Quarantining Continued: Family Time, Self-Love, & Worry.


Hey y’all and happy Thursday! I’m sorry for being a day late in posting my weekly recap. This past week has been an interesting one for sure filled with more uncertainty & strange times. I’m trying my best to remain as positive as possible, but I can feel my mood change throughout the day from happy/optimistic to a little fearful/worried about what’s going to happen next. I’m sure most of you are feeling some of those same things and struggling with the uncertainty, so I that hope today’s blog can give your mind a little break from the craziness & maybe even give you some quarantine activity ideas! Now grab your coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and enjoy!

After wrapping up last Wednesday’s recap, I got to cleaning & whipped together some deviled eggs to snack on. I made my deviled eggs with egg yolk, mayo, mustard, and Tony’s seasoning. They were delicious & the Tony’s seasoning gives them a good kick!

I then went for a 1.45 mile walk followed by some stretching with my cat, Minerva.

I had gotten into this super bleh mood before I forced myself to go for a walk and just couldn’t get out of it. It really was bothering me because I was so positive earlier that morning. I decided to force myself to get moving and then write down a list of mini goals for myself to accomplish throughout the week and it really helped get my mindset in a better spot!

Jordan & I decided to do an at-home date night on Wednesday night and it was so much fun!! I put on an actual outfit and did my makeup & hair. We sat outside to grill steaks for dinner and then we played Rummikub by the fire after we ate. It was a nice, chilly night which made it perfect for an evening by the fire.

We had a pretty relaxing Thursday with Jordan working from home while I cleaned up and maintained the daily home chores. We were both so excited to get to see our sweet Mila on Thursday evening. It had been over a week since we had seen her last, which was way too long!!! Once we picked her up, we made our way to Jordan’s parents house to enjoy a golf cart around the neighborhood before it began to rain. Mila also enjoyed playing a few, fun games of Perfection with her family before we had to say “goodbye for now.”

On our way home, Jordan and I decided to grab some takeout from Olive Garden for dinner. Jordan enjoyed the Shrimp & Chicken Carbonara and I had the Lasagna Fritta appetizer with a glass of Cabernet. It was delicious.

I didn’t get a single photo on Friday.. We were starving once we picked Mila up for her weekend with us, so we stopped by Craft Grill to grab some dinner to-go! Once we arrived home we all scarfed our dinner & watched “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” together before bed. I also began reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone to Mila that evening, which was such an awesome experience. Reading the Harry Potter books to my children has been a dream of mine and I was so happy to share that moment with Mila before bed each day she was with us and hearing her tell me how much she loved it.

Saturday morning I had to make a couple grocery store stops for an amazing meal Jordan was making for my family, Mila, and I to enjoy! Trader Joe’s had these cute markers all the way down the sidewalk while you stood in line to keep everyone at least 6 feet apart. The markers started off in tie dye print and then once you inched closer they had little notes to let you know that you’re almost there. It made the strange experience of having to stay so far from each other a little more comfortable & enjoyable.

Jordan killed it on the grill again by making some delicious ribs & jalapeño boudin. I also whipped together some country style beans & mac n cheese together for the sides + some delicious H-E-B mustard potato salad! My parents & siblings came over late Saturday afternoon to enjoy this meal with us and spend some family time together. We had a blast filling our bellies & watching funny videos on the tv. Mila and my younger brother, Hudson, also had the greatest time playing with slime, Mila’s Barbie dream house, Candy Land, and Perfection. Once everyone left, I laid down with Mila to read her the rest of the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. All of her questions about the book were so cute.

Sunday morning, I made some breakfast for the three of us to eat while we watched “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” together. I am so happy with how great these newer movies have turned out, how great they casted the roles, and what is yet to come in the future Wizarding films.

We were sad to say goodbye to Mila later that day, but we can’t wait to spend a little bit of time with her this evening.

Once Jordan and I got back home, I whipped together an easy taco dinner!! I love using the Taco Bell seasoning & sauce with ground beef & sprinkling some shredded cheese on my taco. Jordan is a little bit more adventurous with the pico lol. I also enjoyed a glass of Gloria’s Margarita Wine Cocktail. It was all so yummy!!

We ended up staying up until about 3am watching a few episodes of Ozark & playing two rounds of Phase 10. If y’all haven’t played this card game yet, you need to give it a try! It is so much fun.

