2 Week Recap: Memorial Day Weekend, Zoo Day, & More Summertime Fun!

Happy Monday y’all!! I hope that each of you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to tackle a brand new week. The last 2 weeks have been pretty fun for my little family and I, minus a few bumps in the road.

I hope you guys enjoy today’s fully loaded 2-week recap! Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading:

After leaving you guys last recap, I whipped up some breakfast and then spent the day conquering some chores & resting before my afternoon lessons.

Later that evening, Jordan & I met with our friends, Lauren & Jarrod, for a double date. We enjoyed dinner together at Olive Garden then the 4 of us made it over to the movie theater to watch “Spiral,” which is a spin-off of the old Saw movies. The movie was pretty good, but definitely filled with gore & I have been struggling to watch gore since I got pregnant, which has been one of the strangest things lol.

Lauren & I had plans to try out the cutest coffee shop in Magnolia, TX. It ended up turning into a continued double date with our hubby’s & was so much fun.

This new find is called, HeBrews Coffeeshop, and I am 100% here for it. It is a small shop with a huge heart for Jesus. They are Christian-based, have the sweetest staff member, plus they make delicious coffee & food. They started offering coffee flights a little while ago and became huge on social media in the North-Houston Area.

I tried HeBrews Mexican Mocha Latte & their bacon, egg, and cheese panini with salsa. Both my coffee and my food were delicious. I cannot wait to go back and try more on their menu and I’m also super excited that this place is only going to be 15-20 min away from our new home. I’m sure it will become my go-to very soon!

Thursday was a very long coaching morning, but I did get a little break to fill out my breast pump order form & browse Pinterest for some more home-decor and baby shower ideas.

I ordered the Spectra S1 Breast Pump through my insurance provider. After doing tons of research, my top 2 choices are the Elvie Double Pump & the Spectra S1. Unfortunately the Elvie isn’t covered under insurance at the moment, but they are going to let me know if that changes before they place my order. Both will be great I’m sure. I’m just really hoping and praying that breast feeding/pumping goes well for the baby & I.

Once I wrapped up coaching for the morning, my friend Lauren came to get me from work and we made our way to Salata for a delicious lunch.

I ordered a large salad of romaine lettuce & baby spinach, black beans, red onions, hard-boiled eggs, bow-tie pasta, & Caesar dressing with a multi-grain croissant on the side.

Friday was an exciting day! It marked the beginning of summer break for Mila and we just couldn’t wait to start spending some extra time with her and surprise her with some summer gifts!

I spent the morning/afternoon tidying up the apartment and getting Mila’s room ready for her. I found some super cute summer clothes at our nearby Target & Walmart, plus I snagged some of her favorite snacks & a Fortnite gift-card (which was totally her favorite gift lol).

Jordan & I picked up Mila that evening and then spent a little bit of time at my grandparents Memorial Day party before calling it a night. It felt nice to get a little dressed up with some make-up on for the evening.

Saturday morning the 3 of us were up bright & early to get Mila ready for her dance recital. First, I made us all some Strawberry & Cream Cinnamon Rolls that were absolutely delicious and then we got to the hair curling, make-up, and so much hairspray!

Mila did absolutely incredible at her very first dance recital. She began taking ballet & tap at the end of last summer and then only recently started baton classes at the same studio.

Mila was made to perform and truly shined under the spotlight two weekends in a row. I cannot wait to see where her life leads her, but I know for sure that she is going to be a star and we are so proud of her!

That Saturday also marked 27 weeks of pregnancy. It’s so incredibly crazy to me how fast the weeks are flying by!

Sunday Funday with the fam! My sweet parents got us all tickets to see the new “Cruella” movie at our local Star Cinema Movie Grill on Sunday afternoon. The movie was so darn good & so was the food! Emma Stone did an epic job playing Cruella & Disney did a terrific job at making yet another movie that both kids and adults truly enjoy.

We spent Memorial Day Monday totally relaxed. Jordan, Mila, and I slept in & enjoyed some brunch before making it over to my parents house for a pool day with Lupe Tortilla for dinner. It was a perfect way to end the holiday weekend.

We had the best time with our friends and family at the Houston Zoo last Tuesday! After doing research on fun activities to do during summer in Houston, I found out that the Houston Zoo offers free zoo days once a month throughout summer.

Tuesday ended up being the perfect summer day to explore the zoo. There was hardly anyone there and the heat was also kept at bay due to the extra shade from the clouds. The kids had an awesome time getting to see the crazy reptiles, the new baby elephant, and tons of monkeys.

