Enjoying Life During a Pandemic

Hey y’all, happy Wednesday & happy April 1st! I can’t believe it’s already April! I hope you all have been doing well & staying safe this past week. It’s crazy to think that we are entering week 3 of this quarantine. It feels so long ago that going out to eat or just doing regular day to day activities seemed “normal.” I have been trying really hard this past week to create some new normals and have hope to get some small daily routines going.

It can be really hard to go from working or hustling non-stop to doing absolutely nothing and not wanting to just chill out and watch TV, play video games, or scroll through social media, but eventually we need to find some things we can do at home to occupy our time and bring us joy. I’m excited to share a few small things that have learned and some activities that have brought me joy in today’s recap. I hope you can all take a few minutes to take your minds off of the worry & stress in the world to just enjoy. Now grab you coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and get to reading!

A little while after I wrapped up last week’s recap, Jordan and I headed out for a little walk together. It was a beautiful day with clear skies & sunshine. The walk only lasted about 10 minutes because Jordan began to feel very bad. He was having a really hard time with his energy & being able to breath easily, so we headed back to our apartment for him to get some rest.

I didn’t document much of Wednesday because it wasn’t very entertaining. We had leftovers for dinner that evening and continued watching season 2 of “Narcos: Mexico.”

I spent most of Thursday relaxing as well. I decided to mix things up and actually do my hair & make-up for my date on the couch lol.

Jordan began feeling a lot better on Thursday. His energy still wasn’t great, but his breathing issues were tremendously improving & his chest pain also lessened.

We usually spend a couple of hours with Mila each Thursday evening, but since we were still waiting for Jordan’s COVID-19 test results, we thought it would be best to save that time for her another day to be safe. We were able to enjoy a couple of FaceTime calls with our sweet girl. You can definitely tell she is going stir crazy like us all…🤪

Thursday evening, I enjoyed some leftover sliders & wine before playing some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with Jordan. We have been loving playing this game with each other.

I enjoyed some coffee on the patio with my pup, Huk, on Friday morning before getting ready for a workout & some house chores.

Before heading out for my walk, Jordan received a phone call from the results center with the news of a negative COVID-19 test!! We were both so relieved to hear this news. The healthcare worker on the phone did say that due to his symptoms it is still possible that he had or could have the virus, so to just make sure we monitor his symptoms and contact a health care provider if his symptoms continue or worsen. Jordan had began feeling better on Thursday and just continued to feel better and better each day since.

I wrote out some at home workouts to accomplish over the next few days and then made my way outside. It was a very hot & sunny Friday. I accomplished a 1.57 mile walk, 10 minutes of stretching, and a circuit.

My circuit included:

•3 sets of 15-20 bicep curls

•3 sets of 15 lateral raises

•3 sets of 25 sit-ups

•3 sets of 50 standing Russian twists

It was a great start to getting some movement in again and boy was I worn out from that circuit!!

After my workout was complete, I whipped together some tuna salad sandwiches for Jordan & I to enjoy for lunch.

Since Jordan’s results came back negative, both of our families wanted to see us. On Friday night, we headed to Jordan’s parents house for some steaks, a relaxing golf cart ride, a game of What Do You Meme? and the first episode of the latest season of “Ozark.” We had a great night getting out of the house and getting to share some fun & laughter.

Once we arrived home, we played some more Call of Duty. We have been staying up and sleeping in so late this last week. Our sleep schedule definitely needs some work lol.

I enjoyed a delicious egg bagel & cup of coffee on Saturday morning before conquering another at home workout.

Jordan joined me for a 0.80 mile walk around the apartment complex. We had planned to do a longer walk, but it began pouring about midway through, so we had to run back home.. It was still better than nothing & ended up making for a good laugh. After our walk, I accomplished 10 minutes of stretching & another killer circuit!

Saturday’s circuit included:

•3 sets of 15 v-ups

•3 sets of 50 standing Russian twists

•3 sets of 10 squats

•3 sets of 10 side lunges

My legs were shaking after this circuit. I’ve got my work cut out for me to build my endurance and strength back up, but I’m definitely ready to conquer it!

We spent Saturday evening at my parents house playing Phase 10 and enjoying fajitas & margaritas! We also had a blast poking fun at each other all night. It was really great getting to see both of our families over the weekend and to just enjoy some quality time all together.

On Sunday morning, Jordan and I enjoyed some cinnamon rolls & coffee on the patio together. I’ve really enjoyed eating outside in the morning’s to have a change of scenery as long as there aren’t any wasps chasing me around…😂

After breakfast settled, I headed out for another walk. On Sunday, I accomplished a 1.91 mile walk while listening my favorite Christian artist, Lauren Daigle. Her music brings me so much peace and really makes me think about all of the incredible things God is doing in my life. Once my walk was completed, I also accomplished 15 minutes of stretching and another circuit.

