2 Week Recap: Rainy Weather, My Bridal Shower, & Fall is Finally Here!!!

Good morning & happy Wednesday y’all!! I apologize for being late with my recap, but things have been crazy busy lately! I told Jordan the other day that I feel like I have 3 jobs between coaching, keeping up with household chores, and planning a wedding. Now that I’m finally able to have a morning to sleep in & relax with my coffee in hand, I’m ready to blog away! After I left you guys last Wednesday, I spent the morning power cleaning, rearranging furniture, and finishing up decorating for Fall before I met my grandmother for lunch. We met at one of our favorite local spots, Craft Grill. I ordered the lunch special Spring Chicken Sandwich, which included half of the sandwich, a side Caesar salad, and a small portion of fries. My grandmother & I also split the pumpkin parfait, which was to die for! I spent even more time cleaning before I made my way to work that afternoon and then on to meet Jordan to head to Minute Maid Park! One of my students gave us free tickets, so we decided to have a very fun, spur of the moment date night with high hopes that the weather wouldn’t get too bad. The Astros won their 100th game of the season right before our eyes while we cheered & enjoyed Torchy’s Tacos!When Thursday morning rolled around, things started to look very bad in Houston. Luckily, the area I live did not get too bad, but I decided to stay home Thursday afternoon and Friday morning due to all of the crazy flooding happening everywhere close by. It’s crazy to see how bad the flooding has become since the Tax Day Flood. I pray that we’ve seen the worst of it and that everyone who has experienced extreme damage can receive help & relief.

On a lighter note, last time Houston flooded the Astros won the World Series, soooo LET’S GO STROS! Since I stayed home all day Thursday due to the rainy weather, I spent all day tidying up/organizing the apartment, sipped on some red wine, and made myself some chili to eat. It was a very relaxing & cozy day that ended up being ultra productive in the cleaning department. We picked up little, miss Mila on Friday night & headed to Olive Garden for some dinner with Jordan’s parents. This girl loves her Roblox! Saturday morning, my mom & sister hosted a beautiful Brunch & Bubbly Bridal Shower for me. They had so many gorgeous decorations, a beautiful cake, yummy brunch food, and a mimosa bar (which we waited a little too long to take a picture, hence the melted ice).

So many of my closest friends and family members were there and I loved every single minute of it. I couldn’t have felt anymore blessed with such beautiful people & such a beautiful party. Sunday morning, I made Jordan & I some egg bagels and we watched “Night at the Museum 2” with Mila. We spent the rest of Sunday poolside and then had family dinner with our neighbors. Family dinners with our neighbors are always so fun & delicious. Everyone pitched in with ribs, pasta salad, baked potatoes, and potato salad. There was a random storm that lasted for a quick minute, but then resulted in a beautiful rainbow, so I had to capture it of course!

I woke up last Monday morning realizing that it was one of my favorite days of the year.. The First Official Day of Fall! I spent the daytime doing some cleaning & baked a delicious pumpkin pie. I received this incredible cake stand & super cute pumpkin spatula at my bridal shower and I couldn’t wait to try them out with some Fall baking. I had my friend, Lauren, over that evening to enjoy some deer meat chili, pumpkin pie, wine, and Hocus Pocus with me for the First Day of Fall. We had a blast eating delicious food and watching a classic Halloween movie together.

*Funny Story: I hadn’t watched Hocus Pocus since I was a little girl because when I was a child the movie gave me nightmares, so I would beg my Mom not to make me watch it. Growing up I never had the desire to check it out again, but after re-watching it last Monday, I wish I had re-watched it a long time ago. It is such a cute movie & it really sets the tone for Fall/Halloween spirit. On Tuesday nights I watch Jordan play softball. Last week’s games were lots of fun to watch & the weather was way more enjoyable than it has been. I love being able to cheer him on and watch him do something he loves. I spent most of Wednesday working on wedding planning & organizing until I headed to work. Wednesday evening, Jordan and I headed to the gym for a quick workout before coming home to grill some dinner. Jordan seasoned and grilled chicken thighs & asparagus while I cooked some chili seasoned baked beans. Dinner was delicious! I met Jordan at our health doctor early on Friday afternoon to get our vitamin shots & to grab some lunch before heading to our last pre-marital counseling session. We went to RJ Goodie’s for lunch. I got their soup with a twist, which included potato soup & half of a turkey sandwich. Jordan ordered their Crabby Patty meal, which was a crab cake sandwich with tartar sauce & a side of potato salad. Both of our meals were scrumptious. RJ Goodie’s is a cute, little cafe in Spring, Texas and they have some super yummy homemade meals & desserts! My Mom use to take my siblings and I to lunch here all of the time and she would also get almost all of our birthday cakes made here. If you’re ever in the area, I definitely recommend that you check it out!

