Another Blissful Week: Healthy Eats, Pool Time, & Weekend Fun!


Good morning y’all & happy Wednesday! I hope each of you had an amazing weekend/first half of your week. I am so excited to be back & share what all I’ve been up to.

Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading this week’s recap!

After I left you guys on Wednesday, I got in some exercise while in the pool. I haven’t swam laps in a couple of years & I forgot how great of a workout it is. Plus, it was nice to be working out while outside & not be soaked in sweat.

I threw together a yummy dinner for Jordan & I to enjoy that evening. I filled our plates mostly with veggies by making roasted Brussel sprouts, mixing together an Italian salad, and warming up leftover zucchini, squash, onions, & the rice/quinoa/bean mix from a couple of nights before.

I woke up bright & early on Thursday morning to meal prep Jordan’s breakfast & lunch for the day & also make myself my go-to egg bagel.

I completely forgot to snap a photo of the avocado toast topped with scrambled eggs & a side of sliced tomatoes that I made for Jordan’s breakfast, but I did get a picture of the pizza I made him to eat for lunch. I used a Boboli mini crust & topped it with a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil, garlic salt, traditional pizza sauce, minced garlic, sliced tomatoes, Italian mix & mozzarella cheeses, & basil. It smelled so incredible, so I knew for sure what I’d be making myself for lunch later that day. 🍕

Once my breakfast was settled, I got ready for a quick bike ride around the apartment complex!

Bike ride complete, snack was packed, then I made my way to the pool!! I enjoyed soaking up some more vitamin D, conquered some tasks, enjoyed some scrumptious fruit, and also got some more movement in!

I told y’all I knew what I was eating for lunch lol! I was starving after my swim so once I got back to the apartment I whipped together a half Alfredo/half traditional pizza sauce pizza. I used all of the same seasonings that I used on Jordan’s that morning, but left out the tomatoes.

Jordan & I got to spend a couple of hours with our sweet Mila later that evening & had some fun with her at Jordan’s parents house. After we said out goodbye’s, we made our way to Shogun for a late night, veggie filled dinner. We both ordered the veggie platter with a side of fried rice & it also came with a starter of miso soup & ginger salad. I couldn’t eat everything, but it tasted so darn good.

I spent most of Friday morning/afternoon working on getting some chores done around the apartment. I whipped together a delicious lunch when Jordan got home (that I honestly need to make again soon). I sautéed some Brussel sprouts, red bell peppers, and spinach/kale mix in olive oil, salt, pepper, Tajin, and tiny bit of balsamic vinegar + I made a side of roasted garlic couscous. It was amazing & hardly took any time to make!

Jordan & I picked up Mila for another fun-filled weekend with us and headed home to meet my sister for a pool night together. I made some Caesar salad & spaghetti for everyone and we made our way to the pool for a fun night of swimming, chatting, and watching Mila’s back-flips.

Saturday was another super fun day! I had to work a little bit early in the morning & then we made our way to the pool after having some breakfast. Mila had a blast playing with her friends.

Later that evening we made our way to our friends, Taylor & Wesley’s, house for their first crawfish boil. We had a great time getting to see our friends & visit with people I hadn’t seen in a very long time. They also had a little pop-up pool & slide for the kids, so Mila had a blast as well!

I didn’t take a single photo on Sunday… I just realized I did a horrible job of capturing this past weekend, but we had a great time, so maybe that’s why. Sometimes it’s nice to just fully embrace what you’re doing & not worry so much about taking a picture of it.

We had a very relaxing & enjoyable Sunday. We started the morning off slow and enjoyed a nice breakfast together. There was an open house nearby so Mila, Jordan, and I went to check it out just to see what our options could possibly be in the future & it was so much fun. Mila loved looking around & picking out what “could be” her bedroom if we moved there & it just reminded me of being a kid and loving that experience with my parents too.

We spent the rest of our Sunday at the pool again (we’ll probably be there every weekend as long as the weather is nice) until we had to say our “goodbye’s for now” to Mila that evening.

