Birthday Surprises, Everyday Life, and Our Anniversary!

Hey y’all & Happy Wednesday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and start to this week. I’ve just sat down with my morning cup of Pumpkin Spiced Coffee and I’m ready to write!

I am very excited to fill you all in on the fun things that took place this past week, but before I begin I would like to take a moment to remember what happened on this day 18 years ago. I’ll never forget being a mere 6 years old, feeling fear and sadness as I could see my parents deep concern as to what was being shown on our TV screens that day.. The lives that were lost will never be forgotten and the heroes that day will forever be America’s heroes. My thoughts & prayers are with anyone whose lives were impacted by this day. ❤️🇺🇸 I left you guys on my birthday last Wednesday right after I completed my run/walk at a beautiful nearby park. I loved the scenery, but was chased by multiple wasps that day. If I haven’t explained my fear for bees & wasps on here, now is the time I guess. I am terrified and will run as fast as I possibly can to get away from these creatures, which I guess was good for my workout, but not for my anxiety (lol). I’m ready for cooler weather to arrive so the bugs will disappear! I met my family for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants (Saltgrass) that afternoon. I’m such a child when it comes to ordered here since my favorite meal is chicken tenders with cheese fries, which was a perfect birthday treat! I also enjoyed a grilled pineapple margarita and it was delicious.

I am so grateful that my family was able to take time out of their weekday to spend with me on my birthday. They also got me some new tennis shoes for my walks/runs that I am obsessed with! I had to head to the rink after lunch to coach for a little while and when I arrived, I was surprised with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that my sweet fiancé sent me. 💕 Later that evening, Jordan also surprised with a super nice dinner at McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks. I had never been here before and always wanted to try it. As we sat down we were given our menus that had a happy birthday message to me on them. Could he have done any better? I don’t think so! The food was delectable! We split calamari for an appetizer and an incredible swordfish entree that was laid on top of a bed of sautéed spinach & mushroom mix and topped with crab meat. We decided to go with a truffle Mac n cheese for our side & split the best lava cake I have ever tasted for dessert. I never had even fathomed the idea of trying swordfish before, but I am so happy that I did because it was super cool being adventurous with my food choices!

My birthday was amazing! I am so grateful to have such an incredible partner who wanted to make my day so special. ❤️I spent the next two days working & finding all of my wedding day accessories with my mother & grandmother. It was so special for me to be able to spend this time alone with them! I found a beautiful veil, beaded belt, jewelry, and shoes for the big day. I seriously cannot wait to show y’all what it all looks like when the day comes! After a long day on Friday, we decided to stay in for the evening to have a relaxing night at home. Jordan whipped up a delicious dinner of sautéed shrimp & veggies with roasted garlic couscous. We enjoyed our yummy dinner while finishing season 3 of 13 Reasons Why. I have loved every season of this show, but I couldn’t stop wanting to watch this past season. I really hope they are able to make more! Jordan, Mila, and I spent most of the day Saturday shopping at the Mall. They wanted to get me some gifts before they took me to a dinner they planned for that night and I had gift cards to use! I shopped at Athleta for the first time and found the most comfortable & cute, pumpkin colored leggings and grey printed joggers.

To my surprise (AGAIN!) Jordan had planned another special night. He had me keep my eyes closed the entire car ride to the restaurant so I had no clue where we were going and once I opened my eyes to see I was back inside of a Saltgrass, I was very excited (I’m telling you guys, I love this place)! Once we walked to where our table was set, I was so happy to see almost all of my closest family members and friends there to surprise me. I enjoyed even more of those grilled pineapple margaritas with my girl Lauren & my sister baked me a beautiful & delicious strawberry cake!

It was a very special night filled with so many people that I love. I couldn’t be anymore thankful for everyone coming together to celebrate me. I feel very, very blessed. Jordan and I spent Sunday evening going to see the new “IT” movie at the nearby Star Cinema Grill with our friends! The movie was scary, gory, and sad, but it was also very well done. Even though the movie freaks me out, I really think that “IT” is my favorite horror movie. The actors they chose to play the grown up version of the kid’s from the first movie were spot on. They really couldn’t have done a better job! Monday, was my baby brother’s 8th birthday! He wanted to have a dinner at a local Tex-Mex restaurant called, Rico’s. I can’t believe he’s getting so big so fast.. I’ll never forget coming home from skating each day when he was a baby and making him cuddle with me. Sometimes I wish he was still that little baby, but it has also been so fun to watch him grow up into his smart, crazy self. Tuesday was Jordan and I’s 3 year anniversary. We met up at Mellow Mushroom to split a BBQ pizza before his softball games started. I loved getting to watch him play that evening and just reflect back on what brought the two of us together 3 years ago.

I know that I’m a very cheesy person and maybe when I talk about Jordan it seems like everything is butterflies and rainbows, but every relationship has it’s thunderstorms as well. I believe that everyone can find their person in this world, but you have to be open to compromise, differences, loyalty, trust, and love. Jordan and I are extremely different people and we have most certainly had our hardships, but we have never given up on each other. We have woken up every single day for the past 3 years choosing each other, choosing to make those compromises and show our love to each other. No relationship is perfect, but Jordan is the perfect person for me. ❤️ Now that I’ve finished eating my yummy egg bagel & drinking my Fall blend Starbucks coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, I have also completed this post! Time to get some cleaning & wedding planning done before work this afternoon. I hope that you all have a terrific day and enjoyed this post! I’ll be back to write again very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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