Quarantine & Chill!

Hey y’all and happy Wednesday. I mean I think it’s Wednesday… I’m honestly losing track of what day it is at this point. I hope you are all doing well and not getting too stir crazy while having to quarantine. I have had a pretty crazy week & I’m excited to be back to write again. Having something normal in my life like writing my weekly recaps brings me a little bit of calmness throughout the chaos. Now let’s get started on this recap. Grab your cup of coffee, tea, or wine (😉) and enjoy!

So much has happened since the last time I wrote here… After I published last week’s recap, I headed to work to teach for a little bit and then made my way to Trader Joe’s & a different H-E-B to grab a few things I couldn’t find last Tuesday and cookie butter of course. I sat in the parking lot taking some deep breaths before putting my gloves on and tackling the stores. It was another strange day seeing so many people wearing gloves/masks and also seeing so many empty grocery shelves. There wasn’t a frozen vegetable in sight at Trader Joe’s, but there was plenty of Cookie Butter. 😋

Wednesday evening, I whipped together some tacos for Jordan. I had eaten a very late lunch, so I wasn’t hungry enough for a meal.

Instead, I enjoyed some Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream while we continued to watch Vikings.

Thursday was a pretty low key day. I coached a little bit and also went for a nice 2 mile walk at my favorite park. Later that evening we got to spend a couple of hours with Mila before heading home for dinner & bed.

Friday morning is when things started to get a little crazy. I woke up in a ton of pain and not much of an appetite. I made a cup of coffee, grabbed a few chips ahoy cookies, and called my doctor’s office to see if I needed to come in for a visit.

I had been experiencing discomfort and irritation since March 11th, which I thought was just a normal bladder infection that I usually cure easily with some AZO & Cranberry juice in a couple of days, but this time the discomfort lasted for over a week and then I began to experience some very sharp lower back & abdominal pain where my kidney is. When the pain wouldn’t go away, I decided to call the doctor and they asked me to come in immediately. Luckily, it is only a UTI, but it is a very bad one that most likely infected my kidneys. I’ve been on antibiotics since Friday, but I’m being switched to stronger antibiotics today since the results came in and it is worse than what they originally thought. I am doing okay, feeling much better today actually. It’s just a crazy time to have anything wrong with you since no one wants to visit a doctor’s office unless they absolutely have to.

After my doctor’s appointment, I coached at the rink for an hour then headed back home for lunch and some rest. I made a tuna salad sandwich with a dill pickle on the side.

Later that evening, we picked up our sweet girl for another weekend together. After dinner, we filled up some bowls of ice cream and watched “Jumanji: The Next Level.” That movie is hilarious! If you haven’t seen it yet, now is definitely the time to give it a go.

Saturday morning we all had a very enjoyable sleep in. Once we all woke up, I made some coffee, biscuits, and an egg scramble with maple sausage & cheese.

We had a very relaxing Saturday watching tv, working on Mila’s spelling words/reading for the month, and also putting together another “Frozen 2” Lego set.

One of my good friends, Lauren, was supposed to be having her bachelorette weekend in San Antonio this past weekend, but with everything going on the trip & her wedding had to be postponed… It’s crazy how many things this virus is effecting, but by everyone doing their part and trying to make the most of the situation, we can fight this and get through it together. Since we couldn’t go on the trip as planned, Lauren’s maid of honor put together a very small bachelorette bash at her house. Don’t worry there were no more than 10 people!! 😉

Sunday was a very rough day for me. I woke up in so much pain that I could hardly move and ended up having to lay down until about 3:30pm…. Jordan took such great care of both Mila and I since I could barely do anything for most of the day. Jordan also started to feel really bad Sunday evening. He had been experiencing chest pain which he thought was stress related due to what is going on, but it progressed to worsened chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, a dry throat, and a cough… He made a virtual appointment with a nearby urgent care and all they did was prescribe him an inhaler & a steroid to take and told him that they would check to see how he felt in a couple of days..

Later that evening we grabbed some dinner to-go from one of our favorite local restaurants, Craft Grill. They were so appreciative of us choosing to order their food and wrote a funny joke on the to-go bag. The joke was “what is a tree’s favorite soda??? ROOT BEER!” Haha

Monday morning, I made myself some PB & Nutella toast with some coffee for breakfast then made my way to work. Jordan began to feel much worse on Monday and on my way home from work I heard the radio station talk about ways to get tested in our county. I immediately sent Jordan the website link so he could take the COVID-19 assessment to see if he would qualify to be tested.

He did indeed qualify for testing. We hopped in the car and made our way to Baytown, TX for the testing. The testing center made us feel like we were in a scene from “Contagion.” There were cops everywhere, a very formal line for all of the vehicles to follow, and all of the workers were dressed in hazmat suits. Once we pulled up to speak with the medical staff on-site, we were asked to keep our windows up while Jordan answered their questions and then to slightly roll the windows down for them to take his temperature and his test. It was crazy!!!

Jordan is doing okay, but still not feeling well. I’m very glad we were able to get him tested. We are still waiting for his results at this time. If you are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms and feel like you should be tested, I will include the link for you here to take the online assessment. This link will only work for those of you who live in Harris County.

Monday night, we ate some grilled chicken thighs, boudin, chili beans, and air fried sweet potato fries. I also enjoyed a glass of kombucha while we finished season 5 of Vikings.

Tuesday morning, I awoke to some sad news. I found out that the ice skating rink I work at will be closed for the time being.. I had already contacted my skaters to let them know I had to take off work until we know for sure that Jordan does not have the virus, but seeing that the rink was going to be closed indefinitely was a very scary feeling. After accepting that I would not be able to work at all for the time being, I prayed and then got myself together to help take care of Jordan. I made us both egg bagels & coffee for breakfast.

I spent most of the day cleaning the apartment while Jordan rested & worked from home.

Later that afternoon, I decided to put together a workout plan for my skaters to follow at home since they cannot currently train on the ice. I just hope that putting something like this together for them can keep them all positive during this time and let them know that there are still things they can do to excel even when they can’t be on the ice.

We enjoyed some delicious sliders for dinner & stayed up very late playing Rummikub together. It ended up being such a fun night being able to stay up late and just enjoy each other.

I woke up this morning in a great mood & decided to make some cinnamon rolls!! They were absolutely delicious especially with a cup of coffee!!

Well now that I have absolutely nothing planned for the week I think it’s time to figure out some goals I want to achieve at home whether it’s working on my blog, organizing our apartment, cooking new recipes, reading, or even getting in some exercise. I will keep you all updated with how life is going & what Jordan’s results are from the COVID-19 test. I pray that you all stay as positive as possible during this time. I know how hard it is, but I also know we will get through this. We just have to keep our faith.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and that you all have a great rest of your week! I’ll be back to write very soon.

XOXO, Paige.

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