Recap Friday: Fun with Mila, First Day of Fall, & Time with the Sis!

Hey y’all & happy Friday! I hope each of you have had a great week. The weather has been a little crazy/amazing here in Houston this past week & I have been very much enjoying it. I can’t wait to catch you all up in today’s weekly recap.

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and enjoy!

Jordan and I had just picked up our sweet Mila when I left you guys last Friday. We had a fun evening swinging by a local Halloween store & then meeting up with Jordan’s family for some tex-mex. I ordered some cheese quesadillas, which never disappoint.

Mila & I had a super fun time celebrating one of my greatest friends at her baby shower. Ashton was absolutely glowing as usual & Mila had the greatest time playing with all of the other little girls & being able to meeting so many of my sweet friends. Ashton’s baby shower was at this gorgeous venue called, B&B Butcher’s, in Downtown Houston. The shower took place on the rooftop where they served some scrumptious brunch food.

Later that Saturday, the 3 of us went to the park with our friends, Lauren, Jarrod, and their 2 boys. It was such a fun night & we were blessed with gorgeous weather.

Sunday was another oh so fun day! Mila & I started the day at church (which was amazing) & then we also stopped by another Halloween store to try to find some costumes for the 3 of us this year.

After saying “goodbye for now” to our sweet girl, we stopped by Craft Grill for dinner. We split some Bama Balls (mac n’ cheese balls) for an appetizer and Jordan orders lthe avocado toast for his entree while I devoured a kid’s grilled cheese. Make fun of me all you want, but their grilled cheese is amazing!

Jordan’s truck was in the shop on Monday so after dropping him off at work I got myself a Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew to start my day. I spent most of Monday getting tasks done at home until attending Mila’s dance class later that evening. That girl has some serious natural talent when it comes to dancing & ice skating. I can’t wait to see where it end up taking her one day.

Tuesday was such a whirlwind. We had a ton of rain all day long from Tropical Storm Beta. I coached early in the morning & decided to reschedule my afternoon lessons because the weather was so bad. Once I got home, I enjoyed a delicious egg bagel, lit some Fall scented candles, put Harry Potter on the TV, and did some reading. It was such a great way to ring in the first day of Fall!

Later that evening, I made some plant-based chili for Jordan & I to enjoy for dinner. For my chili I always follow Carroll Shelby’s Chili Kit recipe, but I leave out the masa flour & add a little extra cayenne pepper. This time I used Impossible Meat as the protein & it was just as delicious as usual!

I spent most of Wednesday conquering more tasks & chores at home before coaching later that afternoon. For brunch, I had some peanut butter & Nutella toast on whole wheat bread with a cup of coffee.

Speaking of coffee, does anyone know what happened to Coffee Mate’s Italian Sweet Cream Creamer? I haven’t been able to locate it anywhere lately.

I was up at 3:30am on Thursday for a full day of coaching. I had a fairly long break in between some of my lessons, so I made my way to the park for a nice 1.83 mile walk. It felt so cool outside and I was absolutely loving it.

I also managed to fit in a quick strength training session that afternoon and boy am I feeling it today!

Thursday’s Workout:

•3 sets of 20 seated chest press

•3 sets of 15 dumbbell flies

•3 sets of 15 bench press

•3 sets of 15 cable flies

Today has been a very fun Friday so far! I started my morning off by meeting up with my little sis for brunch & nails. We had brunch at the Toasted Yolk where I enjoyed some avocado toast & a poinsettia (champagne with a splash of cranberry juice) before we made our way to the nail salon. It felt amazing to get a manicure & pedicure again and it was especially nice being able to catch up on some one-on-one time with my sis!

The rest of the day has been quite productive getting prepared for an eventful weekend ahead. Now I’m going to leave you guys to get ready for a tex-mex & margarita date with my hubby! I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be back to write again very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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