A Weekend in San Antonio, Pregnancy, & Summer Fun!

Good evening y’all & happy Monday! Boy has it been a total Monday over here… when I left you guys last week, I shared that Mila had come down with a yucky sinus, throat, and double eye infection. Unfortunately, the illness got passed along to me so I’ve been dealing with the gunk for almost a week now. Luckily, I was able to get a prescription early this afternoon since I now have a sinus infection, so hopefully things will be looking up from here!

Now on a happier note grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading:

It was a long Monday after I left you guys last week. Poor Mila had a fever in the morning + a very sore throat. We had another movie day and she got some much needed sleep while I cleaned up around the apartment and got dinner started.

We all enjoyed some delicious spaghetti with garlic toast while watching more Pirates of the Caribbean. The spaghetti was soft enough for Mila to eat so it was a win for sure!

Mila was feeling SO much better come Tuesday morning. She wanted me to document her tooth fairy money & her missing tooth. She told me it was time for people to know (on social media of course) that she had lost her first tooth lol.

We decided to go ahead and take Mila back to her normal pediatrician Tuesday afternoon to verify she was on the right track after having a pretty high fever and very swollen throat for several days. We were happy to find out that she was certainly on the mend and that it was most likely another virus going around that caused her infections to arise.

I was sadly claimed as the next victim to this yucky virus.. I woke up feeling awful on Wednesday morning and immediately tried to arrange a doctors visit. Unfortunately no one could see me in person, but I was able to arrange a virtual doctors appointment and was advised to stock up on warm & soft foods, vitamin C, Robitussin, cough drops, Flonase, and allergy meds…. I spent the day resting, taking meds, and enjoying some Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal & Tomato Soup for my meals.

Mila also had a blast at her very first day of VBS. We had signed her up to participate for the entire week, but waited to take her until the doctor gave us the clear. Mila was so excited to go that she was up at 6am ready to head out the door.

Mila had an even more exciting 2nd and final day of VBS on Thursday. She said she had tons of fun playing with all of the other kiddos in her group and making sheep out of marshmallows.

We will definitely be doing VBS again next Summer and hopefully she will get to enjoy it for the entire week next time.

We made our way to Canyon Lake to enjoy our last couple of days (for now) with our girl. Once we arrived & unloaded the car, we headed over to Gennaro’s Trattoria for some delicious dinner. We all enjoyed some scrumptious garlic bread, I ordered the Fiorentina, Jordan ordered a seafood pasta, and Mila enjoyed some spaghetti & meatballs.

We spent pretty much all of Friday at Six Flags Fiesta Texas! Jordan, Mila, and Jordan’s sister, Brittany, had a blast riding some roller coasters & water slides while I parked my bump at the pool to soak up some sunshine. I also had a blast watching them ride the water slides and we all enjoyed cooling off in the lazy river.

It was certainly a day well spent with tons of walking and Texas heat.

We sadly had to say “goodbye for now” to our sweet girl until this coming Father’s Day weekend. We had a great 2 weeks with her and cannot wait to see her again very soon.

Jordan and I decided to go on a little date on the lake later that evening. We made our way to Baja Grill for some dinner and live music while we witnessed a beautiful sunset.

We had another very fun day spent in San Antonio! Jordan and I spent the afternoon playing arcade games at Dave & Buster’s and explored some of the River Walk before meeting up with some of my childhood friends and their s/o’s for dinner at Down on Grayson.

We spent the evening at The Historic Pearl, which was such an incredible venue. It was an old brewing company turned venue filled with tons of restaurants, boutiques, and areas for friends and families to gather around. It had the coolest, industrial vibe. I definitely want to return next time we find ourselves in San Antonio.

Saturday also marked 29 weeks of pregnancy!! That means only 11 more weeks until Kannon’s due date is upon us.

My pregnancy symptoms have stayed pretty consistent the last few weeks with some added swelling (thank you summer heat), a few more Braxton Hicks contractions, and some lovely acid reflux. The worst of it all has been the lower back pain, but I really believe all in all this has been a very easy pregnancy for the most part, which I am extremely grateful for. Kannon continues to move more and more each day. I can definitely tell he’s starting to run out of room in my belly, but I love to feel him move. My next doctor’s appointment is this coming Tuesday where I will find out how my glucose test went and what the next steps are from here.

We made our way back home late Sunday afternoon and decided to check on the home-build. We were very happy to see that a little bit of progress had been made after some very slow weeks. Our brick & drywall had both been delivered and we were told that drywall would be going up this week.

We are hoping and praying for faster progress from here on. We cannot wait to be in our home this Summer.

I was very excited to receive this special document in the mail today. I have officially become board certified as an American Drugless Practitioner after the completion of my holistic nutrition certification and health & wellness coaching certification. Receiving this certificate was such an honor. I am very VERY excited to get my holistic health & wellness business started soon and cannot wait to see where this path will eventually lead me.

Now that I’ve caught you all up on this week’s recap, I am going to enjoy some dinner that will hopefully soothe my sore throat and try to get some rest to get over this yucky sinus infection…

I hope that each of you have a wonderful week & Father’s Day weekend. I look forward to being back to write again very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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