Kannon’s Birth Story

Hey y’all & happy Friday! Last time I was here I was getting ready to start the induction process and meet my sweet baby boy. As I sit here today writing this post, I am blessed to say that I have the most adorable, 3-week old baby here with me and my heart could just explode with the love I have for him…

A lot has changed in these last three weeks. I have had a baby, been going through the healing process of delivering him, + closed and moved into our home. To say the past few weeks have been crazy would be an understatement, but I am so happy with where I am at now and truly believe that God has a plan for everything even if it doesn’t quite make sense in the moment.

I am excited to share with you all the birth story of Kannon Sparrow Muse.

During my 37 week appointment on the afternoon of August 12, 2021, we found out that it was time for us to have a baby! I had developed pre-eclampsia towards the end of my pregnancy, which ultimately led to my placenta “giving out” and no longer supporting the needs of my baby. My blood pressure was 156/94 and my ultrasound showed that there was a lot of vernix (the white stuff that is usually all over babies when they arrive) floating around Kannon in the amniotic fluid at my appointment. These facts ultimately led to my doctor wanting to start the induction process that very night.

When my doctor told us that we would be going to the hospital that night I could feel my heart drop. Of course, I could not wait to meet my baby. I had been so joyfully emotional the weeks leading up to this appointment with the excitement of becoming Kannon’s mother. In that very moment though, I panicked… I instantly began thinking about how we had not closed on our home, how we were going to be stuck in our little apartment as a family of 4 with hardly any room for Kannon. I started panicking about who would take care of our animals while we were in the hospital and how Mila would get to school the next morning. As the tears began to fill my eyes and it felt so difficult to breath, I looked over at my husband and he told me that everything was going to be okay and an immediate sense of calmness filled me as we took the next steps together in this journey.

We arrived at the hospital around 8:30pm and were greeted by the sweetest nurse, Mackenzie. Even though I was filled with nerves, Jordan and Mackenzie kept me so calm and excited for what was to come. We spent the entire evening sharing stories with each other, showing each other our wedding videos, and just having the greatest time. Throughout the night I was uncomfortably checked, injected with cytotec, and having increasingly painful contractions every minute or so it was difficult to get any sleep.

Very early the following morning my doctor arrived to break my water, which was way more painful than I could have imagined. The plan was for me to start Pitocin before my water was broken to get my dilation moving since I was still at 1cm at that point, but they were concerned that Kannon would be distressed if my contractions had gotten any closer together prior to me becoming fully dilated, which receiving Pitocin could potentially cause.

A couple of hours after my water was broken, I finally gave in and got my epidural. Kannon’s heart rate had began to drop and the thought was that the epidural could help with my pain but also help get my contractions slow down a bit to get Kannon out of distress.

The epidural was not nearly as bad as I had expected it to be. The anesthesiologist allowed Jordan to stay in the room and hold my hand while it happened. The worst part was honestly the needle to numb the area before the big needle went in. Was it frightening? Yeah, a bit. All I know for sure, is that I wish I had gotten the epidural sooner because I could not feel a single contraction afterwards.

The epidural definitely helped with my pain, but it did not help prevent Kannon’s heart rate from dropping. They tried putting me into all different kinds of positions to try and get Kannon more comfortable, but nothing was working… My contractions were still very close together, Kannon’s heart rate continued to drop, and I had only progressed to 4cm. Eventually I heard the words I had been slightly fearful of and was then prepped to be taken to the operating room for an emergency c-section.

Leading up to labor I had tried very hard to be open-minded to anything happening while delivering Kannon. I am very much the type of person who needs to have things planned out and know exactly how things will go, so I knew if I let myself be that way during his birth that it would only lead to my disappointment because anything can happen and all that matters is putting the health and safety of my baby and I first no matter what the cost is. Of course I wanted to be successful with a vaginal delivery and I was fearful of what the recovery of a c-section would be like, but I also wanted to do what was best for my baby.

The nurses quickly got Jordan and I both ready for the operating room. All of my memories from these moments are blurry, but some things stick out very vividly in my mind… I remember not being able to feel anything from the waist down (like absolutely nothing), which was so strange given what was taking place. I remember starting to cry right before the operation began out of joy and a little bit of fear. I remember being told that Kannon had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck (hence his heart rate dropping). I also remember crying a lot when I heard Kannon’s cries for the first time. I remember the way Jordan looked at me the entire time. He seemed like he was so proud of me and it motivated me to continue to be strong for him and Kannon. I remember feeling so cold from the medication to the point that it made me shake uncontrollably for a while. I remember my doctor was still cracking jokes even in the serious moments about how good my incision scar would look and that Kannon was already fitting the theme of being a Friday the 13th baby since he got blood all over him. I remember the first time I got to see my son. Kannon’s eyes were wide open when they placed him on my chest and his sweet, little hand was wrapped around me as he just stared into my eyes. I had waited so long for that moment and was so happy that it was finally here. He was healthy, safe, and incredibly adorable.

On August 13, 2021 at 10am Kannon Sparrow Muse arrived weighing 6 pounds 1.7 ounces and measuring at 19.5 inches long. He came out with blonde (almost silver looking) hair, blonde eye lashes, blonde eyebrows, and blue eyes. He has the cutest little nose, hands, and feet. He also had his Mama & Daddy wrapped around is little fingers instantly. We couldn’t be more in love.

We spent a total of 3 nights in the hospital and were able to come home the Sunday after his birth. Our days in recovery went well. Kannon was very healthy and my healing was going smoothly.

Our time in the hospital was filled with some of my favorite memories. I absolutely loved getting to spend that time with Jordan and Kannon. I couldn’t be more thankful to have such a sweet and supportive husband and medical staff taking care of me throughout the entire process. Labor & delivery might not have gone according to plan per se, but it couldn’t have been anymore perfect. 🤍

I am very happy to introduce you all to our sweet, Kannon Sparrow Muse.

Feel free to ask any questions about Kannon’s birth story. I’d be more than happy to share more with you all!

XOXO, Paige.

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