Another 2 -Week Recap: Pool Time, Father’s Day, & Quarantine 2.0

Hey y’all and happy Wednesday! I am going to be very honest in telling you all that today has not started off as the greatest day, but I’m hoping that writing today’s recap will boost my spirits. I hope each of you have been doing well and staying safe & healthy. These are some crazy times we are living in and it seems like the craziness isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

It has been 2 weeks since my last recap, so buckle up for a long post. Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading!

After I left you guys last recap, I made my way to the pool to enjoy some sunshine, scrumptious fruit, and swimming for a couple of hours.

Afterwards, I got cleaned up for us to go grab some dinner with Mila and our family.

We had so much fun grabbing some dinner at Shogun with Mila, our sisters, and Jordan’s parents & brother. I enjoyed some spicy edamame & miso soup.

The following Thursday, I had a good couple of hours before work to enjoy some breakfast & conquer a bike ride + a quick circuit. The circuit included 3 sets of 15 bicep curls, 3 sets of 40 Russian twists, 3 sets of 20 sit-ups, & some stretching to top it off.

Breakfast included:

2 slices of whole wheat toast, all-natural peanut butter, a tiny bit of Nutella, & a warm cup of coffee.

I met Jordan for lunch at the Annex Crafthouse after I finished up coaching. I tried some of their jackfruit tacos & Brussel sprouts while Jordan had their Buffalo cauliflower Caesar wrap with a side of grilled veggies. I wasn’t the biggest fan of how they seasoned the jackfruit or the Brussel sprouts, but boy does this place know how to make some amazing buffalo cauliflower.

I spent a little bit of the afternoon relaxing by the pool trying to soak up even more vitamin D before dinner time. I love me some pool time during the Summer.

It was Jordan’s younger brother, Luke’s, high school graduation day that Thursday. They were only allowing 4 people per graduate for the ceremony due to the Pandemic, but I was able to enjoy a nice dinner with him & his family at Perry’s beforehand. Jordan & I shared Au gratin potatoes, Brussel sprouts, and some lovely merlot for dinner. Perry’s Brussel sprouts are to die for.

Jordan and I had a great time together on Friday. We went to the mall to browse for the first time in months, checked out a nearby open house, and made some amazing veggie tacos before ending the evening having some drinks & playing cornhole at the pool.

Veggie Tacos:

I sautéed some red bell peppers & yellow onions seasoned in olive oil & taco seasoning while I made my favorite wild long grain rice & black bean mix. We used some H-E-B whole wheat tortillas that were filled with fiber & topped our tacos with some shredded cheese & H-E-B’s amazing guacamole.

I woke up bright & early on Saturday morning to enjoy some breakfast before making my way to the rink for some coaching. I enjoyed 2 whole eggs on a whole wheat bagel & a cup of coffee.

We spent all day Saturday relaxing (watching 13 Reasons Why) & enjoying some pool time with our neighbors. Jordan played some cornhole & I soaked up some sunshine while having a few of my current favorite summer drinks. The new lemonade truly’s are so good. I especially love the mango lemonade & strawberry lemonade flavors. I also tried some Morning Star Plant-Based Buffalo Bites that were so stinking good! They honestly taste just like chicken bites.

One of our neighbors invited us to join him & his friends at Whiskey River for some dancing. I had literally just said to Jordan earlier that day that I would love to go dancing soon, so it was just meant to be. We hadn’t danced together since our wedding & hadn’t really gone “out” anywhere all year due to the pandemic. Needless to say, we had an amazing night making new friends & dancing the night away.

We enjoyed a solid sleep-in on Sunday & I made some homemade pizza + a cup of coffee to eat while we watched the season finale of 13 Reasons Why. That show got to me you guys. I was legit balling during the last episode and carried the thoughts of that show with me for a few days. They truly did such a great job at capturing the audience, making you fall in love with the characters, and brought so much light to some serious issues going on in our world today.

After drying my tears & getting cleaned up, Jordan and I made our way back out to the pool to have some fun with our friends Taylor & Wesley. They brought over their sweet girl, Scarlett, and we had a blast swimming, talking, playing more cornhole, and grilling some yummy dinner.

Jordan & I enjoyed some plant-based burgers topped with yummy veggies & a side of some air fried sweet potato fries. These Beyond Meat “Burgers” are so good and honestly make it to where you don’t miss eating a greasy, beef burger at all.

I wasn’t feeling 100% on Monday dealing with allergies & fun PMS symptoms so I took the day to just chill. I grabbed a chipotle bowl filled with brown rice, black beans, sour cream, shredded cheese, and guacamole & then I enjoyed a warm, candle-lit bath with a glass of Merlot while I watched an episode of Sweet Magnolia’s on Netflix. That show was very cute & fun to watch, but definitely left you with a cliffhanger. Can’t wait for season 2!

For dinner, I made Jordan and I some homemade pizzas. I did one Alfredo pizza & one with traditional pizza sauce. They were both seasoned with garlic salt & Basil and they were absolutely delicious!

Tuesday was not my best day. My PMS symptoms were beyond awful when I was working that morning & I was having the worst cravings throughout the entire day. I haven’t really dealt with any cravings while working on changing my eating habits, but this day they were so bad and I couldn’t fight them. I decided to let myself have what I was craving (which was fried chicken) and ordered the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich Meal from Whataburger. I wasn’t mad at myself at all for deciding to eat something that wasn’t the greatest for me just for that one meal because as I’ve been working on changing my eating habits I’ve also been working on balance with certain foods, but my stomach was not happy with me at all. I crawled into bed pretty early that evening & called it a night.

I spent the morning time on Wednesday working on tidying up the apartment & getting ready for the day before meeting Jordan, my family, and one of my childhood friend’s for lunch at Panera Bread.

