Big Life Updates: Our Home-Build, Mila’s First Week of School, & Baby Watch!

Happy Friday y’all, it feels like it’s been forever since I wrote a blog post since the weekly recaps have been on pause. I am excited to fill you all in today on some very big things taking place in my little family’s life lately and hope to be able to bring the weekly recaps back very soon!

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to catching up on life with the Muse’s!

Our Home-Build:

The house is almost complete! We had our blue tape meeting (home walkthrough) with the superintendent on our home as well as our realtor earlier this week. There have been a lot of things needing to be fixed on the home, so the house was pretty much covered in blue tape, but I have been so excited seeing it so close to the finish line. The house is even more beautiful than I imagined it would be and I am so happy with the selections we made. I have been in awe of the kitchen ever since the granite & backsplash were installed. We just can’t wait to continue building our life in this home and watch our little family make it our own.

Our home inspection is set for August 17th and then we are planning to close on the 19th as long as everything goes smoothly.

Miss Mila:

Another super exciting event was Mila’s first week at her new school! We have been going through some really big & exciting changes, which has led to Mila getting to spend much more time with us and also going to the school zoned to our residence.

Mila was beyond excited to see the inside of her new school and meet her teacher on the Monday before school started. Her first day of 1st Grade also couldn’t have gone any better. She said that she had the greatest time doing math again, making friends with her ENTIRE classroom, and having a blast playing at recess.

We are all very excited for this new journey that Mila is on and are so happy that we were able to experience this special moment with her.

Kannon Sparrow:

Baby boy has been growing ever so rapidly and his due date is coming upon us very quickly (August 28th). I have spent the past 2 weeks or so packing our hospital bags, checking off important things on the to-do list like ordering my breast pump & getting his car seat installed (thank you sweet husband for knocking the car seat out for me), and getting his little newborn clothes cleaned for him to wear.

Other than tons of swelling, pelvic/lower back pain, and Braxton Hicks contractions things have been going pretty smoothly.

During my 37 week appointment yesterday afternoon, my doctor told us that it was time to have a baby. My blood pressure had increased as well as some other pre-eclampsia symptoms and baby boy was looking more than ready to be strong even if he had to come a little early. Jordan and I quickly got things in order to make our way to the hospital last night to begin the induction process. Jordan and I were both surprised, but very excited that we will get to meet our sweet boy sometime this weekend.

I can’t wait to share Kannon’s entire birth story in the very near future with you all, but until then please send as many positive thoughts and prayers our way as we go through this unexpected induction.

XOXO, Paige.

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  1. DEBBIE DAVIS says:

    We’re SOOOO excited but know not half as excited as y’all! Phone is by us at all times this AWESOME FRIDAY morning! LOVE Y’ALL!!! Btw, such a BEAUTIFUL picture of y’all at the hospital, plus cuties of Ms. Mila too! LOVE Y’ALL ~Nanna & Pawpaw


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