Monday morning, I made myself my favorite breakfast. A whole wheat bagel with 2 whole eggs, 1 egg white, and Melt plant-based butter. I’ve always got to have my cup of coffee as well. ❤️

Monday evening, we made our way to our good friends, Lauren & Jarrod’s, new house to get a tour, eat a yummy dinner, and play more Phase 10. We had the best time and are so happy for them being able to move into their new, beautiful home!

I had an incredible start to my Tuesday morning. After enjoying a cup of coffee, I made my way to my favorite park to enjoy a nice walk. It felt like I hadn’t been there in so long & I had truly missed it. I missed it so much that I walked the entire trail twice!

During my walk I listened to one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to by the Awesome with Allison Show featuring Lexi Kite from Beauty Redefined. This episode was nothing less of awesome. It was centered around how to break the cycle of beating yourself up for your flaws & getting past having a shattered body image. For those of you following me for awhile now, you will know that I have struggled with a shattered body image for a long time. I remember it all beginning when I was about 11 years old and growing so much deeper since then. For the first time in almost 14 years I felt like I found hope to curing the relationship I have with my self image & self confidence. I left that episode with tools to learn how to love myself fully again and the courage to be able to share my full story one day with you all. This is something I want to work on for me, for my husband, for Mila & our future children, my friends, and also for my skaters. I want to be the best example I can be to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

If self confidence, self-love, and/or a shattered body image is something you also struggle with, I encourage you to give this podcast a listen. It will really open your eyes to what you are missing out on in life. Plus when would it be a better a time to self-reflect & work on yourself than right now?

Once my walk was complete, I got cleaned up and made my way back to Lauren’s house to enjoy a girl’s brunch. We had so much fun the night before that we wanted to keep it going. We ate Whataburger taquitos, enjoyed a mimosa, and watched “Murder Mystery.”

Tuesday evening, Jordan and I ate some leftovers for dinner & finished the latest season of Ozark. Boy was the season finale good! I don’t want to spoil anything, but I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!

Wednesday was a rough day for me. I was struggling with stress & worry with all of the uncertainty going on in all of our lives. I spent most of the day resting, trying to work out temporary unemployment benefits, and working on this blog post. The world is in a scary state and I let that get to me yesterday, which made it hard for me to write this post, so I decided to wait until I felt ready. By Wednesday evening I began feeling a little better & enjoyed a nice home-cooked dinner with my husband. We also ended the night watching a funny movie, which had us both laughing before we started a new day.

Today has definitely started off on a better foot. I’ve been a little tired, but have felt way more positive. Everything is going to work itself out and all I need to do right now is stay strong & lean on God. I’m so blessed to have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, toilet paper, an incredible & loving husband, great family & friends, and a platform to share my thoughts & trials with. I’m sure many of you are also struggling and I know there are so many in way worse situations, but I truly believe we will all get through this together. I know I keep saying that and probably sound like a broken record, but it’s true and I believe we all need to keep saying and hearing it.

I love you all and my thoughts & prayers are with everyone going through this. You are all my brothers & sisters through Christ and I want to support everyone as best as I can through these trying times.

I promise to be back very soon. Have a happy Thursday & wonderful weekend.

XOXO, Paige.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for sharing Paige. Based on your update I have to ask if your state has stay at home orders because it doesn’t sound like it. I am not trying to place judgement (because it’s not my place) but it seems like you are having a lot of get together’s, hanging with friends, etc. and while I would love to do that the recommendations are that if you don’t live with the people in your home you shouldn’t be “hanging” out with them. For me that has meant pretty much 3 weeks of isolation because I live alone and don’t have any family near by AND I also don’t want to give the government any more reasons to extend the stay at home order any longer than it already has been. So while I know it sucks to stay at home PLEASE do it for those of us that NEED to be able to get out of our homes to see our friends and to hang out in public places again for our sanity!


    1. Paige says:

      Hi Lindsay,

      I completely understand your concerns & agree that people should be taking extra precautions at this time. In the state of Texas it is recommended to not practice strict isolation (unless sick), but to practice social distancing and not to gather in groups of 10 or more people. My husband & I have been extremely careful with who we interact with and where we go (i. e. Staying home, going to grocery stores when needed, getting take-out, and visiting local parks that remain open to continue our physical health at a social distance) since the second week of March, which makes this week 4 for us. I pray that this all comes to an end soon so that people can visit their loved ones with ease yet again.


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