Weekly Recap: Week 9 of Pregnancy, Time with Mila, & a Home-Build Update!

Hey y’all & happy Monday!! I hope each of you had a terrific weekend. We had a nice & relaxing one, which I was definitely in need of.

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading this week’s recap!

After I left you guys last week, I went out for a nice outdoor walk once the rain finally went away.

I spent the rest of the day being super duper productive & ended the evening munching on some delicious plant-based burgers with Jordan. We finished watching the “Night Stalker” series then called it a night!

After coaching on Tuesday morning I got in a nice 2.02 mile walk. The skies were grey & there was an amazing breeze. It was my favorite weather for an outdoor walk.

I had the rest of the day to get as many chores done as I possibly could then Jordan and I ended the night watching “Homefront” together on Netflix.

Wednesday started off nice and slow with coffee & chores. I decided to leave for work a little early to get in a quick walk at the park.

Thursday morning is a heavier work day for me, but I had a break and I utilized it to my fullest potential. I accomplished a gorgeous 2.04 mile walk and was so happy that I got 4 solid days of walking in a row. It felt great!

Mila and I enjoyed a fun Friday morning spending some time at the park & shopping. Later that afternoon we joined Jordan to take a look at our lot. They hadn’t started the construction on it yet, but we wanted to measure a few things and Mila had a blast running around what will soon be our front & backyard.

Saturday marked 10 weeks of pregnancy and the symptoms were in full force. I was supposed to work early Saturday morning, but woke up with a terrible headache & stomach pain, so I decided to rest and sleep in until 11am.

Once I finally put myself together, I had Jordan take a couple (more like a gazillion) bump pictures since my belly is finally starting to round a little bit. I can’t wait to take these bumpdates weekly.

Jordan, Mila, and I spent the evening at my parents house enjoying some family time. Mila and Hudson ran around, swam, and jumped on the trampoline all evening. We ended the night there with the kids and Jordan playing games with their virtual reality system. 😂

We spent our Sunday being super lazy at home getting in all the relaxation before the school and work week began. We ended the evening with a super delicious and filling, family dinner at Olive Garden.

Today has been an exciting Monday. I started my day off with coffee and studying for my health coaching & wellness certification. I took a little study break during the holidays, so it’s time to kick my booty into gear to finish my second certification.

Jordan and I met at our future home for our pre-construction meeting. This was the 1st of 4 construction meetings we will have throughout the building process. We went over all of the selections that Jordan and I chose for the home and took a look at the forms they set out on our lot to begin the build. We are beyond thrilled that the process is finally getting moving.

Well it’s about that time to wrap up this week’s recap. I hope that each of you enjoyed this one. I look forward to being back to write again and hope that each of you have a wonderful week!

XOXO, Paige.

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