COVID-19 Part 7: Little Adventures, More Yummy Food, and Day-To-Day Life!


Hey y’all & happy Friday! I hope each of you have had a very joyous week that can continue into this beautiful Mother’s Day weekend. Shout-out to all the Momma’s out there! I have had somewhat of a trying week with more off days than positive one’s, but I got off on a much better foot yesterday morning by forcing myself to be more productive. I feel like it has been a mixture of things still feeling uneasy as they are slowly going back to what we all view as “normal,” yet they still really aren’t normal (for me at least). I’m also highly stressed out about these so-called Murder Hornets. I saw quite a few posts circulating the internet and decided to give it a google, but boy do I wish I hadn’t… I’m terrified of bees and wasps as many of you know, so the thought of even seeing one of those hornets in person freaks me out. That may have made you all laugh, but I’m dead serious. All of this craziness has put me into a funk and we all know how fun those can be to get out of.

Alright off to some more positive topics. Grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading!

After I left you guys last Wednesday, I made my way to my parents house for my Dad’s birthday. We had a fun day by the pool followed by eating some delicious fajitas & homemade Oreo cake that my Mom made and also playing some Phase 10.

Thursday was a day full of working on projects, cleaning up the apartment, & getting ready for our weekend endeavors. We were able to spend a couple of hours with miss Mila in the evening & then picked up some Chick Fil-a for dinner. I had one of their chicken sandwiches with waffle fries and their delicious honey roasted BBQ sauce on the side.

Friday was another mundane day filled with more projects, cleaning, and preparing for the weekend, but we had a fun evening planned. I was also so excited to have a spotless kitchen & living room. After we picked Mila up for her weekend with us, we made our way to a pizza place called Locatelli’s. They were having a re-opening night COVID-19 style. They had live music, outdoor spread-out seating, and delicious food of course. We had a great time with our close friends & family. I enjoyed a Three Cheese Chicken Pesto Pizza that was scrumptious.

We loaded up the truck Saturday morning & made our way to Schulenburg, TX to spend the weekend with Jordan’s grandparents. We hadn’t seen them since Christmas & had spent almost everyday over the past 2 months at home, so it was a nice treat to see them and get away for a couple days.

We had the greatest time spending the day together playing corn-hole, socializing, and making yummy food! Jordan grilled some more bomb steaks while ShaRon made some delicious sides of Mac n Cheese, twice baked potatoes, and pea salad. To top all of that off, Jordan’s grandmother made a berry cobbler, which tasted amazing!

On Sunday we relaxed in the morning time spending our last few hours in Schulenburg before packing everything up and heading back to Houston. Once we arrived home we said our goodbye’s for now to Mila and spent the evening relaxing.

Monday was Jordan’s last day before returning to work. He had been furloughed since the beginning of April. While we both felt extremely blessed that he had a job to go back to, I was also a little sad that our extra quality time was coming to an end. Being able to enjoy a slow-paced life together over the last 2 months without too much additional stress has been amazing & I am beyond grateful that I was able to share this time with him and our families.

We decided to try and soak up as much time together as we could on Monday & it all started with some coffee & leftover cream cheese German Kolaches. If you ever find yourself in Schulenburg, you’ve got to try one!

Monday also happened to be May 4th, so naturally we watched “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” That movie is so stinking good!!

We decided to get dressed up (put actual clothes on) to go take a look at bicycles and have dinner. We were disappointed to see all of the bikes had currently sold out at Academy, but enjoyed some browsing before making our way to our favorite local spot, Craft Grill. Craft had began opening their restaurant at a 25% capacity, as well as most of the restaurants in Texas, so we decided to give it a try. It was nice how spaced out they had all of the tables and how clean they kept everything. It made us both feel very comfortable with everything going on. We enjoyed some yummy food & drinks before calling it a night.

I woke up & made myself an egg bagel on Tuesday morning before tackling some more tasks at home.

Jordan & I had some fun plans with our friends to celebrate Cinco De Mayo on Tuesday evening. We got together with our close friends, Jarrod & Lauren, and our sisters, Bailey & Brittany, for some Pappasito’s fajitas & margaritas and some card games. We had the greatest time laughing our heads off while we played truth or drink (which was filled with a tons of truths as some of us had to work the next day) and ended the night with Phase 10. I swear we laughed so hard that my jaw was actually hurting from smiling so much lol. It was such a great night.

I started off Wednesday morning with an egg sandwich. I made 2 whole eggs & 1 egg white to go on whole wheat bread & some plant-based butter. Oh and a cup of coffee of course.

Wednesday was filled with food & at home tasks. I was in such a funk on Wednesday that I could not get out of for awhile. I whipped together some nachos for lunch using leftover fajita beef from the night prior, tortilla chips, shredded Mexican blend cheese, and low-sodium black beans. They were freaking delicious. Not nutritious, I know, but delicious for sure!

I was so excited to see my husband once he got home from work. I made us some Garlic-Lemon Shrimp & Roasted Garlic Couscous to enjoy for dinner and we both loved it. We watched “Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story” on Netflix, which was super good! Afterwards, I did a little bit of reading before calling it a night, but before I fell asleep, I made the decision to make the next day a much better one for myself.

I decided to start my Thursday morning off with a nice outdoor walk. I explored the area where we live walking on the sidewalks around nearby parks, schools, neighborhoods, and grocery stores. It wasn’t the typical trail walk I usually enjoy, but it was nice to get some fresh I air, enjoy the scenery, and dream of having a house nearby one day.

Once my walk had ended, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some necessities before making myself some breakfast. I enjoyed yet another egg bagel & coffee before tackling some more tasks.

I had quite a productive & positive feeling day, so I was feeling really good! I made myself a sandwich on whole wheat bread with honey roasted turkey, white American cheese, mayo, and mustard and a side of carrots for lunch. It was so good & refreshing.

I was very excited for Jordan & I to get miss Mila for a couple of hours on Thursday evening. We had fun plans to take her to the Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve. It was a very nice evening with cloudy skies & a good breeze. We enjoyed a nice 2 mile walk while Mila rode her Frozen bicycle around the trails.

Jordan & I picked up some Olive Garden to-go for dinner on our way back home. I enjoyed their Lasagna Fritta appetizer with a breadstick & some of their Italian salad. It was delicious!

So far today has been filled with relaxation, accomplished tasks, and another yummy turkey sandwich. Jordan and I also had a blast picking out Mother’s Day gifts & checking out a local pawn shop this afternoon. We have some fun plans for the weekend that I’ll be excited to share with y’all next recap!

I hope you all have an incredible weekend. Stay safe & healthy!

XOXO, Paige.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Yay for life returning to some normalcy for your family! I must ask … what does Jordan do for a living? I know a number of people lost their jobs due to COVID but I know a lot didn’t get furloughed so it must be nice to have a job to go back to. In MN a lot of businesses are reopening but we are still under Shelter at Home orders so its a strange world we’re in. I work for a large bank in their Business Continuity Dept so my job is very much secure and actually busier than ever … eek! So ready for the economy to fully reopen!


    1. Paige says:

      It is certainly an odd feeling with some things going back to normal while others still are not and to also see that each state (& city even) is taking the re-opening process in different ways, but that is good as some places were effected differently than others. I’m sorry to hear so many people from your state have completely lost their jobs… My husband works for an HVAC company and we are very grateful that he was able to return.


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