The Nutcracker & CHRISTMAS!

Hello, hello everybody!! Y’all are in for a treat on this next post. It’s a long, but good one that I cannot wait to share. ❤️

Thursday, December 14th 2017 was the premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Jordan and I had been waiting all year to see this and we were beyond exciting to go on the opening night!!We stopped by Target earlier during the week to find Jordan this awesome Chewbacca onesie! Brittany, Jordan, and I went to see the movie at Star Cinema Movie Grille and we all enjoyed chocolate milkshakes while we watched the movie. Seeing this gave me chills!! Can’t wait for the next movie. That same week was Nutcracker week, which was filled with last minute costume fixes, tons of show rehearsals, setting up for the show, and getting candied apples from students. Show day turned out wonderful. Everyone looked and skated great! ⛸💕 Between the two shows, I was lucky enough to enjoy some champagne and avocado rolls at BJ’s with my best friend. Neither one of us had eaten anything all day, so this was a must needed trip for a drink and an appetizer! After leaving the rink, I made it to the Muse’s for their annual family Christmas party. We all enjoyed some yummy pastas from Olive Garden and exchanged gifts. It was such a fun way to end such a busy week. The following Monday, I received a package of treats from my grandmother. She makes the best fudge and millionaires and she was so sweet to surprise me with a box of them sent from Oklahoma. Between working twice on Thursday, Jordan invited me to Torchy’s Tacos for lunch. I ordered their Beef Fajita Taco and a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese taco, while Jordan enjoyed their Trailer Park Tacos. Thursday night, we finally got the stocking holder hung up on the wall and I finished a wreath that I had been trying to make for Jordan the last 2 months. It turned out exactly how I wanted it and he loved it! December 23rd is E.L’s birthday and December 25th is Luke’s birthday, so we all went with to celebrate them both at Fleming’s Steakhouse. We enjoyed so much delicious food and wine! I split one of their steak specials with Jordan and it was amazing. Had to get some pictures with the birthday boys. On Christmas Eve Jordan and I went to church twice. I grew up going to Kerry Shook’s church services in the Woodlands and Jordan has been going to his brother, Mark Shook’s services in Cypress. We both love going to either church, so we usually switch it up every other weekend, but I really wanted to go see both of their services on Christmas Eve and I’m glad we did.

Before the morning service in the Woodlands, I brought Jordan to The Toasted Yolk with me for his first time. He ordered a Bloody Mary and I got a Mimosa to drink. I ordered my usual “two egg breakfast” and Jordan ordered an amazing looking breakfast burrito. My favorite part of the Christmas Eve church service is always when everyone lights their candles and sings along to Christmas carols together. It’s such a special feeling of unity that I never can find the right words to describe. I was so excited to see how pretty the tree looked with all of the wrapped gifts underneath it. Jordan and I were both so happy when we woke up Christmas morning. We each opened our gifts to each other before cooking some breakfast. I love watching him open his gifts. He got me some of the coolest stuff! I have wanted an old fashioned candle holder like my entire life and was so happy to receive one along with all of the other amazing things he got for me. ❤️

We had gluten-free, chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and mimosas for a delicious Christmas breakfast! After breakfast, we headed to Jordan’s parents house to spend the rest of the day there. We all exchanged many awesome gifts! For dinner, his parents cooked an incredible meal that we were all able to sit down and enjoy together. I felt so blessed to get to spend such a special Christmas with Jordan.I couldn’t wait to use my bath bomb the day after Christmas. I had never used one before and they have now changed my life forever. We didn’t get Mila until a few days after Christmas, so we gave her the gifts from us the day we got her. She loves bath bombs, so I’m pretty sure that was her favorite gift along with the fuzzy cat headband she’s rocking. The Saturday following Christmas Jordan had to work, so Mila and I had a “girl’s day.” Our first stop was Taco Bell! She wanted it so badly that she felt the need to remind me that “Taco Bell is your favorite Paige, remember?” The sad part is that she’s right… We ran a couple of errands together and even picked up some cookies from The Great American Cookie Company, then she let me put these super cute Minnie Mouse sticker nails on her, which lasted a whopping 5 min on.

P.S. please excuse the naked Barbie in the background… Jordan and I have been trying to teach her how fun it is to keep Barbie’s dressed in cute clothes and it’s finally starting to work lol. Saturday was also my grandfather’s birthday, so Jordan, Mila, and I met him and my grandmother at a nearby Mexican restaurant for some yummy food, drinks, and dessert. We went to a place called, “Peco’s Grill,” for dinner on New Year’s Eve. I ordered a steak and some mashed potatoes. As you can tell in this picture, I love A.1. Sauce with my steaks! After dinner, we all went to hang out and have some drinks, nerf gun wars, and light some sparklers.

Jordan, Mila, and I didn’t stay out until midnight this year because we had an early flight to Colorado the next morning, which you’ll hear all about in my next post. Even though we didn’t stay out celebrating, I still did get my midnight kiss whilst running around trying to make sure everything we needed was packed and ready to go. ❤️

I hope that all of you are having a terrific week and I cannot wait to share our Colorado trip with you next post!

XOXO, Paige.

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