My 20th Birthday

I had a wonderful 20th birthday on September 4th!! I have been insanely busy the last week so I was just now able to finish writing this post. Hope you all enjoy 🙂

On the morning of my birthday I was able to open a few gifts before we went out to lunch. The gifts were wrapped beautifully by my amazing mother.

My Mom has us choose a theme for our birthday every year and she will decorate accordingly. This year I chose a Fall themed birthday!
 After opening gifts and all 6 of us got ready, we went to have some sushi for lunch and it was delicious! 


After lunch my family and I decided to have some fun at the Halloween store!

Once we were finished playing dress up at Halloween Express we headed to Starbucks to finally get our first beloved Pumpkin Spice Lattes of the season.

PSL’s with my beautiful Momma and sister!

The Pumpkin Spice Lattes tasted better than ever, however I probably say that every year. I just love the experience I have with my family every year we go to Starbucks and have our first PSL’s of the season. I just love Fall and pumpkins! ❤️🎃

Later that evening I had more family and close friends come over to my house for dinner and cake.


My sister decorated this gorgeous cake. Every birthday I request a strawberry flavored birthday cake.
I love my grandparents!

At the end of the day I had an amazing birthday!! I was able to spend a joyful day with my loved ones and wouldn’t have done anything differently. 

I would also like to add that this is the first year I actually felt different on my birthday. You know how every year people ask you if you feel older but you almost always feel the exact same? Well this year it felt different for me. I guess being 20 just sounds old to me but I am also very excited for what my future holds and I’m ready to just embrace and enjoy every moment.

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