Summer is Here: Rainy Weather, Plant-Based Eats, & Sweet Mila!

Hey y’all & happy Thursday! I know I’m a day late on my weekly recap, but yesterday was crazy busy and I wanted to have time to sit down and write everything out in detail. Things have been crazy here in Texas lately and my heart has felt heavy with all of the unknowns and brutality going on in our world. I have been continually praying for more peace and hopefully some answers. I hope each of you are doing well and staying safe.

I am currently sitting on the couch in my cozy jammies, with messy hair, and drinking coffee from my Harry Potter mug as I wrap up today’s recap.

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading!

I had a pretty rough night of sleep last Wednesday night checking to make sure our dog, Huk, was doing okay every 2-3 hours (after getting pretty sick the night prior) & then got soaking wet from the downpour of rain while I took him out Thursday morning. It felt nice to put some warm & dry pj’s on, make a cup of coffee, and watch The Holiday.

I spent most of the day getting chores done around the apartment & conquering some tasks while the rain continued to pour outside. It was soothing having comforting movies play on the TV & listening to the rain while I got things done.

I took a break for some lunch and enjoyed a delicious homemade pizza!

I tried out something new for our dinner time with Mila on Thursday. I stayed home and cooked a delicious comfort meal for the 3 of us to enjoy. Jordan had asked me to make Mac n’ cheese from scratch when we first went into quarantine way back in March, but I finally got around to doing it last Thursday. I used a scrumptious recipe that I found on Pinterest (+ made a few minor adjustments) & some baked potatoes. The Mac n’ cheese casserole I made was extremely cheesy, but it was so stinking good!!

I spent the morning/day time on Friday trying to accomplish a bunch of different things before the weekend rolled around. Jordan and I decided to go over to his parents house late that afternoon to help them set up for a graduation party they were having the following day. We also enjoyed some time on their new back patio, grilled some plant-based burgers (that were delicious by the way), and had some wine.

I enjoyed a very slow start to my Saturday morning. I got to sleep in, have a warm cup of coffee, cuddle with my cats, eat a delicious breakfast, and watch some TV with Jordan. We started watching the new Garth Brooks series on Netflix and it is so good. It had me in tears on multiple occasions during the second episode.

Saturday evening was Jordan’s brother, Luke’s, high school graduation party. We had such a blast getting to celebrate him and spend time with some close friends & family members.

I didn’t take a single photo on Sunday because I honestly just relaxed the entire day, so let’s just skip straight to Monday. I woke up bright & early Monday morning and enjoyed an egg bagel for breakfast before getting a kickstart on my day.

I spent the entire day at home getting tasks and chores done, but I took a break to make some of my favorite pasta salad.

If you haven’t tried this recipe yet, you need to go check it out and give it a shot. It is so easy and delicious!

For dinner, I made some sautéed bell peppers, asparagus, spinach, kale, and Brussel sprouts paired with a side of Basil & Herb Couscous. It was so yummy, warm, and filling. Jordan and I ate this while we checked out another series on Netflix called, “Dark.” The show is originally made in German, but they have English voice overs, which is a little strange to get use to at first, but the show is so interesting and creepy that we can’t stop watching it.

I was finally able to go back to work on Tuesday morning after having to self-quarantine the week before (if you haven’t read last week’s recap click here). I had an hour break between my first two lessons, so I went for a lap around the trails at my favorite, nearby park. It was a very cloudy & humid morning, but it just felt so good to be outside and moving again.

Once I finished coaching I was beyond starving. I stopped in at Chipotle for a quick bite and ordered a bowl with brown rice, black beans, guacamole, sour cream, and shredded cheese. It definitely hit the spot!

Later that evening, Jordan and I attended a trial dance class that Mila was enrolled in. It was so cute to see her in a little practice dance outfit and she did such a great job.

Afterwards, we grabbed some dinner at Craft Grill with our good friend’s, Jarrod & Lauren.

I ordered their amazing Avocado Toast. It never disappoints!

Yesterday started out quite stressful for me with every crazy thing going on in each of our world’s right now, but my spirit got much brighter as I began to organize Mila’s bedroom and realize fully that she would be spending this entire month of July with Jordan and I. I am so incredibly excited for us to spend this time with her and for us to come up with tons for fun things to do together.

Also, I love her little modern princess themed room! Her bedding is from Target & wall decor is from Hobby Lobby. The bed frame was originally mine from Pottery Barn & has become her perfect “big girl” bed that will last for years to come.

Once we got home from picking Mila up, I made the 3 of us some homemade pizzas. Mila enjoyed a personal sized pizza with traditional pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, Italian cheese mix, and a little bit of basil. I made a glorious Alfredo pizza for Jordan and I. It had roasted garlic Alfredo sauce, garlic salt, Basil, mozzarella cheese, Italian cheese mix, and a tiny bit of parmesan sprinkled on top at the end. We all enjoyed our yummy pizzas while we started to watch the new “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” movie before calling it a night.

I’m not going to lie, this past week has been stressful, but there has been so many good things that have also come out of it. I’m trying to stay as positive & optimistic as I possibly can each day, but as we all know, some days are harder than others. I am praying and thinking of all of you out there and I humbly ask you to do the same. I also want to thank each of you for being here with me and reading my blog each week. Writing these posts brings me so much joy and knowing that other people are enjoying them as well makes me even happier.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive. We will all make it through this. ❤️

XOXO, Paige.

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