Life is Crazy: Ren-Fest, We Voted, & Darn 2020

Hey y’all & happy Friday! Here is another post where I start off saying “life has been crazy lately.” I wish things could have been a little more calm & less stressful, but I’m trying to stay as positive as I possibly can and know that every hardship we have gone through in life & especially this year shall pass. Throughout all of the madness we have made some sweet memories as well. So here’s a little glimpse into my crazy life over the last 2ish weeks.

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading!

After leaving you guys last time, the three of us met up with Jordan’s parents at one of our favorite Tex-Mex places for dinner. I enjoyed some super delicious veggie fajitas.

Throughout the remainder of the weekend we had a fun time doing all of the Fall things. We painted pumpkins & grilled plant-based burgers on Saturday. Then we enjoyed our entire Sunday at the Texas Renaissance Festival with some of my family and our good friends Taylor, Wesley, and Scarlett.

We had the greatest time enjoying all of the fun things that the Ren-Fest had to offer!

Mila had a Fall holiday at school on Monday, so we took the opportunity to make some chocolate chip protein pancakes & go ice skating.

During the remainder of the week, our days were filled with a whole bunch of work, eat, sleep, repeats however, we did manage to make some time to use our voices (or our condom covered fingers I guess) to cast our vote for the 2020 Presidential Election. We had the very best voting experience at Lone Star Creekside.

Last Saturday, we made our way out to Midfield, TX for a family friend’s wedding. They were blessed with amazing weather & had a gorgeous, outdoor wedding that captured every essence of the season. It was such a fun night & felt really nice to be able to get away from home even if it was only for a day.

While we headed back from the wedding, I made my very first grocery delivery order through Whole Foods on Amazon Prime & was very pleased with my experience. I was also very excited to have a load of healthy groceries to start on the right foot the following week.

I made some plant-based sliders on whole wheat buns with a side of sweet potato waffle fries for dinner on Monday night after a busy day of work, chores, reading, and Mila’s dance class. These sliders really hit the spot!

Tuesday was a day full of work, work, work. I made sure to take some time in between lessons to get in a nice walk & some outdoor strength training. My strength training included: 4 sets of 15 squats, 20 bicep curls, and 50 standing Russian twists.

I enjoyed a delicious egg sandwich on whole wheat bread for lunch and our favorite veggie tacos for dinner.

Wednesday was an absolute whirlwind… I had been dealing with bad allergies for weeks with the weather going back & forth so much, but I woke up Wednesday morning feeling terrible with body aches, fatigue, and absolutely no appetite. I went to a nearby health clinic to get looked at and was diagnosed with a sinus infection, but due to my body aches & fatigue, they also wanted me to get tested for COVID-19. My heart dropped when I found out I had to get tested because I knew that even though it was possibly just a sinus infection that I would have to wait to be cleared to be able to work, spend time with Mila, and enjoy Halloween weekend. Luckily, I found out rather quickly that my test came back negative, but it was still just added stress. I was happy to take any extra precautions to ensure I was healthy enough to be around others, but it still sucked nonetheless.

I spent most of Wednesday & Thursday resting/getting a little bit of cleaning done when I had the energy to. I wasn’t very hungry either day, so I stuck with smaller food options like Luna bars or pumpkin pie pop tarts & coffee. My appetite finally started to come back Thursday evening, so I made some spaghetti for Jordan, Mila, and I to enjoy.

I had so much fun getting Mila ready for school this morning. She was unicorned out with her sweater & jeans. I spent the entire morning getting my Halloween costume ready (I procrastinated like usual) & then enjoyed some veggie taco leftovers as a burrito bowl for lunch.

Now we are all dressed up and on our way to my parents annual Halloween party & I cannot wait to share our costumes with you all! I hope that you guys have the greatest Halloween weekend.

XOXO, Paige.

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