Back with a Recap: Daily Fun, Yummy Eats, & Week 8 of Pregnancy!

Good morning y’all & happy Monday. I am finally back for a recap and it feels so good. I have missed writing about the day to day stuff and sharing it with you all, but I feel like I almost always need a little recap hiatus around the holidays to focus on family.

This past week has been a very exciting one for baby Muse + I have been trying to get back into the swing of things after having a pretty brutal cold the week before last.

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and enjoy:

Jordan, Mila, and I spent the day at my parents house the Sunday before last. We enjoyed a day of catching up with all of my family, playing COD, and swimming in the heated pool. My parents also got baby Muse it’s very first gift. Jordan and I were so excited to see all of the sweet toys, onesies, towels, socks, blankets, and shoes inside of the basket. Looking at each little thing made everything suddenly seem so real & exciting.

I went on my first outdoor walk in FOREVER last Tuesday and it felt freaking amazing. I hadn’t been getting in much movement since just before I found out I was pregnant and then the exhaustion + the cold I got the week before made it so much harder to find the energy to move when I had the time.

I started feeling much better last week and decided to take the opportunity to get my body moving. It was a beautiful & cool day at my favorite park, so I conquered just over 3 miles and tried to soak in all of the natural outdoor beauty.

I got myself out for a walk again the following day just before work. It felt great to walk a full 3.61 miles.

I swear movement ends up making me feel even more energized. I also felt so motived to exercise more after these 2 walks. I’m planning to try & add in some light weight or body weight exercises to my routine this week.

Thursday was a super rainy, but oh so exciting day! After what felt like an extremely long morning of coaching, I met Jordan at the women’s center for the very first ultrasound. We got to see & hear our sweet baby for the very first time. It was one of the most exciting moments I have ever experienced in my life. Baby Muse is healthy & growing rapidly with a current heart rate of 185 BPM and in the 94th percentile for size.

I had so many friends contact me on social media after I shared the baby’s current heart rate that they think it’s a girl due to the heart rate being over 140, but the tech shared that all babies heart rates are super high at this stage since they are growing so rapidly. The changes this baby will make from week 8 till we see it again on week 12 will be incredible & I just cannot wait.

Fun fact: I have had a gut feeling my entire life that I am going to birth twins and when I got pregnant I was convinced that 2 babies were growing in my belly. After this first ultrasound, it has been confirmed that there is only 1 baby in this belly of mine, which honestly will be much better for our sanity (lol), but I thought it was funny how convinced I was that it would be twins. I even asked the ultrasound tech if she was sure there was only 1.

I had about a 2 hour break between the ultrasound & my clinical appointment with the OB, so I made my way over to CoCo Crêpes for some lunch. I very much enjoyed a Nutella & strawberry crêpe with an iced hazelnut latte. It was delicious!

Friday was a productive day! After helping Mila get herself ready for school, I rested for a little bit then got my booty moving. I cleaned out our fridge, washed a ton of dishes, got some laundry done, & grocery shopped. I had such a fun time grocery shopping because there was hardly anyone at the store, so I was able to just relax and go down each aisle getting the things I needed + look for new things that sounded good.

Once I got home I made myself a tuna fish sandwich on wheat bread with a zesty pickle & some carrots. Tuna & pickles have been a big craving of mine lately, but I have also always loved eating them.

I have been making sure to only eat the light (skipjack) tuna as albacore isn’t great for pregnancy & I have been mixing it with vegan Mayo & mustard. It tastes so good and is so easy to make for a lunch on the go or when I’m trying to be productive at home.

I had to work fairly early on Saturday morning for a bit. Once I got home I was STARVING, so I made Jordan and I some scrambled egg sandwiches on whole wheat bread. We ate our brunch while we finished watching The Night Stalker on Netflix. That series was a creepy one for sure. If you’re into true crime/murder mystery, it’s definitely a good watch.

Saturday also marked week 9 of pregnancy! I downloaded the “What to Expect” app when Jordan and I began trying to conceive & it is something I look forward to looking at & reading each Saturday to see what changes the baby is making each week. ❤️

We spent Saturday evening having a fun game night with our friends, Taylor & Wesley. We played Scrawl & Rummikub + enjoyed awesome conversation. We hadn’t spent time with just the 4 of us + their sweet little girl, Scarlett, in forever. I coach with Taylor almost daily & we get to hangout with our friend groups somewhat often, but just having some time with the 4 of us was super fun!

Jordan & I enjoyed a lovely Sunday lunch with his family at Pappadeaux’s. This is one of my favorite places to go for seafood and they never disappoint with their flavor.

I ordered the Texas Redfish & Jumbo Shrimp dish that came with a side of butternut squash. Jordan ordered the Rainbow Trout & Jumbo Lump Crab with a side of sautéed spinach. Both meals were absolutely delightful.

After lunch, Jordan and I swung by our property to see if anything new was going on with the home build. I always love the drive to our (future) neighborhood. The roads may be a little bumpy, but the scenery is beautiful!

This morning has started off very nice & relaxing. I haven’t had to work on Monday’s for a while, so I decided to take this morning to get a nice sleep in & plan out the upcoming month while I enjoyed my cup of coffee. A storm is about to come in, so I thought I would get some time outdoors while I can.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Monday & rest of your week. I look forward to being back for another post very soon.

Questions for y’all:

1. Do you have any fun plans for the month of February?

2. What were you most excited about while pregnant with your first born?

3. What is your favorite outdoor exercise?

XOXO, Paige.

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