Weekly Recap: Workout Goals, Mom-Life, & More Softball!

Happy Tuesday & PSL day, y’all!! It’s still hot as hell here in Magnolia, TX and I know Fall doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd, but there is always something special to me about Fall “unofficially” beginning PSL day.

I am excited to fill you all in on the day-to-day of my life. It’s funny to look back and see how much these weekly recaps have changed over the years. Life is certainly an adventure with so many different seasons and I am so thankful for each and every one of them.

Now grab your coffee, tea, wine, or PSL (🎃) and get to reading this week’s recap!

I began my new weekly goal of accomplishing 8 miles of walking or running throughout the week + 100 daily walking squats. Last Tuesday, I got in a 1.35 mile walk on the treadmill that had to be broken in half because #momlife & 100 walking squats.

After breakfast & coffee with my little man, we knocked out a nice, 2.03 mile outdoor walk + 100 walking squats. I cannot wait for it to begin cooling off for these walks of ours, but I love getting the fresh air and enjoying the scenery nonetheless.

We had a nice morning of snuggles & play time before making it out the door for our walk.

Thursday was one of our busier day’s of the week. We got to see Mila for her time with us after school + Kannon had his final safety swim lesson for the Summer. He did so well learning how to float & rotate on his own this Summer. I can’t wait to see the progress he continues to make as a little fishy.

Kannon & I had loads of fun throughout the day on Friday & ended the night with Daddy & some friends at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant!

I took Kannon to a baby gymnastics class on Friday morning, ran some errands, we met daddy for lunch, & then had lots of play time together before nap time. I also managed to knock out my short walk & 100 walking squats while Kannon napped. It was a great day!

We went to cheer on Sis at her softball game early on Saturday afternoon. She did amazing on her hitting & fielding + her team earned themselves another win for the season!

We grabbed a bite to eat with some of the parents & coaches from the team and then ended the night chilling out in the hot tub at my parents house.

I did make sure to get in my 100 walking squats once we finally made it back home after a fun & long Saturday.

I completed my weekly goal finishing strong with 8.13 total miles walked & 700 walking squats throughout the week.

Mila had another game Sunday evening that ended up being a tough one, but she worked so hard and so did the rest of her teammates.

We were all so excited for our time with Mila to begin right after her game & she was very determined to end the night at our favorite Tex-Mex joint (for our second time this weekend 😂) with our friends, Richard & Katy.

Monday went a little differently than normal because Sis wasn’t feeling quite herself. After her doctor’s appointment, we spent the day letting her get some rest and pick out some new decor for her bathroom (plus, showing me everything that she wants for her birthday in November lol).

Once the kids were fed/taken care of & Kannon was put to bed, I finally was able to knock out my workout. This week’s workout goals are an absolute killer, but I got it done with a bit of cool air from the portable A/C unit and “The Sandman” to help me through.

This week’s workout goals are to complete a daily routine of a variety of jumping exercises + a short amount of interval running. It’s short, but it’s freaking intense & I’m praying that I can make it through this week.

Today has been another day of having both the kids here at home with me. We have eaten some yummy home-cooked meals, made slime, gotten the house cleaned up, and started setting out a little bit of Fall decor. We also had some intermittent thunderstorms in the area which fit our day perfectly.

Now it’s time for this Mama to finish getting some household chores done & get my workout in before Kannon wakes up from his nap. Please wish me luck this week because I’m DEFINITELY going to need it!

Have a great rest of your week, y’all! I’ll be back to write again very soon!



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