Pandemic Summer: Harry Potter Day, Date Night, & At-Home Fun!

Hey y’all & happy Thursday! It has been another fairly crazy week. It’s been quite the adventure trying to find harmony in juggling being a full-time bonus mama, wifey, and working a little each week, so I apologize for these weekly recaps being posted on different days each week. I just wrapped up today’s post while enjoying a yummy lunch & introducing Mila to one of my all-time favorite childhood movies (you’ll see what it is later in this post).

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading:

Mila & I had the best time having a Harry Potter Day together last Monday. Once I completed my morning run we got showered, we put on some comfy Harry Potter clothes, drank some delicious hot coco, watched “Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone” & “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” and then we read a Harry Potter pop-up book.

I whipped up some of our favorite veggie tacos for dinner later that evening, which we ate while watching “Ready Player One.” That movie was so much better than I was expecting it to be. It really makes you think about what our world will be like when Virtual Reality becomes more popular.

I got up bright & early on Tuesday morning to get in a quick walk before I began coaching. It was such a beautiful sunrise.

Tuesday was a busy day filled with work, at home tasks, and a check-up appointment for Mila. I whipped together some leftovers from the veggie fajitas and made a homemade burrito bowl, which honestly tasted just as good as the one I usually get at Chipotle.

While Mila & I waited in the car for her doctor’s appointment, we read some more of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. She loves it when I read this book to her.

I was pretty pooped from such a busy day, so I decided to make an easy meal of breakfast for dinner with a cup of decaf coffee. It hit the spot!

I got up and went for another quick run/walk on Wednesday morning while Jordan was getting ready for work. It felt great to get some exercise in & enjoy a cup of coffee before the munchkin woke up.

I enjoyed my go-to pasta salad for lunch & did a bit of cleaning before Mila & I’s fun girl’s day began.

My friend Taylor and her sweet little girl, Scarlett, came over to enjoy a girl’s day with Mila & I on Wednesday afternoon. We started off with an at-home spa day painting the girl’s nails & then ended up poolside with some fruit & popsicles. The girl’s had an absolute blast!!

Later that evening, the daddy’s joined in on the pool-time fun & we also ordered some Crust Pizza Co. to-go for dinner. Jordan & I split Madelyn’s Alfredo pizza without chicken & mushrooms.

I woke up very early on Thursday morning for another day of coaching. I was so excited to help my student achieve a big goal of landing her very first double jump on the ice.

I had a pretty big break between coaching some of my skaters, so I made the most of it by going to my favorite park for a very nice 3.78 mile walk. During my walk I was greeted by a coral snake, some strange looking bees, and tons of sunshine.

Mila spent the day in Schulenburg, TX with her aunt, her Na-Na, and her great-grandmother. She had the greatest time getting to explore some little boutiques & having lunch at the cutest tea house.

I had zero plans after I finished working , so I decided to get some tasks done that had been put on the back burner and took the day to simply relax. I even took a nap & it was blissful. Later that evening, Jordan and I ate some leftovers for dinner while we watched some more of our latest Netflix obsession, “Dark.”

Mila, Jordan, and I went to my parents house to spend some time in the pool with them. We swam, soaked up sunshine, and enjoyed some Grab n’ Go Tacos to-go until the late afternoon. I enjoyed some cheese quesadillas.

Jordan had a fun morning of golf planned with one of his great friend’s at the new Margaritaville Golf Course in Conroe, TX. While having some alone time, I decided to enjoy a slow morning with some peanut butter & Nutella toast, loads of reading, some cleaning, and relaxing.

Jordan and I were able to have a much needed date night on Saturday evening at El Tiempo. It felt so nice to get out of the house & enjoy some alone time with each other. Plus, those margs are sooo good! ❤️

I had such a fun brunch with some of my favorite gals at Toasted Yolk on Sunday morning. We all got dolled up to enjoy lots of laughter, great conversations, mimosas, and yummy food. I ordered some eggs over-medium + hash brown casserole.

Jordan and I had a wonderful rest of our Sunday out by the pool. The weather was great & it was just so fun getting some more alone time together before all of our fun neighbors & sweet Mila joined us. We whipped together some white rice & grilled veggies to have for dinner. They were delicious!

It truly felt amazing to take some time for “us” this weekend. I know we have only been married for 8 months, but we have been together for almost 4 years now and I can’t tell you enough about how important it is to give yourself and your partner that much needed one on one time together. Whether it’s a little date night at your favorite restaurant dreaming about the future or simply having a home-cooked meal & movie night at home. I want to always make it a priority for us to have that genuine time together outside of thinking about work, taking care of daily tasks, or parenting our Mila (and future kiddos) for us to just enjoy each other.

Mila & I had a nice little sleep in on Monday morning before getting our day going.

We spent the afternoon with my mom & little brother wishing some of our family friend’s a COVID-19 style birthday. They had a blast finally getting to see each other even if they did have to stay 6-feet apart.

I had been experiencing some pretty awful mouth pain since Friday, so I decided to pick-up some tomato soup for dinner that evening because it was getting so hard to eat and sleep. I was also in bed & asleep by 7:30pm hoping & praying to get some rest before coaching the next morning.

I woke up super early on Tuesday morning and made my way to the park for a trail walk before work. Silly me didn’t check the weather before I arrived, but I luckily got in a quick 2 mile walk before it began pouring.

I picked Mila up after I finished coaching and we met Jordan at Red Robin for some lunch. I ordered a tortilla soup (minus the chicken), Jordan had an amazing “impossible cheese burger,” and Mila enjoyed some cheese pizza with apple slices. Funnily enough, Mila made sure I didn’t forget to take pictures of our food for my blog. I love having a sidekick in Jordan and now Mila helping me not to forget all of these mouth watering food pics!

My awesome mother took Mila & my little brother, Hudson, on a shopping spree at Target while I went to the dentist to figure out what was happening with my teeth. Once I got finished, I walked into Target to see my mom’s cart full of toys, backpacks, and even a cute new swimsuit. Mila & Hud were super excited! We stopped by Marble Slab afterwards to grab some ice cream because a coffee milkshake was calling my name and felt oh so good on my poor, infected gums.

I am going back to the dentist for a full exam soon to determine exactly what was causing the infection, but I was able to get some help to relieve the pain & begin the healing so I can finally get through my days pain free. It was hurting to talk or open my mouth a small amount… I decided to call it a night early again Tuesday night to catch up on some rest and was in bed by 7pm.

Mila and I enjoyed a nice slow day together on Wednesday while it was storming outside. We ate some yummy breakfast and I was actually able to eat some solids for the first time since Sunday! We then had a blast playing with her toys & making a fleece quilt for her and her baby dolls.

The rain went away for the evening, so Jordan, Mila, and I made our way out to the pool for some more swimming & grilling. I whipped together some plant-based burgers for Jordan & I to munch on for dinner.

I was dreading waking up for work this morning at 5am, but I made it happen & I also got in a nice walk during my 7:30-9am break. It was a beautiful morning, but awfully humid. There was 95% humidity to be exact.

Now I’ve just finished up eating a delicious grilled cheese with Tomato Soup while Princess Bride plays in the background. I’ve been trying to get Mila to watch some classics this week & I’m very thrilled that she is digging one of my all-time favorites today.

Well I hope that each of you enjoyed today’s recap. It’s time for Mila and I to get ready for her very first dentist appointment, so wish us luck. Stay safe & healthy. I will be back to write again very soon. ❤️

XOXO, Paige.

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