Hey y’all, it’s 2016!

Hello everyone!!! I hope you all had very happy holidays. It’s the new year now so that means all of our lives are about to start up again. I’m very excited about this year and can’t wait for the adventures to come! I’m not the type of person that thinks it’s a new year so a new me is coming because I feel like I am constantly evolving as a person depending on what happens in my life, but I can say that I do feel more confident in myself as a person overall now than I have in years and I’m happy with where my life is heading and who I am, I of course have some little goals for my New Year’s resolution, but they are things that I should strive for anyways.

So here is a recap on how my holiday festivities went!

 Two days before Christmas we had some of our cousins come over to bake and decorate Christmas cookies.

 Here is my apartment fully decorated for Christmas! My mother and younger sister run their own boutique through etsy called: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheBlueBootTX and they made me ornaments, the joy banner, my stockings, and a banner that I haven’t gotten a picture of yet. They sell the cutest crafts, wine glasses, and even Disney mouse ears! Y’all should really go check out their shop!

  I always love attending the Christmas Eve church service. When everyone is holding their candles and singing “Oh Holy Night” I instantly get chills.


 Christmas Eve was wonderful. We spent the evening attending a Christmas church service followed by a big sushi dinner. I stopped by one of my family friends Christmas Eve party and snapped a shot with one of my best friends and my sister. Oh and I also gave my sweet cats their Christmas presents, which they both loved! ❤️

  On Christmas Eve our parents always give us one gift to open that contains our pajamas to wear the next morning and a new comfy blanket! This year we each received a very cute ornament as well.  


 As soon as we woke up Christmas morning we all walked into the living room to see all of our gifts. I loved seeing each of their faces when they opened the gifts I picked out for them. After presents we met my grandparents for breakfast at Denny’s in our pajamas. Hudson loved his new storm trooper costume so much that he wore it to the restaurant and he was quite the hit. We had more family over later, we all opened more presents, played games, and had dinner together,

We ended the night by sitting in the back of my Dad’s truck looking at Christmas lights and singing together and then once we got back home I beat my brother and father in a long monopoly game.

  Two days after Christmas I caught Hudson finally wearing the Gryffindor robe I got him as well as shouting out spells and waving around his elder wand.


  December 30th was my grandfather’s birthday. We spent the evening singing and dancing away! It was so much fun 🙂

New Year’s Eve I decided to throw a little party in my apartment and it was such a blast! Almost all of my best friends were able to make it. We did some fireworks outside and then played kings cup until about 5 in the morning!


 January 2nd was my Mom’s birthday! We had some family in town so she decided she wanted to spend the day at Top Golf, followed by having dinner and relaxing at home.

Man that’s a lot of information lol! I’ve spent this week trying to get my diet and exercise back in order after eating lots of holiday food. Classes start again in 2 weeks which I am very excited about (I know it’s weird that I love school..), but my life will start to get pretty busy. I promise I’m going to try blogging as much as I can so I don’t have to keep posting super long recaps!

Oh and the Bachelor premiered last night!! I absolutely love Ben!! What are y’all’s thoughts so far? Anyone have any favorites yet? I know it’s too early for me to pick a favorite, but I do adore Becca Tilley! 

I will talk to y’all again very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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