Weekend Getaway, Home-Build Updates, & Mother’s Day!

Happy Monday everyone! I’m struggling to know where I should even begin today’s post. It has been about 3 weeks since my last recap and boy has life been crazy. I’m sure many of you can relate when I say that life can be so freaking hard sometimes and that has certainly been the case with my life lately. Things have finally began to slow down a bit and I felt ready to catch you all up on what I’ve been up to.

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading!

After I left you guys on Monday, April 19th, I had a super rough day.. I spent the rest of the day trying to study as much as possible for my Health & Wellness Coaching Certification before leaving for work that afternoon.

I grabbed a medium strawberry activator with PB added for dinner that evening & my sweet friend, Lauren, also sent me some Tiff’s Treats cookies to brighten my day. Jordan and I thoroughly enjoyed the cookies while watching an episode of Westworld on HBO Max.

Tuesday was a very exciting day for Jordan and I. It was time for Kannon’s anatomy scan to be done. Our sweet boy was wiggling like crazy so it was hard to get good photos of his cute little face, but it made me so happy being able to see him again. My doctor shared that Kannon is looking very healthy and growing strong. He was a whopping 1 pound & 1 ounce at this appointment!

Jordan and I celebrated the day with a little lunch date on the outdoor patio of El Tiempo. I enjoyed some scrumptious chicken quesadillas.

I stopped by the house in between coaching on Wednesday morning and was so excited to see they had finally started the dry-in & applying hardy on the house. I decided to do a little home walkthrough on my Instagram. You can find the walkthrough on my “Home-Build” highlight @holisticpaige if you want to check it out!

Wednesday evening we got our second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. The process of receiving our vaccine through CVS was incredibly easy and we were able to get in & out so quickly. I felt very relieved after having the second dose injected knowing even more the protection it would provide myself and Kannon. I also felt so blessed throughout the entire process to have such a supportive and loving husband to go through all of the hardships covid-19 has brought us.

We got hit pretty hard with vaccine symptoms the following day. Both Jordan and myself woke up feeling achy with bad headaches. Throughout the day our symptoms progressed with body aches worse than the flu, fevers, even worse headaches, nausea (for me), and extreme exhaustion.

We both woke up the following Friday feeling like different people with absolutely no symptoms other than being a little more tired than usual.

Jordan and I went by the house Friday evening so that he could see it with the dry-in installed and we were also excited to see they had started to work on the roof.

We made a last minute decision to take a quick trip to Canyon Lake that Saturday to give ourselves a much needed getaway. We both enjoyed some delicious food, time outdoors, gorgeous lake weather, and time with Jordan’s family at their beautiful lake house. I honestly can’t even explain how much we needed a change of scenery even if it was only for a couple of days.

On our way home from Canyon Lake we were also able to make a quick stop in Schulenburg to see Jordan’s grandparents. We hadn’t seen them in person in several months, so it was a delight to catch up and spend some time together. We can’t wait to go spend a weekend with them sometime soon as well.

The next week was filled with tons of studying, loads of work preparing for the upcoming skating show, some yummy Hello Fresh meals, and another exciting home update.

It felt like forever since we had seen Mila even though it had only been 1 week, but we were so excited to see her. We spent that Thursday evening at the rink for her weekly skating lesson & then popped by the house. We were all so excited to see that we had a roof & our fireplace installed!

We celebrated my Dad’s birthday Bob’s Burgers style on Saturday and it was so much fun! My whole family has always been a big fan Bob’s Burgers (especially my Dad), so my mom outdid herself like usual with a customized Bob’s burgers family photo, themed food, and super cute decor.

We spent the day spending time together, taking turns playing video games against each other, and enjoying delicious burgers & donuts.

Mila, Jordan, and I all enjoyed a glorious Sunday morning sleep in that was very much needed. Mila and I also worked together to make some scrumptious pancakes for brunch that we all enjoyed very much.

We spent the day relaxing and watching movies together. I also got some much needed studying/exam prep done for my certification.

Once I finished helping get Mila ready for school on Monday morning, I got myself set up to complete my final examination for the AFPA Health & Wellness Coaching Certification. With the help of coffee and PB & Nutella toast, I finally completed my second certification.

This certification was a lot more difficult to accomplish than the first one. When I began working on my Holistic Nutrition Certification, the ice rink had just re-opened after being closed due to the pandemic and work was super slow for several months which gave me much more time to get the necessary studying and testing done. After completing my first certification back in November, life got SO busy. We began building a house, I found out I was pregnant with our baby boy, work became much busier among all of the other things I already had on my plate with being a wife & bonus mom. It felt incredible to finish my exam on Monday with a passing grade and being granted that second certification after all of the hard work it took to get there.

I am very happy with the knowledge I have gained through these courses and certifications. I am excited to see where life takes me on this new path in the nutrition, health, and wellness field. I feel like I truly have the tools and wisdom to implement what I’ve learned into my own life, to help my loved ones, to teach my skaters more about healthy living, and to eventually do even more with it in the future. I have big goals and dreams of creating my own business in this field when the time is right, but until then I will enjoy sharing my knowledge with you all.

