely left feeling satisfied. When we woke up Saturday morning, we went downstairs to one of the resort’s restaurant’s for breakfast. I ordered their Eggs Benedict with breakfast potatoes. It was delicious! Our next stop was the beach! I had forgotten how beautiful & clear Miami’s water is. I also had to order a Pinã Colada to embrace the moment. We tanned/sunburned for a couple of hours and enjoyed swimming in the ocean before heading to the pool for some relief from the heat. When we got back upstairs to get ready, we were surprised with some champagne. We had no idea who had sent it, but we were excited. We had both gotten ready to take some nice pictures on the beach, but we had to get something to eat first. We walked around and found this sushi place called, Moshi Moshi, which was so good. My sushi had shrimp tempura, eel, cream cheese, and avocado. I can’t remember what was in Jordan’s roll, but it was good! We headed back to our hotel to freshen up a tiny bit before pictures. It was such a pretty day! When Jordan and I walked into the room, I saw him set his phone up on a table as it was recording, so of course I was thinking “something’s going on..” He asked me to turn the lights on and to look at the table where our champagne was and I saw a box with a RING inside of it. I was so surprised, I can’t even explain how surprised I was. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks & I probably said “oh my gosh, is this really happening, and I love you” like 30 times. I will never forget the moment that Jordan got down on his knee to ask me to marry him, I paused for just a second to look at him, to see him there doing the most special thing in our relationship so far before I said “yes.” We had both been waiting for this moment, but he couldn’t have picked a more perfect time or place to do it. ❤️ After drying my tears and sharing the news with our loved ones, we headed to the beach for those pictures. I’m telling you guys, he planned it perfectly. 😊 We happened to find someone who is actually a photographer for a living to take pictures on my phone and she even told us ways to pose. We got very lucky & both loved how the pictures turned out. We ate dinner and had some drinks at the pool bar. Both of us ordered the grilled chicken sandwich and the bartender made me a wonderful pineapple & coconut concoction to drink. Sunday morning, we woke up bright and early to head to the Everglades Holiday Park for an airboat alligator tour. Riding on an airboat and getting to see alligators up close and personal like that was such a neat experience. We unfortunately we’re only able to see 3 gators throughout the tour even though there are many more to see, but we’ve learned that the best time to go is later in the day, when it’s cloudy, and in the beginning of the year. To top off our alligator tour experience, we ordered some gator bites to eat before heading back to the hotel and they didn’t disappoint. If you’ve never eaten alligator before, it tastes so much like chicken and that’s not a lie. We walked around Española Way to find a good spot for lunch. We spotted a really nice Italian restaurant that had some great homemade pasta & wine! Jordan ordered a glass of Pinot noir and seafood pasta that had clams, mussels, scallops, squid, and shrimp in it. I ordered a glass of Cabernet and Parmesan chicken. It was so delicious! That evening, Jordan and I walked around about 2-3 miles all dressed up trying to find some cool bars and night clubs. We sadly didn’t find what we were looking for and resorted back to the hotel, but we found some very cool chairs to relax in before calling it a night. Monday was such a fun day and we started it off with breakfast at Starbucks. It was so nice having breakfast & coffee with such a beautiful view. Our resort offered bicycles for the customers to use 2 hours each day, so we used those 2 hours up. We explored the entire area that we were staying in at South Beach and found some super cool bars & eating spots. We also biked about 3-4 miles so it was a good workout as well, which we both enjoyed. 😊 We went to a place called Burger Yard for dinner and it was absolutely amazing!! We both ordered the “Brunch Burger” that came with bacon, an egg, and white cheddar cheese. We both loved the burgers and fries so much. After dinner, we headed to Marlins Park to watch the Marlins play the Nationals. Jordan always talks about how cool it would be to see all of the baseball stadiums around the U.S. so when we passed by Marlins Park on our way to the Everglades I thought I’d see if they had any home games and thankfully they had one the very next evening. We were both so excited to go! The stadium was very beautiful and for some reason hardly anyone goes to the Marlins games, so we were able to get some awesome seats! Jordan also caught his first MLB foul ball while we were there. It was such a memorable night being able to watch those two teams. I love making memories that we will never forget. ⚾️ After the game finished, we headed to a taqueria called, Bodega. This place is not just any taqueria though. Behind that lovely port-a-potty door lies a super cool surprise and the entry fee for it is a free shot of tequila. Behind the door lies a super cool night club. Excuse the vulgar language, but the place was awesome. It was very dark so the pictures don’t do it any justice, but it was so comfortable yet fun. They had industrial lighting all over the place, big velvet couches for you to sit and drink, and a very good DJ. We stayed in the night club for a few hours and then came back out to try out the taqueria before walking back to our hotel. I ordered some shrimp tacos that had bacon & some type of special ranch sauce. They tasted so good and were a great way to end the night. EVERYONE READING THIS HAS TO CHECK OUT BODEGA WHEN THEY GO TO SOUTH BEACH!!! Tuesday was sadly the day we went home… We spent the morning/early afternoon walking around the beach and hung out in the pool. After getting cleaned up & checked out, we biked over to Ocean Dr. to check out a spot called, Tequila Chica’s, for lunch. Everyday they have a different food or drink special and for Taco Tuesday they were having $2 tacos plus they also gave us a coupon to have 2 drinks for the price of 1! We each ordered two tacos, I ordered a presidente margarita, and Jordan ordered a frozen strawberry margarita. It was all very good! I was sad for our trip to come to an end, but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. This was our first real vacation together and it was nothing less than amazing. We were able to enjoy a beautiful beach, try amazing food & drinks, see alligators at the Everglades, bike/walk around the town of South Beach, watch a baseball game at Marlins Park, just absolutely enjoy each other in a new place, and last but definitely not least, GET ENGAGED!!!

I will never forget our incredible time in South Beach Miami and I am so excited to share the experience with you all. I hope that y’all have a beautiful weekend and I’ll be back to write more very soon. 😉

XOXO, Paige.

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