We spent the rest of our Friday relaxing, hitting up the gym for a quick workout sesh, and then headed to Craft Grill for dinner! I love having no plans on the weekend & being able to just chill out with my man. I spent all of Saturday morning coaching and measuring skaters for costumes for our upcoming Nutcracker On Ice show. By the time I got home I was so tired, but I was excited to see how hard Jordan had worked on our place while I was gone. The dishes were all clean, the apartment was all vacuumed, and laundry was being done. To say I’m lucky is an understatement. He’s amazing 😍

I spent some time resting & watching Handmaids Tale, which is a Hulu series I have recently become obsessed with. Later on, Jordan motivated me to go for a really good workout with him before we went out for the night. We did a bunch of circuit training with weights focusing on full body, which was super hard but felt great!

Once we got cleaned up, Jordan and I headed to a restaurant called, Captain Brad’s Seafood Kitchen, for some dinner. I ordered a glass of white wine with grilled shrimp, veggies, and rice while Jordan ordered a Crawford Bock with grilled shrimp tacos. Captain Brad’s is a newer, local spot and it has some of the best coastal decorations. They still have some improving to do when it comes to service & the making of their food, but I believe that this place has a lot of potential to be good! After dinner, Jordan and I headed to District 249 for a fun night with our friends. It was District’s 3rd anniversary party so they had some really fun music playing & great drink specials! Sunday was filled with more relaxing, football game watching, and some time with my family before we sat down to have some oven baked pepperoni pizza (+ a glass of wine for me) for dinner. I woke up so darn tired on Monday morning even though I went to bed fairly early the night before. Since I didn’t have work I decided to let myself sleep in a little longer than usual. Once I got myself out of bed, I made some whole wheat peanut butter toast with a tiny bit of Nutella and a cup of coffee.

I spent the whole day tidying up around the apartment, wedding planning, honeymoon planning, catching up on blogging, and watching Handmaid’s Tale. I did take a break to make myself a tuna fish sandwich with some frito’s for lunch. 😋 Later that evening I picked up a few essentials for the week and some of H-E-B’s Garlic Pesto Salmon to eat for dinner with some basil & herb couscous and a glass of Ménage a Trois Midnight. Tuesday morning, I headed to the trails for a walk for some exercise and to try to soothe some stomach pain I had been enduring since the night before. Sometimes when my stomach gets bad, it feels nice to get some fresh air & just take a relaxing stroll. It also helped that it felt really nice out this morning. I can’t wait for the weather to get cooler and cooler. After completing my walk, I headed home to make myself an egg bagel for breakfast and boy did it hit the spot! I love a bit of runny yolk to dip the egg whites & bread in. ❤️ Tuesday’s are for Softball! ❤️🥎 I was able to spend another Tuesday evening watching my future hubby rock the softball fields. It felt so nice outside that night. I was able to wear a thin sweatshirt & skinny jeans without getting hot one bit, the only down side was the presence of some insane mosquitos. Can’t wait for those bad boys to go away!!

Today is a pretty big day in the wedding planning department! Jordan and I have our final meeting with the wedding venue to discuss our final decisions on decor & floor plan, decide on our bar set-up, and more. Today marks 45 days until our wedding day and I couldn’t be more excited! Time really is flying by, so I’m trying my best to soak it in and remember it all. 💕

I hope that each of you have a wonderful rest of your week & super fun weekend! I can’t wait to be back for another post! I’m going to leave y’all today with a few questions that I’d love for you each to answer in the comments section:

  1. How did you celebrate the First Day of Fall?

  2. What is some advice you can give to a bride coming up on the last month of her wedding planning?

  3. What is your favorite, simplistic workout to do?

XOXO, Paige.

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