SURPRISE! We’re Building a House.

Good morning y’all & happy Friday! I know I have been MIA lately, but life has just been crazy with the holidays, work, Mila’s school, and some amazing things that I’ve been working on behind the scenes. I promise that the weekly recaps will be coming back soon, but until then I have some SUPER fun news to share with y’all!!!

WE’RE BUILDING A HOUSE! I have been oh so excited to share this amazing news with y’all. After months & months of us both working hard to repair our credit, we were finally pre-approved to buy a home, so that’s when our house hunting journey officially began.

Leading up to our pre-approval, Jordan & I had been attending open houses in the area to try and get an idea of what exactly we both wanted in our first home. We knew we wanted to stay fairly close to where we are currently living because there are so many fun things to do as a family, great restaurants, an awesome selection of stores, and terrific schools. We wanted to find a home big enough for what we currently need + have room to grow our family in the future. Once we began officially looking at homes, our realtor asked if we’d like to see a new, up & coming community in Magnolia, TX. She had already sold a couple of houses in the neighborhood so she knew how they operated, which made us feel a little more comfortable about the idea. We went to visit this new neighborhood with the mindset that it wouldn’t be for us. We had no intention of building a new home or moving to Magnolia, but as soon as we entered the neighborhood, I could just see us building our life there.

We were so surprised to find out how affordable it was for us to build a home, we loved the location of the neighborhood, the schools zoned to the neighborhood were highly recommended by people we know (and ranked well in the state), and it was just beautiful. The neighborhood is only 12 minutes away from where we currently are living, so we’re still close to the things we love to do & it’s slightly tucked away in the woods, so you feel like you’re in the forest while you’re out there. I always wanted to move somewhere that was surrounded by trees & that just had that magical feeling, so I was incredibly excited that I had that feeling there.

We were very happy to have the choice between 2 different builders. The builder we ended up deciding on had the floorplan we had been searching for in a resale home. Next up was trying to find the lot for us. We knew we wanted a big backyard to eventually put a pool in + have space for our pup, Mila, and our future children to run around & play. We were shown lot 10 & the rest is history. Our lot is on a cul-de-sac, with an awesome backyard, and walking distance to the park/recreational center that is being built and the creek that you can go fishing in (or sit down to read at 🙋🏼‍♀️). It was the perfect spot & we were beyond thrilled to make it official by signing the papers. The building process should begin in the next month & it should only take about 5-6 months total, so we should be in our home by next Summer (weather permitting)! We haven’t shared the news with Mila yet, but we can’t wait to surprise her with it soon. She put “a new house” on her Christmas list this year, so we know she will be over the moon about it.

I’m very excited to share this entire process with you all & I will be posting home build updates periodically as things progress. Our next step is to meet at the design gallery to make all of our selections of exterior color, interior color, granite, tile, etc. I can’t wait!

I hope that you all have an amazing weekend. I’ll be back to write again very soon.

XOXO, Paige.

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