Fun Events, Ball Games, and The 24-Day Challenge!

Hey y’all!!! I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely loving the cooler weather that Houston is currently being blessed with. Hoping it’s here to stay, but am smart enough to know that it could very well be 90 degrees tomorrow. I’m excited to be writing and finally catching up on here.

Here are the last couple weeks of my life:Saturday, October 7th I met with my family after work for a day in Downtown Houston. We all had tons of fun at the zoo together. After the zoo, we went to the Black Labrador for dinner. I ordered their grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and steamed spinach. I also enjoyed some Sauvignon Blanc. My family loved the restaurant and the boys had tons of fun playing life-sized chess in their outdoor seating area. Sunday, Jordan and I went to Mo’s Irish Pub for some dinner, beers, and the Texans game. I ordered some chicken tenders and Dos Equis and Jordan enjoyed a buffalo chicken wrap and some Bud Light. The Texans played an awesome game, but lost unfortunately. We had tons of fun hanging out there and enjoyed watching such a great game. Monday night, I made some salads for Jordan and I after we worked out for the first time in FOREVER (lol). My arms were so sore from our workout that I couldn’t even straighten my left arm all the way on Thursday night…

Our salads were made with: Parmesan breaded chicken, romaine lettuce, hard boiled eggs, feta cheese, and light Caesar/Italian dressing. I also made some garlic bread on the side. Tuesday night, I met with my family for some sushi. We had fun chit chatting and eating dinner together. I ordered the Shaggy Dog roll and a side of fried rice. Wednesday night, Jordan and I had a blast making and eating some shrimp and vegetable stir fry. It turned out amazing! We watched a couple episodes of “Narcos” while we ate. The fog was insane when I left for work Friday morning. This picture doesn’t do it justice whatsoever, but I thought it was eerie that it happened to be so foggy on Friday the 13th. After work, I met with my Mom and siblings for lunch at Coco Crêpes. I ordered a wheat crêpe with eggs, feta cheese, and wild mushroom sauce. I also got an iced hazelnut latte, which was delicious. Friday night, Jordan and I went to Mak’s sports bar and grill with my grandparents and their friends to watch the Astros game. I had some Dos Equis and boudin balls. The Astros won, so it was a great night!! Saturday evening, Jordan, Brittany, Jarrod, and I went to the Ziegenbock Festival. This was my first year to go and it was sooo much fun!! Also, if you ever see a place called “ice tea spot” selling gyros at an event like this, I highly recommend you give them a try! We had some beef gyros and alligator on a stick and they were amazing. After a night full of beer and dancing, I slept in until 11am Sunday morning. I woke up not feeling the best, but was super hungry, so I made some eggs and bacon. Jordan made some jalapeño poppers and sausage for lunch. We went to dinner at the Black Walnut, where Jordan and I enjoyed our last unhealthy meals for a little while. I ordered the chicken Parmesan with a glass of merlot and he ordered the shrimp alfredo. Monday morning, Jordan and I began our 10-day Advocare cleanse to get ourselves feeling better and back on track with eating healthy. I had been wanting to do the cleanse again and was so happy that he was on board to do it with me. It makes life so much easier when you have a partner to lean on through things like this, plus it’s so much more motivating working towards our goals together. I had one of the Advocare meal bars for breakfast and for lunch a made a few eggs and some red potatoes that were seasoned with spinach, kale, garlic/herb, and feta cheese. 

After lunch, I achieved a mid-afternoon workout. I did a little over a mile of running with some walking and some strength training, focusing on my chest. It felt good to run again and I’m excited that it’s finally cooling down, so that I can enjoy some scenic running outside.For dinner, Jordan grilled some steaks and I whipped up some seasoned red potatoes, boiled red potatoes, and some asparagus (cooked with: lemon juice, Parmesan cheese, light virgin olive oil, and garlic powder). 

Tuesday morning, we both ate the Advocare meal bars for breakfast again and had leftovers from the night before for lunch. Everything tasted just as good the next day. For dinner, Jordan grilled some salmon patties, baked crab cakes, and I cooked our favorite black bean/brown rice mix. Everything tasted delicious, but I absolutely loved the crab cakes!!

I can’t wait to share all of our healthy/delicious eats, our progress, and our new and improved lifestyle that will come out of this. 

Have a happy humpday y’all!!

XOXO, Paige. 

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