Weekly Recap: Daily Tasks, Events, & A Big Surprise!

Hello everyone & happy first day of Fall!! I hope you’re enjoying a gorgeous Autumn day from wherever you are. 🍂

It has been a busy, crazy, and exciting past few weeks here at the Muse household. I have decided to break this 2 1/2 week recap into 3 parts because a small portion of it definitely deserves it’s own post. I can’t wait to fill you all in on the fun!

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading!

After I left you all last, Kannon and I spent the remainder of our day with lots of play time and chores. I decided to rest my knee for the day since it was causing me so much discomfort after my workout the night beforehand.

Side note: I have discovered that Kannon is a huge fan of mandarins & oranges. It’s so fun to watch him fall in love with new foods. 🍊

My knee felt a lot better after giving it some rest, stretching, & another epsom salt bath on Wednesday night. I was able to get back on the grind and complete Thursday’s workout just in time for Mila to arrive for her Thursday evening visit.

Jordan, Kannon, and I ended the night with dinner & drinks at Annex Crafthouse with some of our friends in our Fantasy Football League to watch the first game of the season.

While Kannon and I were running errands on Friday, we bumped into Mila. It was such an exciting surprise and it was so sweet getting to see Kannon and Mila love on each other even for a brief moment. I can definitely tell that Kannon is beginning to notice and miss his big sister when she is not with us, so any extra visits are very special.

I tried to get my workout completed a little earlier in the evening, but Kannon was not having it. Once I got him to sleep & got my motivation to start again, I got it done!

The following Saturday was an incredibly busy day! We started the morning off bright & early at Mila’s softball game then had brunch at Craft Grill to watch the Longhorns game.

Later that afternoon, I attended one of my long-time friend’s baby shower for her sweet baby girl & then we ended the night at Perry’s Steakhouse to celebrate Jordan’s mother’s birthday. We were wiped out by the end of the day.

We celebrated my little brother, Hudson’s, birthday at the trampoline park and Mila was able to come join us as well. It was super fun getting to celebrate him and spend time with my family. Jordan & Mila even participated in trampoline dodge ball while Kannon & I jumped and watched.

Now here is the SUPER exciting news that I could not wait to share!!!
Jordan and I surprised the kids with a trip to Disney World & Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. We had been planning it for months, but just shared the news with the kiddos (scavenger hunt style) the Sunday before last. Kannon obviously could not understand what it all meant, but he loved chasing his sister around while she searched for the clues. To say that Mila was excited/happy/surprised would be an understatement. We all went to bed that Sunday night full of joy & excitement.

I spent most of last Monday beginning to pack & get laundry done before Mila got out of school. Once she got her daily chores & homework done, we made our way back to the nail salon to get our fingers refreshed for the trip.

I also began my new workout goal for the week on Monday. I started the morning with nice, outdoor walk to work towards my 15 mile goal for the week + I completed my upper body workout that Jordan created for me later that evening. The upper body workout included a 2 min walk on the treadmill carrying 5 pound dumbbells in each hand followed by 10 seated dumbbell shoulder press, 10 (each arm) standing bicep curls, 10 (each arm) lawn mowers, and 10 (each arm) tricep extensions all completed 3x with no more than 20 second breaks in between. Lastly, I had to complete another 2 min walk on the treadmill with 10 pound dumbbells in each hand.

Tuesday was a day filled with chores, chores, and more chores. We had contractors in and out of the house working on some warranty items, so I made the most out of being stuck at home by getting things done, including giving the dog a bath.

I also got my workout completed & ended the night with a late night treat of a sliced honeycrisp apple & spoonful of Nutella.

Wednesday morning started off with a beautiful, outdoor walk with Kannon after dropping Mila off at school. We had some cooler weather that morning so we took full advantage of it. It made me super excited for our Fall & Winter walks this year.

We also got in lots of play-time and walking practice. Kannon is getting so much better at staying upright while he walks to us. He will be walking everywhere Ibefore we know it.

I spent several hours at my parents house throughout the rest of Wednesday helping my mom make shirts for our trip. They all turned out AMAZING!

I managed to squeeze in my workout just before bedtime regardless of the exhaustion. I really need to start getting these workouts done earlier in the day, but I’m proud of myself for sticking with it regardless.

I can’t even begin to explain how busy & exhausting Thursday felt… I somehow got the entire family fully packed, took Kannon to his weekly gymnastics class (they are going so well by the way), dropped the dog off at boarding, cleaned the entire house, AND fit my workout in.

We went to bed Thursday night full of excitement (& a bit of nervousness) knowing that we would be waking up bright & early the next morning to make our way to Orlando, FL.

I absolutely cannot wait to share everything about our magical, family trip to Universal Studios & Disney World with you in my next blog post, so stay tuned…



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