Shopping, Coffee, and Studying.


Yesterday I decided to run into a few stores after I finished skating. I wanted to get an idea of how much Christmas decorations cost because I want to make my apartment look very festive and cute!  

Before I started shopping I had to stop by Starbucks to get a cappuccino and it was given to me in a red cup. I can’t even explain to you how excited that made me.
  The first store I checked out was Pier 1 Imports. They always have the cutest stuff! I also stopped by Target (because I love Target), and then I stopped by Salata for lunch. 

 My salad had romaine lettuce, chopped eggs, bow tie pasta, and caesar dressing. Yum!
When I came home I looked on Pinterest for some crafting ideas. I think I may end up making some of my own decorations 🙂
 I set up a nice, cozy study space in the living room of my apartment. I had “Man V. Food” playing on the TV, a pumpkin spice candle burning, and I drew my blinds up a bit to have some natural light coming in, and to have a spot to put my cappuccino and flash cards.

The space I created ended up being so cozy that I ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours…. Lol.

I spent the evening having dinner with my family, watching Monday night’s recording of DWTS (Bindi & Derek are the cutest), and then stayed up studying some more.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty refreshed; just finished my cup of coffee and am about to go get a run in before I study some more. My government exam is in a few hours so wish me luck!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll be back soon 🙂 

XOXO, Paige.


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  1. DEBBIE DAVIS says:

    Yep, I love Pier I too but not the prices! Am sure you can do an awesome job at decorating and making your own! Hope the test went well – for some reason I have no doubt it did! LOVE YOU!!!


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