The End of Summer, Softball, & Bubba’s 1st Birthday!

“I will be back to write again very soon..” the last words I wrote to you back in December, 2021. Seven months later…said in the voice from SpongeBob Squarepants (IYKYK), I’m back after a very long break from the blog due to some important decisions I had to make for my website. After writing a super fun recap of Kannon’s first Christmas, my website hit me with the dreadful message of no longer having anymore storage. Not even enough to at least save the sweet recap I had worked on sharing with you all.

I have made the decision to stick with WordPress & upgrade my site so that I can get back to sharing my content. I am super excited to dive back into the blogging world and can’t wait to fill you all in on this last week with my little fam.

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading this week’s recap!

After a long week & weekend of doing all the things for Kannon’s 1st birthday party (separate blog post coming for that soon!), Jordan and I finally had our first date in over 6 months and boy was it needed!

We had a super nice lunch with my family & they kindly took the kiddos to play and swim while Mama & Daddy had a blast at Main Event & Little Woodrow’s. We played arcade games, bowled, battled at cornhole (which I sorely lost multiple times) & enjoyed some delicious eats and drinks while getting some quality time together. It was wonderful.

We had our sweet girl with us for 3 straight weeks to end the Summer break and it was amazing! I decided to surprise the kids with a fun day in the backyard. I broke out the water balloons, turned the sprinkler on, and got out some popsicles for us to enjoy before we had to tell Sis “goodbye for now.” Mila said it was one of the BEST days & Kannon was obsessed with his first popsicle experience.

Mila had her meet-the-teacher at school last Tuesday & was so excited that she got paired with a teacher that she already knew from 1st Grade. Her classroom was decorated super cute & her switch teacher was awesome as well! We all couldn’t wait for another awesome school year.

I decided to take Kannon to the ice rink for the very first time to surprise one of my oldest students and my old co-coaches. It was a very emotional experience being back inside of the place I called “home” for 23 years after not being back since the day I was induced with Kannon. I loved being able to watch my girl skate again and catch up with my rink family as well as introduce most of them to Kannon for the first time.

Kannon & I met Jordan for lunch afterwards at Fire Ant Brewing Company in Downtown Tomball, which was the perfect pit stop for the middle of our Wednesday. 🤍

And just like that, summer break came to an end.

We woke up bright & early to see our girl off for her first day of 2nd Grade. I still can’t believe that she’s a 2nd grader now and in just a few more months she will be 8 years old… How does time go by so quickly?

The Fall softball season has begun and Mila’s new team started it off with a bang! Mila was so blessed to play with the Tigers last Fall & Spring, which was a team filled with girls who had played together/known each other for a long time and it was the perfect way for Mila to get started & learn to love the sport. Unfortunately, all of the girls on her team were older than her so they had to move up this season, but we couldn’t be more thankful for the friendships made & lessons learned last year.

We are so excited for Mila’s team this year as well! The Tree Frogs are a brand new team filled with lots of girls who are playing for the first time (just like Mila last year) and they really did have such a great first game. Go Tree Frogs! 🐸

Bubba officially turned 1 this past Saturday and we had the BEST time celebrating him. We started his day off with plant-based chocolate chip pancakes & fruit, presents, and his last monthly milestone photo. ❤️😭

After a short-lived nap, we took our lil guy to the Downtown Aquarium for the first time & he absolutely LOVED it! He got to see tons of gorgeous fish, pet the sting rays, go on a carousel ride, and go on a little train ride around the Aquarium. It was such a great day and we just loved seeing him so happy!

I forgot to take photos yesterday, but we had a little get together with our Hellfire Fantasy League for draft day. Everyone brought a dish & drafted their team, which ended up being a lot of fun. I’m ready for the competition & smack talk!

Well here we are on Monday and I am nothing less than exhausted from these last 2 weeks. I’m trying to slowly get the house back in order & get the little man eating more big boy foods since it is now time to officially part ways with the formula (wish me luck).

I appreciate you all returning to the blog & hope you enjoyed this week’s little recap. Have a great rest of your week!



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