Kindergarten Graduation, Date Night, & the Spring Skating Show!

Good morning y’all & happy Monday! I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend & are ready to take on this fresh, new week ahead. We are expecting some more heavy rainfall here in Houston this week, so I’m trying to remain positive & optimistic that it’s still going to be a great week regardless of the weather. However, I will be very excited for the sun to start shining again so that I can spend some time at the pool.

I’ve got a new weekly recap for you all! Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading:

After wrapping up last week’s recap, I got some cleaning done, worked on my Summer coaching schedule (my favorite work schedule of the year), and enjoyed some delicious pasta salad before making my way to the rink to coach technical rehearsal for our upcoming Spring Show.

It was a super long evening spent on my feet. My lower back was killing me by the time I got home, so I made some quick & easy Alfredo pizza’s for Jordan & I to enjoy while we watched an episode of Westworld.

I got up bright & early before coaching on Tuesday morning to have some PB & Nutella toast on whole wheat bread + a cup of coffee.

After my morning lessons were complete, I met Jordan at home to watch our girl’s virtual kindergarten graduation. I still can’t believe she will be going into first grade & turning 7 years old this Fall… She’s getting so big!

I devoured an egg bagel before Jordan and I had to run out the door for our first home walkthrough. We had a meeting with the superintendent running our home-build to create a punch list of things needing fixed prior to them installing the drywall.

I was so hungry all day on Tuesday!! I got home with an hour to relax & have a snack before going back to work, so I enjoyed another cup of coffee & some fresh pineapple slices.

For dinner, I made some veggie tacos which are one of Jordan & I’s favorite primarily, plant-based dishes. They hit the spot!

Jordan and I had some meetings to attend on Wednesday morning, so I sliced us up some fresh strawberries, mangoes, and pineapple to fuel up with along side our coffee.

Later that evening, we had a super fun night out in Creekside Park for a date. We ate some delicious sushi & fried rice at Shogun then made our way to the nearest movie theater to watch “Wrath of Man.” We hadn’t gone to dinner and a movie in about a year & it felt so nice to go do something that we use to love again.

This day also marked roughly 100 days until our baby boy will be arriving, so I’m trying my best to soak up as much one on one time with Jordan as I possibly can.

Thursday morning’s are always super early & long. I had a little break between coaching my private lessons, so I made my way to the park to get in a quick 2 mile walk. It felt so good to get some movement in outside again.

Thursday was the dress rehearsal for the Spring Show. Jordan, Mila, and I were all so excited for this skating show in particular because it was Mila’s first performance in any sport. Mila has been skating with me off and on since just before she turned 2 years old and had always wanted to do it more often. Last Fall it finally became possible for me to start giving her weekly lessons & the rest is history! She had so much fun spending time with her new little skating friends and practicing her routine for the big show.

We decided to quickly swing by the house after rehearsal so Mila could take a look at it (we try to take her to look after skating every Thursday). On our way to the apartment we had to stop to get this turtle off the road so it didn’t get run over by anyone. We were just trying to help, but I don’t think this turtle appreciated it very much lol.

Friday night was the first out of 2 shows. We got Mila all ready to go after school ended Friday afternoon and made our way straight to the rink for the big performance. She had so many family member’s there to watch her Friday night and they all showered her with love, flowers, and gifts. Mila was on cloud nine!

The 3 of us were back at the rink Saturday morning for the last Spring Show performance. I had to run backstage duties during both shows, so I was pretty exhausted by the time it was all said and done. It was all worth it for all the amazing skaters though. This year I had quite a few students performing their first solo & duet numbers in the shows and they all skated so well, which made me very proud as their coach.

I feel extremely happy knowing that we were able to give Mila the opportunity to participate in her first organized sport event and for her to have such a great time with it. It made me smile watching her make new friends and cheer on all of the other skaters while they performed. It all brought back many memories of the days that I was out there on the ice doing the exact same thing. I feel blessed to be able to share the love of this sport with Mila and I’m very excited to see where it all goes from here.

After a very long, exhausting weekend, we took Sunday to rest & reset.

Mila wanted a fruit smoothie for breakfast so we mixed up some strawberries, kiwi, milk, and ice.

I made myself an egg bagel & enjoyed some coffee that my sweet husband made for me. We all hung out and watched some tv + got any remaining homework for Mila completed before we went to Jordan’s parents house for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

The past 2-3 weeks of extra work in preparation for the Spring Show on top of my normal coaching schedule really took a toll on me physically. My lower back has been hurting very badly & I also had my first experience with Braxton Hicks contractions on Friday morning. I spent some time getting some much needed rest on Saturday evening and most of Sunday, but I’m going to really try and take it easy this week too. I sometimes catch myself running around doing all of the things I know I need to get done, but I also need to remember that I’m growing another human being inside me and he is getting bigger & heavier each and everyday. I’m hoping now that the show is over and my new work schedule will be starting in a couple of weeks, that I will be able to take more time to get some helpful exercise in and rest when needed.

I’ve spent most of this morning writing today’s recap from my cozy bed, so now it’s time for me to get some coffee & food in my system before I get myself moving today.

I hope that each of you had an incredible weekend & have a great week ahead of you. I’ll be back to write again very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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