Busyness During a Pandemic: 4th of July, Family Time, & More At-Home Fun!


Good morning y’all & happy Monday. Man has it been a crazy couple of weeks!! The media has been insanely confusing, my life has felt like a mess, COVID-19 is still on the rise + scarier than ever, and well now it’s Monday morning. Last time I was here was the day my hubby & I were picking up our sweet Mila for an entire month together. These last two weeks have been REALLY busy and I have been in the biggest funk trying to form a new routine within all of the madness. Do y’all ever feel as you’re finally getting in the groove of things being so different, that a new curve ball gets thrown into the mix and just throws everything off? Yep. That’s definitely been me lately.

Anyways… as I sit here sipping my coffee, I thought I would wrap up today’s recap post!

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading:

After wrapping up last week’s recap, I whipped together some yummy breakfast for Mila and myself. I made two slices of whole wheat toast with Nutella spread for Mila & my go-to egg bagel for me of course! We started watching a little bit of “The Meg” while we ate breakfast. Mila absolutely loves that movie and it surprises me that it doesn’t scare her one bit.

Afterwards, I went for a quick walk while Mila rode her bike. It was a very hot day, but it definitely felt good to get some movement in.

The following morning, I started my day off with some lovely pumpkin spice waffles & a side of sliced strawberries. This meal was so delicious & super easy to whip together.

Jordan, Mila, and I spent all day Friday at the pool! We had some of our friends join us later in the evening & Jordan and I both got ultra sunburned, but it was a super fun day!

The following Saturday was the 4th of July! We got dressed up and made our way to Jordan’s parents house for an evening of fun, food, & fireworks! Jordan & I enjoyed some yummy plant-based burgers and we all had such a great time watching the beautiful fireworks.

I enjoyed a nice sleep in on Sunday morning & had my go-to breakfast. My little fam and I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed some movies before making our way back out to the pool again.

We had fun soaking up some more sunshine & enjoying some beautiful grilled veggies with rice for dinner. I could eat that mixture of zucchini, squash, and onions all day. 😋

I woke up early on Monday morning to get in a quick solo walk while Mila was sleeping & Jordan was getting ready for work. It felt nice to start the day off with some movement & “me time.”

I conquered a bunch of chores throughout the day on Monday & took a break to enjoy my favorite pasta salad, which as you all can tell has been my go-to for lunch these past few weeks. I even got Mila to try a bite, but it’s not her favorite yet lol.

I made some spaghetti for Jordan, Mila, and I to enjoy for dinner later that evening. As always, it was a very big hit! Mila loves her “sketti.”

Jordan brought Mila to the rink once I finished coaching, so her and I could skate together for a little bit. She did such an awesome job & is getting so much better at balancing and skating around the entire rink.

Most of Tuesday was filled with hanging out with Mila, getting some more chores done, and enjoying leftovers for lunch and dinner.

Mila and I got to sleep in a little bit on Wednesday morning before enjoying some breakfast together. Mila also did an amazing job at doing her hair all by herself and was so proud of how it turned out. I had to take a picture to document such an exciting moment for her.

We had a fun day running some quick errands, having a tea party, coloring in some Princess coloring books, and going for a little swim at the pool.

I ended my evening with a relaxing bath, face mask, glass of Merlot, and some Unsolved Mysteries while Mila & Jordan played some games together. After an eventful week of going, going, going it felt good to have an hour to myself to decompress.

Mila & I started Thursday off with some more ice skating & brunch at Another Broken Egg together. She ordered a large waffle & I had their huevos rancheros with a side of country potatoes. I personally like to eat the eggs, beans, peppers, and onions with the potatoes rather than the tortilla chips.

I didn’t take anymore photos the rest of Thursday, but we definitely had another eventful day. We spent the evening time by the pool & ordered something Chinese takeout for dinner. I ordered some steamed rice with vegetable spring rolls.

We spent most of Friday relaxing at home. I helped Mila work on some at-home learning to help keep her ready for her first year of Kindergarten. I also introduced her to Halloweentown, which she absolutely LOVED (I can’t wait for the Fall)! We ended the evening enjoying dinner with Jordan’s family at Grab n’ Go Taco’s & spent some time at his parents house rewatching “Jumanji: The Next Level.” That movie is always so funny!

We spent all day Saturday poolside at my family’s house! We had a blast soaking up even more sunshine & enjoying each other’s company. We ordered lunch from The Annex Crafthouse & I enjoyed their Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich with french fries. We then ended the evening watching “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of the Fire Saga,” which was absolutely hilarious!

Given that there isn’t very much that we can do at the moment during this crazy pandemic, we had another relaxing day on Sunday. The three of us slept in, I conquered a little bit of tasks, then we all went out for a nice lunch in Creekside. We decided to devour some delicious pizzas at Crust Pizza Co. Mila ordered a Kid’s Cheese Pizza and Jordan & I split the Madelyn’s Alfredo Pizza minus the chicken.

We spent the rest of Sunday evening at the pool before coming home for dinner & nighttime routines. We enjoyed some plant-based “chicken” bites with a side of mac n’ cheese for dinner and watched a little bit of “Ready Player One“ before calling it a night.

I woke up bright & early this morning for a sunrise run. I haven’t ran in what seems like forever, but in reality I probably haven’t been running since before my wedding. I have been telling myself for weeks that I’m going to ease back into it and today was the day. I started off very easy for my first day doing intervals of walking & running for 1.14 miles. It felt so good to have my muscles burning again and it was the perfect morning for it with some cloudy skies & a slight breeze.

Mila & I are now beginning our Harry Potter Day that we have both been very excited about for days. I can’t wait to share what all we do today with you guys next week!

I hope each of you are staying safe & healthy during these trying times. It seems like we have been stuck in this madness for the longest time and it’s hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel with there being no progress with the virus. I pray for peace and comfort for each of you & hope that you all can find joy even if you’re stuck at home trying to be creative with things to do each day like I am. Have a great rest of your week. I will be back to write very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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