The Weekly Recaps Are Back: Getting Organized, Self-Care, & The Beginning of Spring Break!

Hey y’all and happy Wednesday! I am beyond excited to be back to writing my weekly recaps. Once I finally was able to finalize & post my wedding/honeymoon posts, I felt like I could get back to the good old recaps. Now grab some coffee, tea, or wine and enjoy!

I spent all of Wednesday morning cleaning & organizing the apartment before I finally took a break to make some food. I enjoyed a delicious egg bagel on whole wheat toast with Melt probiotic butter and a cup of coffee. I watched an episode of the Amazing Race (love this show) while I ate and then journaled my thoughts of the morning/intentions for myself once I finished eating. I love my Monday and Wednesday work schedule because I don’t have to be at the rink until the afternoon, so I get time to catch up on cleaning & some me time all before work finally begins.

Once I finished coaching, Jordan and I enjoyed some leftover steaks with cooked potatoes & Caesar salad for dinner while we watched Viking’s together. We just started Viking’s a few week’s ago and became obsessed with it. I am dying to try out some Viking style braids in my hair soon.

Thursday morning, I got up at the crack of dawn to make it to my 6am lesson with one of my students. I had about a 3 hour break between my lessons, so I filled the time with some thing’s that I love. My first stop was the trails at Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve. It was a cool, overcast morning, so I popped my AirPods in listing mostly to Harry Potter movie soundtracks and enjoyed my 1.80 mile walk. I’m really getting the itch to start adding running in again. I had started running more before the wedding, but have mostly stuck to walks, stretching, & some weight lifting lately.

Next stop was Coco Crêpes for breakfast & reading. I ordered the chicken & spinach crêpe on wheat with a hazelnut latte. I have been dying to read this book, “Own Your Everyday” by Jordan Lee Dooley for months. I have been a mega fan of Jordan’s podcast, “She,” and also all of her amazing inspiration on Instagram. My husband was so sweet and bought this book for me for my birthday this past September, so I’m very excited to finally having some down time to read.

Thursday evening’s we get to spend a couple of hours with Mila, so once we got her we headed to Jordan’s parents house for a quick visit & some pizza.

Friday was the beginning to a very long competition weekend. I had 7 of my skaters compete at the Houston Invitational & they were all rockstars. Friday was my biggest day with 5 of my girl’s competing. They all skated the best they could & had very positive/supportive mindsets. Creating a positive environment for my skaters is always my top priority and to see that shine through my girl’s this weekend made me very proud.

I only had one event on Saturday, so I spent the rest of the day having fun with Jordan & Mila. I stayed off my phone all day, so I got zero pictures. We had a blast going to the park, having dinner at Olive Garden, and going to see the new Disney movie, “Onward.” If y’all haven’t seen “Onward” yet, I suggest you go purchase some tickets now & make your way to the theater. The movie was one of my new favorite’s. It was so detailed with it’s story yet easy for children to understand, it had a historical/magical aspect, and a great message to anyone watching it. I honestly could go back to the theater and watch it many times.

Sunday was the last day of the Houston Invitational. My student, Lyla, competed what we call a “showcase” routine, which is practically acting on-ice, to “Poor Unfortunate Souls” and she was the best Ursula I had ever seen!! Jordan & Mila came with me to watch Lyla perform and Mila loved every bit of it. I’m hoping one day to have Mila out on the ice at one of these competitions.

Monday morning, I whipped together Mila some cereal & an egg bagel with coffee for me before we got started on our day. This week is Mila’s Spring Break, so I’ve planned a bunch of fun thing’s to do each day that she is with us.

After getting ready & getting some essentials at H-E-B, we made our way to Crust Pizza Co. for some scrumptious lunch. Mila enjoyed a kid’s cheese pizza while I ate a BBQ Chicken Pizza. This place is seriously sooo good!!

Our next stop was at Kanga’s Indoor Play Center. We had Mila’s 5th birthday party here and she absolutely loved it! They have a really neat indoor play center/ball pit, a fun pirate ship ride, and children’s rock-climbing. She did a little bit of everything & had the greatest time. I even went with her on the super slippery slide and realized how much of a workout it is to climb through an entire jungle gym to get to the slides lol.

We finally arrived home in time for me to get started on dinner. I made one of Jordan’s favorite meals, Chicken Spaghetti. Mila loves it too, so it was a big hit in the Muse household on Monday night.

Mila & I had a very fun-filled day planned on Tuesday and our first stop was at El Tiempo for lunch!

We met up with some of Mila’s cousins for lunch before we all went to see the new “Sonic The Hedgehog” movie. Mila ate some yummy Mexican rice with beans & I enjoyed a half-order of chicken quesadillas. Yum!

After the movies, we made our way to the baseball fields to watch my younger brother, Davis, play. It is Davis’ Senior year of high school and his last season of baseball. Mila had the greatest time coloring with all of the younger baseball player sister’s and trying to play baseball on one of the open fields. I can definitely see some T-Ball in her future!

After the game, we had some dinner with my family before heading home for a good night’s sleep.

Now that I have filled my belly with a yummy egg bagel & coffee while finishing up this blog post, it’s time for me to get some cleaning done around the apartment while Mila sleeps a little more. I can’t wait to be back next week to fill y’all in with all of the other fun activities we get to do over Spring Break. I hope y’all have an amazing rest of your week & weekend!

Questions for y’all:

1. Do you have any fun plans for Spring Break and if so, what are they?

2. What are some of your favorite activities to do with little one’s?

3. Who’s ready for Summertime?

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