Sunday’s circuit included:

•3 sets of 10 Tricep dips

•3 sets of 15 dumbbell shoulder press

•3 sets of 25 sit-ups

•3 sets of 50 standing Russian twists

If y’all can’t tell, I really like standing Russian twists!

We headed over to our friend’s, Lauren & Jarrod’s house for some dinner & games. Lauren made a killer Cajun pasta with shrimp & sausage in it. Jordan and I also brought some seasoned veggies & wine of course!

We also played about 6 or 7 rounds of Rummikub. I am really beginning to love this game!

I woke up around 9am on Monday and enjoyed a scrumptious egg bagel & coffee (my favorite), before tackling a bunch of organization tasks for the day!

I spent most of Monday going through tubs of things I had in our storage unit. I got rid of so many things, decided to donate others, and reorganized all of the tubs & my desk. It took forever, but it was so worth it. I had been wanting to get those things done for about a year now, so it was nice finally having time for it! I have much more I want to try and get done throughout the rest of this week.

In the middle of the organizing, I took a break to make one of my favorite lunches. I was so excited that Jordan loved this meal too! This has been one of my go-to recipes for years now, but it has been so long since I made it. I shared this easy pasta salad recipe on the blog yesterday if you would like to give it a try!

Jordan and I enjoyed a short, evening walk with Huk before dinner. I told you our day’s having been starting & ending late… lol!

Jordan made us some amazing jambalaya to eat for dinner while we watched “Tiger King.” That show and all the memes y’all. We were both dying laughing every single episode. Is the show crazy? Most definitely. Is it worth watching? Absolutely! Also, if y’all have watched the show already, you need to go watch Trevor Wallace’s new Tiger King video. It will have you rolling!

Tuesday… Tuesday was such a lazy day for me. I woke up and enjoyed my go to breakfast and coffee. I accomplished some cleaning, blogging, cooking, and a whole lot of relaxing.

For dinner, Jordan grilled some scrumptious chicken thighs on the Traeger and I made some Mac n Cheese & warmed up leftover veggies for the sides.

I also enjoyed some Cabernet while we watched “The Gentlemen,” which I thought was a great movie.

So far, I’ve spent this Wednesday morning enjoying breakfast on the patio while writing today’s recap. It is a cool & sunny day, so I plan to get in a nice run/walk at some point before tackling some more organizing/cleaning tasks.

Before I leave y’all, I wanted to share a few things I have thought about & learned over this past week.

•Don’t let worry & stress get to you: It’s much easier said than done, but you truly have the power to create a positive mindset & the choice to hand your worries and fears to God. Prayer & worship have been 2 of the biggest things keeping me positive and as at peace as I can possibly be during this time.

•Never take quality time with your loved ones for granted: I have always made time with my loved ones a priority, but being able to spend so much one on one time every single day like this with Jordan has really opened my eyes to the difference it makes having a genuinely great time with him and not letting other life worries and fears get in the way or hinder that joy. It has also made me realize how nice it is to get out of the house to just spend quality time & laughing with our family and close friends. We both really missed our families while we waited for Jordan’s test results to come back.

•Home cooked meals are so much better than eating out: It is crazy how much better and more fulfilled I feel eating at home versus eating out. Not all of the meals I’ve made at home have been necessarily “healthy,” but they are a lot better than what we typically would eat at a restaurant. I was definitely guilty of taking the easier option when it came to food just because I was tired or didn’t have time to cook, but being able to cook at home so much more has made me fall in love with cooking again and wanting to try out new homemade recipes, begin meal prepping more, and making more nutritious choices to fuel my body. Now we will definitely continue to enjoy our favorite go-to restaurants when things go back to normal, but I will make it a priority to make most of our meals at home.

•The people in this world can be wonderful: as I’ve gotten older I have noticed so much hate and controversy in the world. Now don’t get me wrong, those things are definitely still there, but lately I have seen a whole new side to those around the globe. I have seen way more positive quotes/shares from people on social media, watched communities get together by playing music on the balconies in Spain and Italy, people take time out of their days to deliver groceries to the elderly or sick, and so much more. I’m not thankful that a virus is affecting our world the way that it has, but I am thankful that I have been able to see such a genuinely good side of people throughout all of this. I truly believe that this pandemic is going to change us for the better. I believe that we are all going to be way more appreciative of the small things & our mindsets are going to end up a lot more loving, positive, and optimistic than they once were.

These are just a few thing’s that I have really noticed and reflected on this past week and I wanted to share my thoughts with y’all. This next week I plan to spend more quality time with my husband and our families, I plan to accomplish more organizing, I plan to try to get in some movement each day, I plan to read & write more, and I plan to reflect & pray more.

I hope that each of you enjoyed this post and have a wonderful rest of your week! Stay safe & healthy. My prayers are with you all.

XOXO, Paige.

Questions for y’all:

1. What are some things you’ve been doing at home to create a new “normal?”

2. What is your favorite go-to recipe?

3. What is the best thing you’ve learned so far throughout this pandemic?

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