2 Week Recap: Life Slowly Going Back to Normal & Memorial Day Weekend!

Hey y’all & happy Wednesday! I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning and I’m in the greatest mood, which is one of the best feelings! I want to thank each of you for your patience as I ended up skipping last weeks recap, but I just needed some time to adjust to some changes going on last week. I am so excited to be with you all today to share what I’ve been up to the last 2 weeks.

Now go grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) & get to reading!

After I left you guys last recap, I got ready to head to Perry’s Steakhouse with Jordan & his family for dinner. Our original plans for Jordan’s mother, ShaRon’s, Mother’s Day were cancelled due to the weather, so we had a nice dinner planned for that following Wednesday. We all enjoyed some delicious food & fun conversation. Jordan & I split the classic pork chop, lobster mac n’ cheese, and some amazing Brussel sprouts.

Thursday was another day filled with tackling projects & getting some cleaning done. I started my morning off right with an egg bagel & a cup of coffee!

Later that afternoon, I met my sister, Bailey, for some yummy lunch at El Tiempo. It had been such a long time since I had been there last, so it was so nice being back & getting to catch up on some girl time with my little sis! I enjoyed some Ranchera Quesadillas that were awesome!

Jordan & I shared some time with our sweet Mila that same evening. She always loves jamming to her playlist in our car rides together.

We picked Mila up on Friday evening for a very fun-filled weekend. We started the weekend off by going to my grandparents house for an “Easter Re-Do.” Since our original Easter plans didn’t pan out due to the Pandemic, we decided to postpone them until it was safe for all of the family to see each other again. We had a blast getting to see my immediate family, aunts, uncles, cousins, and my grandparents. It was a great night filled with visiting, playing games, painting eggs, and helping the little one’s with an egg hunt.

Delicious Chipotle Enchilada.

Jordan, Mila, and I spent most of Saturday hanging out at home because Mila wanted a chill day. She spent time playing fortnite with her Daddy & had the greatest time. Later that evening, we met up with Jordan’s sister, Brittany, for some dinner at a new Tex-Mex place nearby. We all had some delicious enchiladas & a blast having fun at dinner. We continued the fun at our apartment afterwards by making Tik Tok’s & watching funny videos.

We spent some time at Jordan’s aunt & uncle’s house on Sunday afternoon. Mila has the greatest time running around playing with her cousins & getting to ride her cousin, Lauren’s, horse. She was in full on cowgirl spirit that day.

I met with my friend, Lauren, and sister, Bailey, for lunch on Monday at Torchy’s Tacos. I enjoyed 2 bacon, egg, and cheese tacos with poblano sauce & a margarita. Jordan ended up stopping by as well to enjoy some lunch with the girls. We spent hours having the greatest time laughing, talking, and eating yummy food.

I spent the rest of Monday trying to get as many things done as I possibly could because I was going back to work the following day.

I woke up early Tuesday morning before my first skating lesson in 2 months. I was so incredibly nervous going back and just wondering how different everything would be. I made myself some breakfast & tried to relax before making my way to the rink.

Being back at the rink was certainly strange on the first day. It was odd not being able to give my students a hug after being apart for so long, not being able to give them high fives when they did a good job, not being able to get on the ice to skate around with them, and seeing all of the people I’ve spent most of my life with working/skating in masks. It was all very strange, but it was also very nice to be back & see everyone. This is the new reality for the time being at least & though it is an adjustment for us all, I’m proud to be coaching at a rink that takes these precautions to ensure everyone stays as safe & healthy as possible.

I met Jordan at El Tiempo for lunch once I finished working. It was nice being able to relax with him and tell him how my first day back went. I enjoyed some more Ranchera Quesadillas & a house margarita!

I spent the rest of Tuesday running some errands, getting some house work done, and tackling some projects until Jordan arrived home. We had another fun at-home date night out on the patio. We played a game of Phase 10 while our dinner was cooking on the Traeger.

We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner of H-E-B’s Southwest Chipotle Chicken, jalapeño poppers, macaroni & cheese, and some chili beans.

I woke up bright & early on Wednesday morning to make Jordan & I some scrumptious green smoothies for breakfast. I made my favorite green smoothie recipe, which includes: 1 cup of coconut water, 3 handfuls of baby spinach/kale mix, 6-8 strawberries, 1 whole banana, 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds, 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter, and 1-2 cups of ice.

This smoothie mixture has been my go-to for a long time & it is so delicious. One of my personal tips is to wait to add the PB until everything else is blended. It gives the smoothie a creamy consistency.

I spent most of my Wednesday tackling more tasks at home & enjoyed a turkey sandwich for lunch.

Last Wednesday felt like such a long day filled with so many things to get done. Jordan and I ended up eating leftovers for dinner & I got into bed pretty early to work on even more tasks & to get some reading in.

I didn’t take a single photo on Thursday… I went to the rink to coach for a couple of hours that morning, conquered more tasks at home, and enjoyed a fun couple of hours with Mila that evening. It was just one of those days filled with lots running around.

I hardly got any photos on Friday either, but it was a pretty fun day! I spent the morning time working on tasks at home. Jordan gets off work early in the day on Friday’s, so I made us each some tuna fish sandwiches that we enjoyed while relaxing at home.