I personally love going to the zoo and was so happy I could plan something fun for everyone to enjoy. By the end of the day, I struggled to waddle back to our car and definitely took an epsom salt bath once we got back home, but it was so worth it!

What can I say about Wednesday? It actually turned out to be a pretty good day. I went to my doctors office early that morning to have my gestational diabetes test done and I was surprised by the fact that it wasn’t as awful as everyone made it out to be. The drink wasn’t nasty and I didn’t have to drink too much of it, plus the bloodwork took hardly anytime. Really hoping the test went well! I should be finding out my results very soon!

Once I got home from the doctors office, I saw that we were going to have a couple hours of sunshine before the dreadful rain hit us again (it had been raining almost daily in Houston for the past few weeks). Mila and I made the most of the sunny weather and headed out to the empty apartment pool to swim some laps and tan. It felt amazing!

We relaxed most of the rest of Wednesday, I had to coach a bit in the afternoon, and then we ended the night with some home-cooked grilled chicken thighs, Mac n’ cheese, potato salad, and grilled okra while we watched “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.”

After lots of morning lessons on Thursday, I went to pick Mila up for her weekly skating lesson. She did such a great job working hard on her posture, strengthening her backwards skating, and mastering some new tricks such as the “bunny hop” in this video.

Jordan and I made plans to visit his grandparents in Schulenburg, TX for the weekend with a goal to leave Friday morning. We had to make it through so many obstacles that day to finally make our way there by the evening.

We arrived just in time to all go to dinner together at a local steakhouse called, Hollman Valley. I ordered their cornflake crusted chicken with squash casserole, asparagus, and mashed potatoes. Jordan ordered their chicken fried steak with squash casserole and mashed potatoes with white gravy.

We enjoyed a very nice evening with Jordan’s grandparents and were excited to spend the weekend in the country with them.

We all woke up and enjoyed some delicious German Kolaches & coffee (hot chocolate for Mila) together on Saturday morning.

Jordan got ready to help his grandparents take care of some tasks around their house while Mila and I spent some time with his sweet grandmother, Rita.

We decided to cut our trip short because Mila ended up feeling very sick on Saturday. Rita made us all some fresh chicken salad sandwiches while we got packed up and then we made our way back home to get our girl some rest & medication.

I entered my 3rd trimester & 28th week of pregnancy on Saturday. Kannon can now start dreaming since he’s beginning to experience REM sleeping patterns, he can open and close his eyes, and he can now also start to make facial expressions. He has been moving around like crazy and making my belly grow rounder and firmer everyday. He can recognize his daddy’s voice when he talks to my belly and starts to kick every time either of us put our hands on my belly as well.

We are getting even more excited to meet him and I am becoming so emotional. I actually teared up when I read that he is starting to dream. The thought of him arriving is bringing me so much joy and other emotions. I cannot believe we are only 12 short weeks away from his due date.

We spent all day Sunday resting & relaxing to help out girl feel better. We took her to the doctor on Friday & Saturday to determine that she had developed a sinus infection that caused her eyes & throat to also be infected.. Poor girl ended up with a high fever on Saturday, but felt much better other than throat pain on Sunday. We tried to make the most of the day of rest by making it our annual Harry Potter Day.

Mila and I started doing Harry Potter Day together last summer by watching some of the movies, reading an awesome Harry Potter pop-up book that I’ve had for years, and drinking hot cocoa. We also went onto the Wizarding World website to take the sorting hat quiz to determine which houses both Mila & Jordan are in. To Mila’s utmost excitement, she was sorted into Slytherin House and Jordan was claimed as a Gryffindor, which I totally knew would happen. I took the quiz myself many years ago and am a proud Hufflepuff. 💛🖤

For lunch, I made some tuna salad sandwiches with mustard & vegan Mayo that I ate on whole wheat bread bread and topped with Fritos + a large dill pickle spear on the side. It was delicious!

Sunday night something super exciting happened…Mila lost her very first tooth!! One of her front bottom teeth became loose over Memorial Day weekend and by this past Sunday it was 100% ready to come out. Mila has been dreaming of losing her first tooth and was absolutely ecstatic when her Daddy pulled it out. She called Jordan her hero so many times and it brought so much joy to my heart experiencing this “first” with them both. ❤️

Poor Mila woke up this morning still feeling unwell… After trying several different breakfast options, we decided to try out some soup and are hoping for the best. Planning to spend today having her rest & heal while I also get some chores done around the apartment. I’m really hoping she will begin to feel better very soon so she can enjoy her summertime…

I hope that each of you have a wonderful rest of your week and start to summer break! I can’t wait to be back to write again very soon.

XOXO, Paige.

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