I had to work both in the morning & afternoon on Tuesday, so I took it nice and easy during the times I could. I enjoyed one of my go-to egg bagels with some hazelnut coffee for lunch and got some chores done.

This last Wednesday was a mixture of good & bad. Jordan and I woke up to our poor dog, Huk, getting sick in his crate overnight. He has been having GI and skin issues for a while now and we have been doing everything we can to try and help him. After getting Huk cleaned up, I took some time to relax by the pool & swim laps for 20 minutes straight. I hadn’t had time to enjoy the outdoors much or exercise in weeks, so being able to accomplish both at once felt amazing. I also enjoyed a delicious tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat bread and topped with Fritos + a dill pickle on the side.

Huk’s symptoms ended up progressing throughout the day, which led to me making his 5th vet appointment since September. Our poor dog has lost over 15 pounds in that time frame and we still can’t quite figure out what the cause of these issues are. We had been treating his issues as a food allergy at first and switched him over to a special gastrointestinal dog food at the beginning of this year after trying other foods last year. We are now being told that he most likely has some type of irritable bowel disease or could possibly have an issue processing the vitamins and enzymes he is being provided through his food. We began some more rounds of testing on him and plan to do more soon. We could use prayers for him during this time while we figure out what is causing these issues.

Jordan and I met with our friends Taylor, Wesley, and their sweet little girl, Scarlett, at Natalita’s #3 to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and also Jordan & I being officially fully vaccinated.

It was so nice being able to eat inside a restaurant and enjoy time with our friends for the first time in months. I ordered some delicious Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas & a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri. Yum!

I didn’t get a single photo on Thursday, but we enjoyed another great evening with Mila after work & school. She did awesome in her ice skating lesson, we stopped by the house to see if anything new was going on, and ended the night with some yummy homemade pizzas.

Friday was spent running errands & coaching that afternoon. I stopped by Salata for a delicious lunch. I ordered a large salad with romaine lettuce, spinach, black beans, hard-boiled eggs, bow-tie pasta, and Caesar dressing. I also treated myself to a chocolate chip cookie that was worth every single bite!

Saturday was a very exciting day for our good friends, Jarrod & Lauren, as they were finding out the gender of their baby. We were all excited to find out that baby Remington is a boy! Jarrod & Jordan have been best friends since the 5th grade and once Jarrod introduced us to Lauren we became instant friends. Our close relationship has been incredible throughout the years and we are all so excited to be having baby boys together that will only be 9 weeks apart. I can’t wait to go through this next phase of life with them and to be able to see Jarrod and Jordan enjoy raising their sons together. I can just picture all of the future play dates and baseball games that these boys will share.

Yesterday was such a special day celebrating Mother’s Day. I enjoyed a wonderful morning with Jordan having a fun brunch at the Toasted Yolk where we both ate some delicious eggs Benedict dishes. Jordan also gave me the sweetest card that brought tears to my eyes as well as some amazing smelling lotions from Bath & Body Works and some extra money for this mama to use on anything she wants. I honestly couldn’t be more grateful for how much this man does for me and how hard he works to love, care for, and provide for myself and our family.

We spent the rest of the day soaking up some sunshine in the pool with my amazing mom & family and then ended the evening playing Phase 10 and enjoying time with Jordan’s awesome mom and his family.

Being a bonus mama & mama-to-be on Mother’s Day brings about emotions that are hard to explain. Yesterday, I felt beyond grateful & blessed to be celebrated by my amazing husband and our sweet families. However, there is just a piece that feels missing when you don’t have your little one’s to also celebrate the day with.

Playing such a special role in Mila’s life over the past 5 years has brought so many joys & hardships. I have learned so much about being a mother and evolved as a person through her. I have been blessed with being able to help her Daddy raise her while she is both with us and when she is not. I have loved getting to make holidays & birthdays special for her. I love being able to connect with her through ice skating, Harry Potter, cooking, and many other things. I have also loved being able to help her learn in school, about healthful living, and how to grow closer to the Lord. Being a bonus mama has been one of my all time favorite roles in life and it has also helped me prepare even more to soon raise the sweet boy growing inside me.

I spent a lot of time yesterday dreaming about having Kannon with me next Mother’s Day and it made me so happy just thinking about it. I honestly cannot believe how quickly the past 24 weeks of this pregnancy have flown by and I can’t wait to meet our sweet boy in just 16 more weeks. I can feel Kannon growing and moving more & more. His kicks are growing stronger to where his daddy can feel them even more also. I am just so excited to be his mama very soon!

This wraps up today’s super long recap. I hope that each of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and have a great rest of your week ahead. I am so excited to finally have life at a slightly slower pace and hope that this will help get my recaps back to a weekly basis. Thank you to all of you who have stuck with me and read through all of today’s post. You guys are amazing! I promise that I will be back to write again very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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