My sister and I had a great friend named, Jordan, funnily enough. We spent almost every single day with her from when I was about 6 years old into our teenage years and then we just saw her here and there over time as she was a few years older than me and moving onto adulthood before we did. She has been living in the Middle East with her husband and their sweet baby boy & is now in the US to visit with family & friends. It was so nice getting to catch up with her after such a long time, meet her sweet baby, and introduce her to my husband.

I enjoyed a soup and salad combo at Panera Bread for lunch. I chose their creamy tomato soup & Caesar salad.

For dinner, I made some sautéed bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and kale with a side of roasted garlic couscous. This is one of my favorite meals.

Thursday morning started out rough. Honestly this whole year has been extremely rough, but back to last Thursday. I woke up at 5am to head to the rink for coaching and was welcomed to the day with a nail in my tire… Luckily, I made it to work & was able to get my tire fixed during a break.

Jordan & I grabbed some freebirds for lunch after we dropped his truck off at the shop to get worked on. I enjoyed a burrito with a whole wheat tortilla, cilantro lime rice, black beans, sour cream, and shredded cheese. It was delicious!

We got to spend a couple of hours with our sweet girl later that evening, so we made our way to Jordan’s parents house to spend some time with them & enjoy some cheese pizza together.

Jordan’s truck was still in the shop, so I woke up early Friday morning to take Jordan to work & then made my way to my favorite park for a walk. It was a very hot morning, but it was a much needed walk & time outdoors.

Once Jordan was finished working for the day, we grabbed some lunch at the Annex Crafthouse. I tried their meatless meatball sub & Jordan ordered their buffalo cauliflower Caesar wrap again. The meatball sub with pretty good, but that cauliflower wrap was amazing!!

We picked up Mila on Friday evening to spend the weekend with us. We had such a fun night with her starting off with having dinner at Craft Grill followed by a movie night at the apartment pool. They had a projector & a giant blow-up screen set up for everyone to watch the newest Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

For dinner, Jordan & I each had Craft Grill’s Avocado Toast appetizer & Mila loved their Mac n’ cheese + a side of fruit.

Mila & I enjoyed some much needed girl time while getting some Father’s Day shopping done during the day on Saturday. We had a ton of fun shopping for Daddy & grabbing some grub at Torchy’s Tacos. I enjoyed a potato, egg, and cheese taco & we both split their delicious chips & queso.

Poor Mila started to not feel well at all Saturday afternoon & began to run a fever… We decided to take Mila to a nearby urgent care since her pediatrician isn’t open on the weekend. Mila was diagnosed with a sinus infection, double ear infection, and had to be tested for COVID-19 due to her having a fever… We were so sad to see her not feeling well & were praying that her COVID Test would come back negative.

Father’s Day ended up being much different than planned as we all had to remain in quarantine for the time being. I wanted to make Sunday as special as I possibly could for Jordan so I made him one of his favorite meals for breakfast. I made him 2 slices of whole wheat toast with an avocado spread & scrambled eggs. He loved it! I also made myself an egg bagel (surprise, surprise) & some whole wheat Nutella toast for Mila.

We all relaxed & enjoyed breakfast together while we watched “Iron Man 3.”

We took a break from movie time & had Daddy open his gifts. Mila was SO excited to show him everything & also very proud of her Father’s Day card that she wrote in all by herself.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, FaceTiming both of our families, and soaking up the rest of our time with Mila before we had to say “goodbye for now.” Once Jordan and I got home from dropping Mila off, we enjoyed some veggie tacos & some drinks while we played some video games together.

It was definitely a different type of Father’s Day, but we still enjoyed our day, I tried my best to make it special for Jordan, and we were able to see our Dad’s even if it was through a phone screen. This whole year has been so different. I feel like I need to accept that this is going to be the new normal for awhile.

Neither Jordan or I could go in to work until we received negative results for Mila’s test so it was quarantine 2.0 at the Muse household. I started off Monday morning making Jordan & I both some breakfast and worked on getting some tasks and cleaning done around the apartment.

For lunch I enjoyed my easy pasta salad recipe & for dinner Jordan and I split another homemade pizza and some wine. We stayed up pretty late playing some video games & watching “The Curse of la Llarona” together. That movie was pretty terrifying by the way..

Tuesday was another day at home. Jordan did a little bit of work from home while I got in a bunch of reading then we both got quite a bit of cleaning done. We also got in an afternoon walk around the apartment complex with Huk. It was nice to get out of the apartment evening just for a little bit. Throughout the day we watched “A Star is Born,” which made me cry even harder the second time, “Invincible,” and some “Hannibal” on Netflix before bed.

Today started out extremely rough.. I woke up around 8am to see that our poor dog had gotten sick in his cage, so Jordan and I spent the first 2 hours of our morning cleaning the mess & giving him a bath. If someone was recording us this morning, it probably would have brought many people a good laugh, but for us it was a rough start. I threw on some dry clothes after getting soaked by a water hose & made my way to H-E-B for a curbside pick-up of groceries. Once Jordan & I finally were able to sit down and enjoy some breakfast, he received the call stating that Mila’s COVID-19 Test was negative. We finally got some good news and we were so excited to call and let Mila know. Mila is still not 100% better, but is resting & staying at home for the time being.

Now that this morning is over, we don’t have to worry about if Mila has the virus or not, and I’ve gotten this recap post finished, I am going to enjoy this cup of coffee in peace before anything else comes my way lol.

I want to thank anyone who has made it this far along on today’s very long, 2-week recap. You’re a trooper! I hope each of you have an amazing rest of your week/weekend & I want to wish all of the Dad’s, bonus Dad’s, grandfather’s, etc. a very happy belated Father’s Day!

XOXO, Paige.

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