I woke up early Monday morning to have some breakfast before conquering a bunch of chores & tasks throughout the day. We had maintenance coming to fix something in our master bathroom, so I decided to take the opportunity to deep clean the bathroom before they got there.

In between all of the cleaning & projects, I whipped together some pasta salad for lunch. I was unfortunately fresh out of veggies so it was super simple with just rotini noodles, feta cheese, and Italian dressing.

I had every intention on cooking dinner Monday night, but after a very crazy & somewhat mentally draining day, Jordan & I decided to order Craft Grill to-go. We both enjoyed their avocado toast that I raved about so much last week. I want to try making this meal myself!

I woke up bright & early before coaching on Tuesday morning to enjoy some peanut butter and Nutella toast on whole wheat + a cup of coffee. I love being able to sit & have breakfast before getting ready for work even if it’s for a short amount of time.

I had the longest work day that I have had in a long time & was feeling pretty tired, had some foot/ankle pain from my skates, and was starving. I grabbed a bowl from chipotle for lunch that had brown rice, black beans, sour cream, guacamole, and shredded cheese. It was delicious & definitely hit the spot!

After another crazy day of getting things done, I stopped by Whole Foods to see what options they had for dinner. That store is awesome. I’m always blown away by all of the neat things they have to offer. I grabbed a bottle of ménage a Trois & a Spanish nut mixture to snack on while I prepped & cooked dinner.

I tried something new by making some plant-based burgers for dinner. I was honestly so nervous about how they would turn out, but both Jordan and I were very pleasantly surprised. Jordan even asked me for another one.

I used Beyond Meat’s plant-based patties & seasoned them with Worcestershire, garlic salt, and Tony’s seasoning before cooking them on the skillet on medium heat. I cooked each side for about 5-6 minutes and then added some 365 hormone free, organic Colby jack cheese. I wanted to try out the 365 vegan cheese, but they were all out at Whole Foods (maybe next time). I also toasted some brioche buns for the burgers & made a side of sweet potato fries in the air fryer. I seasoned the fries with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. It was a delicious meal that I will definitely be making again. I’m excited to give it a try with vegan cheese and also some sliced veggies to top it with to add a little crunch. I’ve also gotten a bunch of recommendations to try out another brand called “Impossible Meats,” so once I find that, I’ll give it a try as well. I’m really trying to fill our meals mostly with unprocessed vegetables, but it will be nice to try some meat alternatives every once in awhile!

I’ve been very curious about trying out some jackfruit recipes, so if any of you have any recommendations on that, please leave me a comment below. 😊

I have had a nice & slow start to this morning by enjoying a cup of coffee on the patio while writing today’s recap. I have the whole day ahead of me and I’m excited to enjoy it while also getting some things done on the to-do list.

I hope that each of you enjoyed this week’s recap & have a wonderful rest of your week. I can’t wait to be back to write again.

XOXO, Paige.

Questions for y’all:

1. How are things currently going in the state you live in?

2. Do you have any recommendations for meat & cheese alternatives?

3. What are some of your favorite things to do on the weekend’s?

One Comment Add yours

  1. Lindsay says:

    Minnesota still has many restrictions for reason I still don’t completely understand. I mean people were protesting/rioting/looting all within six feet of each other for two weeks but we can’t go out peacefully to sit at the pool (because they aren’t going to open for the summer). We are able to go back to the malls (with restricted capacity), out to dinner (in restaurants), and to the gyms (finally after three months).
    I would definitely recommend that you try the morning star farms veggie burgers they are delicious. I would probably say that unless you are a big fan of strange textures I would stay away from jackfruit. Also note that jackfruit is very low in protein and most folks (myself included) have mentioned that they are still hungry after using jackfruit as a meat alternative.
    I will be going to the mall this weekend for the first time in 3 months. I can’t wait. I am also looking forward to grocery shopping, cleaning, and relaxing (boring but just my style).
    How do you feel about the rules / reopening guidelines in your state??


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