Weekly Recap: Time with Sis, Toddler Eats, & Daily Movement!

Hey, hey, it’s recap day! I hope each of you had a wonderful week & weekend. It felt like last week went by insanely fast over here at the Muse household, but it was a great week nonetheless.

We had the best time having Sis back home with us, getting in lots of outdoor time, and eating yummy meals. I can’t wait to fill you all in with this past week!

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading!

I shared with Jordan that I had been struggling with my motivation to get daily movement in lately. Jordan then took what I said & gave me a goal of completing 10 miles throughout the week, which honestly meant a lot to me, so I got my booty moving on Tuesday morning to work towards hitting that goal.

I completed a 2.31 mile outdoor walk with my little workout partner & it felt so darn good!

I made the family pizza bagels for dinner with salads & it was a total hit (well except for Kannon who didn’t touch a single thing on his plate lol). For mine, I toasted a Dave’s Power Bagel then topped it with H-E-B’s organic, traditional pizza sauce & Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Mozzarella Shreds before placing it in the oven at 350 degrees until the “cheese” melted. I also used Follow Your Heart’s Caesar salad dressing on my romaine lettuce, which was delicious!

Kannon had his 1 year check-up & a much better day of eating his big boy foods on Wednesday! He got his 12 month dose of vaccines & was told that he looked great by the doc. He is now in the 75th percentile for his height at 30.6 inches & between the 75th-90th percentile for his weight at 23 pounds, 12oz. It’s crazy to think about how much he has grown in such a short amount of time.

Kannon absolutely loved his first Once Upon A Farm Smoothie mixed with his banana oatmeal & he went to town on some stir-fry veggies at dinner as well.

We all decided to end our evening with a short, family walk + a stop by the neighborhood park. It was the perfect way to end our day.

Thursday was filled with a beautiful, morning walk, feeding/chasing around my toddler, and running errands.

Kannon has become a big fan of peanut butter on whole grain toast.

We got hit with a rainy Friday, so we walked 1.84 miles outside until it started pouring & then I completed my walk on the treadmill in our garage while Kannon watched a movie in his bouncer. I absolutely love having the treadmill set up in the garage with our tv & portable a/c unit, so that I can get my workout in while Kannon is entertained + kept cool.

I woke up before the rest of the house on Saturday morning to complete my mileage goal for the week. It felt so nice to get in some movement & start my day off right. I was also very proud to have completed 10.45 miles throughout the week.

Mila had her 2nd softball game of the season later that morning and she did an amazing job! She had 2 great hits & did a terrific job playing catcher for the first time ever. She also had the greatest, little cheerleader on the sidelines. 😉

We spent the remainder of our Saturday at my grandparents house for our family reunion. We had a blast catching up with family members & hanging out in their awesome hot tub that my husband recently added while renovating their pool.

Sunday was a true day of rest which is exactly what each of us needed before starting a new week!

We grilled & ate a big lunch together before having a movie night in our media room. We watched “Lightyear” for the first time with the kids before getting them ready for bed. Jordan & I then ended the night with the premiere of “House of the Dragon,” which was absolutely epic! 🐉

Kannon & I practice his walking daily, but he’s still not quite ready to fully go on his own just yet. However, he did give me a few great steps yesterday, so I had to share it with you all.

Jordan giving me a goal last week really did help me with motivation to get moving, so I asked him to continue giving me new goals to focus on. This week the goal is to achieve at least 8 miles + 100 daily walking squats.

I got in a short walk on the treadmill & 100 walking squats yesterday and my legs instantly felt like jelly. It was glorious!

My day-to-day is more or less filled with the same tasks of taking care of our kiddos & the house + working on making more time to take better care of myself as well. I love being able to be present each day to both teach & learn from Mila & Kannon. I adore being their mom.

This is our off week with Mila so life feels a little bit slower than when she’s here with us, but this little dude is definitely keeping me on my toes as he grows & learns more and more each day.

I’m looking forward to getting my workout completed this evening. It’s fun actually being excited about movement again + having the drive to achieve my goals.

I hope that each of you have a great rest of your week. I can’t wait to be back to write again very soon!



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