Weekly Recap: Outdoor Walks, Time with Mila, and Baby Muse’s Gender Reveal!

Good morning y’all & happy freaking Monday. I am still on cloud 9 after finding out my baby’s gender this past weekend & I’m so excited to share this recap with you all!

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading:

I started last Tuesday morning off on the right foot with a gorgeous 2 mile outdoor walk & a brunch date with the hubby at CoCo Crêpes! I ordered a Nutella & strawberry crêpe topped with chocolate sauce & an iced hazelnut latte. Yum!!!

I spent the rest of the day getting some work & cleaning done before wrapping up the night watching “Wanda Vision” with Jordan.

Wednesday was a crazy day filling with lots of tasks that I needed to accomplish. After skipping breakfast, I took a lunch break to enjoy some grilled cheese with tomato soup. It was delicious!

Jordan and I wrapped up our evening together finishing the first season of “Wanda Vision” on Disney Plus, which was so good. The show started off super strange, but if you push through the first few episodes, you will start to get an idea of what’s going on and it gets really good!

Thursday was a super exciting day. It was the day my doctors office called to let me know the gender results were ready for pick-up and that baby Muse’s genetic testing came back completely normal. I was so excited & drove straight to the doctors office as soon as I got finished with my morning round of coaching.

I headed back to the rink to coach a little more Thursday afternoon and even got to work with Mila. She learned a new move called the “bunny hop” and finally mastered her stopping skills!

Jordan, Mila, and I ended the night feeling joyful and excited for the gender reveal to take place very soon. We also had bellies filled with some delicious chicken spaghetti.

I woke up bright & early Friday morning to help get miss Mila ready for school. She looked adorable rocking her JoJo Siwa bow & shoes!

I spent the entire day deep cleaning our living room/kitchen & organizing/cleaning laundry. It felt good to be productive and get so much done. I also spent some time decorating a small space for the virtual gender reveal taking place later that evening.

One of my oldest & dearest friends, Ashton, was the keeper of our gender, so I made my way to her house to give her the envelope that held the baby’s gender inside. She gave me the prop for the reveal and I maintained my self control of waiting to find out with everyone at the reveal that evening, which was 1000% worth it!

Finding out that a sweet baby boy is on the way was an absolute dream come true for the 3 of us. We of course all just wanted a healthy baby, but Jordan and I had been dreaming of raising a son together and I had always pictured myself being a boy mom, so when the light saber lit up blue, our hearts just about exploded. Mila is also so SO excited to have a little brother!

We planned a virtual reveal through Facebook live and it ended up being so enjoyable. I was pretty bummed that it wouldn’t be safe for us to do a gathering for the gender reveal, but Facebook live ended up still making us feel connected to our loved ones throughout this exciting milestone.

Gender Reveal Decor:

•I found this awesome shop on Etsy that created a custom Star Wars old wives tale board for me.

•The custom light saber was from Etsy. The light saber came in a set of 2, so we ordered one in blue and one in pink and plan to use them for decor in our Star Wars themed Media Room at our future home.

•My awesome mom made the cutest Yoda shirt for me.

•Jordan’s super cool “Dadalorian” shirt also came from an Etsy shop.

•We borrowed Mila’s baby Yoda that Santa brought her for Christmas.

•My sweet friend Taylor made us the super cute “Storm Pooper” onesie.

We had a fairly relaxing Saturday. I spent the morning coaching, ate some cranberry Turkey salad with carrots & ranch for lunch, then the 3 of us made our way out to check on the home build & go for a walk/bike ride. The home didn’t have any new updates, but we walked around our lot & took some measurements while we were there. Keeping our fingers crossed that the framing will begin this week!

We spent Saturday evening hanging out on our back patio while Jordan grilled some delicious comfort food. We enjoyed steak, jalapeño poppers, Mac n cheese, and ranch style beans. Sooo good!!!

Jordan, Mila, and I had a fun-filled Sunday together. We checked out some baby clothes and grabbed some lunch at Potbelly’s in Market Street followed by some more baby clothes browsing & ice cream nearby our home. I had been craving ice cream for months & finally had the opportunity to go to Marble Slab with the fam!

We ended the day with some more bicycle riding/walking & taking Huk to the dog park with Jordan’s parents and their pup.

It was such a beautiful weekend and I’m so glad we were able to spend most of it outdoors.

I woke up bright & early again this Monday to help get our sweet girl ready for school.

It is another gorgeous day today, so I am hoping once I get some cleaning and work accomplished that I can make it outside for a nice walk. I hope that each of you have a wonderful week and are able to enjoy some nice (almost) spring weather!

I’ll be back to write again very soon!!

Questions for y’all:

1. Do you have any recommendations on “must need” baby items that I should add to the registry?

2. What are your favorite shops for baby boy clothes & shoes?

3. What are your favorite outdoor activities?

XOXO, Paige.

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