About Me!

Hey y’all, my name is Paige Muse. I am a 24 year old, Texas native. I am a wifey, bonus mama, daughter of Christ, the oldest of 4 children, and a figure skating instructor. My favorite colors are pale pink, maroon, and sparkly gold. I trained as a nationally & internationally competitive figure skater from the age of 4-18. I have turned my passion of skating from an athlete to a career as a coach over the past 9 years. Some of my favorite things include traveling, reading, writing, spending time with my hubby, cooking, and enjoyable exercise. My favorite season is Fall and my favorite scent is most certainly pumpkin spice. I am a huge European history lover and Harry Potter/Disney nerd. I am a mother of 3 cats, Minerva, Luna, & Hallow +1 dog named, Huk. My life idols are Cinderella, Emma Watson, Louisa Clark, and Kate Middleton. I love coffee, red wine, and food that makes my soul happy.

I began this lifestyle blog 5 years ago with the dream of touching as many lives as I could by sharing my everyday life/struggles, positivity, delicious food, travel, & fitness inspiration. I now have a passion to also share my life as a Christian wife & bonus mama. One of the biggest reasons why I created this blog was because of the peace I feel when I write. I have always written my thoughts down in journals, but sharing my life with the rest of the world is such an exhilarating experience that I want to continue for the rest of my life. Helping others & bringing people joy is one of my favorite thing’s to do and I hope this blog can continue to help me in doing that.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or collaborations. Contact me at paigeschurman@icloud.com

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  1. Debbie & Johnny Davis says:

    And the love of your Nanna & Pawpaw’s lives and we are SO proud of you! You are BEAUTIFUL inside & out!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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