Weekly Recap: Valentine’s Day, Home-Build Updates, & a Winter Storm!

Good morning & happy Tuesday! I hope you are all staying safe & warm during this crazy winter storm. I also hope you can take a moment to cuddle up by the fire or with a warm cup of cocoa to enjoy today’s recap!

February 6th marked 11 weeks of pregnancy. Baby Muse was about the size of a large strawberry & Mama was craving a big juicy steak. After putting some make-up on for a quick bump date, I got myself ready to grab some dinner!

Jordan & I met his sister, Brittany, at a nearby Chili’s for a delicious & filling dinner. I enjoyed a sirloin with loaded mashed potatoes & broccoli. Then we all split a mouth-watering chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream. 😋

We spent Super Bowl Sunday with my family at my parents house. We had a blast playing squares, eating yummy food, and rooting for the teams each of us chose. Even Esme wanted to get in on squares this year or maybe she was eye balling the desserts on the table. One will never know…

Monday was a rough day for me when it came to pregnancy symptoms. I woke up feeling a little off before making my way for a teeth cleaning at the dentist. While I was there I noticed my blood pressure was much lower than normal and started to feel extremely light headed. My OBGYN nurse suggested that I take it easy for the day and stay home, so that’s exactly what I did.

I spent the day relaxing & watching several episodes of “Jane the Virgin” on Netflix. Later that evening, Jordan and I decided to swing by the house to let Huk check it out and to see if there were any new updates. The builders had just pulled the electric lines through to the house & Huk had a blast running around our soon-to-be backyard.

Tuesday was a day of productivity. After wrapping up work Tuesday morning, I brought some yummy kolaches for Jordan & I to eat for brunch at his office. I decided to try a new place called, Karma Kolaches, & got us a bunch of different ones to try out. My favorite was the jalapeño & boudin kolache, but they were all so good.

Throughout the day, I got my front windshield replaced, coached a few more lessons, cleaned the apartment, and cooked some Southwest Ancho Tilapia with Roasted Garlic Couscous. It felt good to get things done and finally cooking a homemade dinner. My energy levels have been extremely low lately and it has felt next to impossible to cook dinner in the evenings after work, but this past week I started to feel a little better in the energy department and it was great getting to eat meals from home again.

Fast forward to Friday because I was a terrible blogger and forgot to take pictures throughout the week… Jordan & I swung by the house after a fun CPA meeting (don’t you all love tax season?). We were excited to see even more progress with the plumbing now installed. Next step is pouring concrete!

After a long day of coaching on Saturday & trying to mentally prepare for the winter storm, I remembered that it was week 12 of pregnancy. This week was all over the place with symptoms, emotions, and trying to get things done. I got chores done, cooked more, felt the baby growing & stretching my tummy, felt light headed several days, and had a headache almost every single day, but it was all so worth it. It felt nice to be more productive and it felt amazing to have these signs that our little one is growing inside me no matter how unpleasant some of them were.

2•14•2021 one of my all time favorite days… Valentine’s Day. As most of you may know by now, I am 100% a hopeless romantic who has always loved watching/reading about romance & dreamt of having my very own soulmate. Well lucky me found my very own super handsome Prince Charming and we enjoyed a wonderful 5th Valentine’s Day together. As the crazy winter storm began to approach on Sunday, we decided to spend our day of love primarily indoors.

We surprised Mila that morning with flowers & chocolates since she is our little Valentine as well. Afterwards, we grabbed some donuts & kolaches then made our way back home. We spent the day having a photo shoot with the tripod, watching romantic movies like Valentine’s Day & P.S. I Love You (such a tear jerker), and we also had some fun playing video games like Madden & Call of Duty together. We ended the night walking around our apartment complex in the icy rain getting excited about all of the snow we might wake up to the next morning.

Well the winter storm did not disappoint in regards to snow & beauty. It was amazing looking outside to this scenery and having fun throwing snowballs at each other. The only problem was that we lost power at 4am and there were no signs that it would be coming back anytime soon. After spending several hours packing up our things and trying to figure out how to get Jordan’s truck out of the electricity operated garage, we were finally able to make our way (VERY slowly) to Jordan’s parents house so we could stay warm. The snow was awesome, but we definitely did not prepare well for losing power like we did. I’m not sure that anyone in the Houston area expected the power/water outages that most of us have endured. We are being told that the power will return to our apartment by Wednesday morning, so we are hoping & praying that will actually happen.

As I sit here with some coffee by the fire, I am feeling thankful to be in a safe place that still has power, but also feeling sad about what many Houstonians are going through. There are at least 1.4 million people in Houston without power and many without water also…

My husband and I were supposed to see our baby today for the first time in 4 weeks. Sadly our appointment had to be cancelled and I’m hoping/praying that we will get to reschedule for later this week or early next week with the hope that the roads & weather will get better.

I hope that everyone stays as safe & warm as you possibly can. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

I’ll be back to write again very soon!

Questions for y’all:

1. What were (or have been) your craziest pregnancy symptoms?

2. What were your plans for Valentine’s Day?

3. How is the weather, road conditions, and power in your area?

XOXO, Paige.

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