Later that afternoon, I got dolled up for a date night with Jordan. We browsed some shops together & then made our way to El Tiempo for dinner. Can you tell we missed that place? Lol! I enjoyed some quesadillas as usual while Jordan enjoyed beef fajitas. We had a fun night talking & dreaming about the future together.

I was so excited to see my new Billie razor arrive on Friday night. I haven’t been happy with any of the razors that I’ve used over the years & had heard so many good things about the Billie brand, so I decided to give them a try. So far I have been very happy with the Billie razor. The starter pack was just a little over $10 with taxes & shipping included and it comes with the razor (color of your choice. I went with the Dream Pop color), a magnetic razor holder for the shower, and 2 razor heads. I can honestly say that I’ve never had a smoother shave & it definitely makes your shave last longer that your typical drugstore razor. I will keep you all updated if my thoughts change on this product, but so far it gets an A+ from me. 😊

Jordan & I had an absolute blast on Saturday! We spent the morning being super lazy by simply relaxing at home together before getting ready for a fun evening out. Our first stop was at Home Depot to grab some paint for an upcoming project & then we made our way to Downtown Tomball. We ate some amazing dinner with Jordan’s Dad & enjoyed some yummy drink specials at Fire Ant Brewing Company. I ordered their Sweet Tea Fried Chicken Sandwich, which was a fried chicken sandwich with icebox pickles, arugula, and a honey hot sauce + a side of fries. Jordan ordered a Pimento Cheese Burger that had jalapeños, a jalapeño pimento cheese, caramelized onions, and icebox pickles + a side of salt & vinegar potatoes. Fire Ant Brewing Company is a great place to check out if you ever find yourself in Downtown Tomball!

After finishing dinner, we walked over to another place in Downtown Tomball called, The Empty Glass. We had a few of our friends meet us there for some drinks & live music. We all ended the night by stopping by my parents block party where they were all hanging out with their neighbors singing karaoke in the middle of their cul-de-sac. It was seriously such a fun night!

The weather was insane on Sunday. It was pouring with crazy wind & there were several tornado & flood warnings, but we didn’t let it damper our plans for that day. Jordan had a hair appointment that afternoon that he was so excited about & then we made our way to my grandparents house for their Memorial Day get-together. It was originally planned to be a pool party with the family, but since we had crazy weather, it ended up being a fun night full of card games. We had the greatest time playing games with my family and our friends, Jarrod & Lauren.

My sweet husband got this awesome old-fashioned Schwinn Cruiser for me & we spent our entire Monday fixing it up. We first had new tubes installed & then made our way to Jordan’s parents garage to take the bike apart for a paint job. We purchased some Light Turquoise colored spray paint with an enamel finish from Home Depot that ended up looking beautiful on the bike. I was so excited to see it all finished & felt so grateful that Jordan wanted to spend the last day of his weekend working on this for me.

I woke up bright & early Tuesday morning, so I made myself an egg bagel & coffee for breakfast before heading to work.

I enjoyed a nice 2 mile walk on the trails after I finished working. It was a pretty hot & sunny morning, but it felt amazing to be back outdoors and to enjoy nature.

I had been craving Chipotle for weeks, so I decided to grab a bowl before making my way to the grocery store. This bowl had brown rice, black beans, steak, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole.

I stopped by the grocery store afterwards to grab a bunch of nutritious goodies. Jordan & I were running very low on food & had been trying to eat the rest of the things we purchased during quarantine before restocking our fridge & pantry. I get all excited seeing so many delicious looking fruits & veggies and I’m super excited to try out some new, healthy recipes.

I enjoyed my first ride on my new bike later in the evening. I wanted to go for a quick ride before cooking dinner. It felt amazing & it was nice listening to some classical music while enjoying some sunshine, leg burn, and a breeze. I can already tell I’m going to fall in love with cycling.

After my bike ride, I got cleaned up & made one of our favorite recipes for dinner. This Southwest Ancho Tilapia recipe with a long grain & wild rice/black bean mix is to die for & we hadn’t been able to enjoy it in such a long time because the grocery stores were out of stock on the vital seasoning I use…until now. I will be sharing this recipe with you all very soon!

I woke up early this morning to put together our breakfasts & prep lunches for the day. I made some peanut butter toast for breakfast + added a little bit of Nutella to one of my slices and made some whole wheat rotini noodles & sautéed baby spinach/kale mix for my favorite pasta salad recipe. I nixed the chicken in the pasta salad recipe for today, so it will just include noodles, spinach/kale, feta cheese, and Italian dressing. I might try to mix it up next time and add some sautéed bell peppers as well. 😋 I love it when I have extra time in the mornings to be able to make Jordan breakfast to enjoy with me and healthy lunches/snacks for him to be able to take with him to work.

I want to take a moment to thank each of you for taking time out of your day to read my posts. I also want to thank each and every one of you who has served our great country. Your sacrifice will never go unnoticed & will never be forgotten.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s recap & have a great rest of your week.

XOXO, Paige.

Questions for y’all:

1. What are your favorite nutrient dense recipes?

2. How has it felt adapting to this new type of normal?

3. What have been your favorite things to do throughout this pandemic?

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  1. Nanna says:

    Love you and love that y’all are so happy and precious together!!! Your blogs are always so entertaining and full of interesting things/facts. We are so very proud of you ALWAYS!!!

    💕Nanna & Pawpaw

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