Weekly Recap: Outdoor Walks, Fun in the Sun, & Labor Day!

Good afternoon y’all! I spent this morning drinking coffee and writing this recap, but ended up getting a little carried away with my day to get it posted until now, so here we go! 😊

This past week/weekend was eventful & fun, so I can’t wait to share it with y’all!! I’ve been trying to get in some sort of exercise most days of the week and it’s mostly been consisting of walks that are typically 2 miles or more. There is a beautiful trail that isn’t too far from where I work that I love. I’ve made it to where I have an hour break before the sun fully rises, so I can go for a walk (or hopefully a run sometime soon!). I feel so much better each day that I do this physically & mentally. Wednesday morning, I headed over to my parents house to work on some wedding crafts with my Mom & sister. The PSL had made its debut, so my Mom went to Starbucks to pick us all up some lattes and breakfast! We spent hours chalk painting wine bottles to use as table numbers for the wedding reception. I’m excited to show y’all the finished product. 🎃 I was finally able to get my hair freshened up for the first time in months. It felt so good to look at myself in the mirror with fresh, light locks! I’ve been using the same hair stylist for over 8 years & absolutely love her. She listens to exactly what I want to do with my hair while keeping it healthy. My hair has never been this long before and I love it!! If y’all are ever in the Spring area needing to tend to your hair, check out @jordantayhair on Instagram! We get to spend time with Mila every Thursday for a couple of hours, so this past week we decided to stop by the Mall. She had lots of fun in Claire’s trying out fake glasses, flower crowns, and browsing through the lipgloss section. I hit the trails after work on Friday morning for a very peaceful & beautiful 1.83mi walk. After my walk, I had to run a few wedding errands before meeting Jordan at Olive Garden for a lunch date! We split the Chicken Carbonara, which is one of our favorite dishes. We had the first Saturday in forever with absolutely no plans! We slept in, spent the morning relaxing/tidying the apartment, hit up the local H-E-B to purchase tons of much needed groceries, made sliders, and spent the evening at the pool while watching the UT game. It was a very relaxing day, which we all loved. We had the definition of “Sunday Funday” this past Sunday. After filling our bellies with breakfast at home, we headed to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Water Park (which used to be known as Splashtown). Mila had never been & Jordan hadn’t been in years, so it was an absolute blast. We rode every single ride that Mila was tall enough for and let me tell you, that little girl has no fear at all! We spent the entire afternoon soaking up sunshine & sliding down water slides! Later that evening, we headed to my grandparents house for their annual Labor Day Party! Their parties are always so much fun. They had corn-hole set up, karaoke time for anyone and everyone, an awesome pool, and fun people. We had a blast singing and dancing the night away with my family and our friends.Monday, was another very relaxing day! I cleaned up around the apartment while Jordan smoked a tomahawk all day. Later that evening we had our friends, Lauren and Jarrod over for dinner. I whipped up some cornbread stuffing and chili seasoned baked beans to go with the steak and it was delicious. Jordan’s cooking skills will never seize to amaze me. I woke up bright and early before work yesterday to have some breakfast & coffee. I feel so much better when I’m able to start my day this way rather than rushing through the door at 5am to get to work in time. I made myself 2 whole eggs & 1 egg white on a Dave’s Killer Bagel with some probiotic melt. I hit the trails in my work break yet again for a nice 1.80 mile walk! The sunrise was beautiful this morning. Tuesday evenings, I go to watch Jordan play softball after work. I played a few seasons with him on a co-ed team, but it’s way too freaking hot for me to do that now (lol)! I love going to watch Jordan play & last night he hit a home run, which was awesome and definitely not easy to do!! After the games, we went to Craft Grill for some dinner with our friends Jarrod, Lauren, and Earl. I ordered a grilled chicken Caesar salad and split a bottle of Cabernet with Lauren. ❤️ Today is my birthday, so I decided to spend my morning with some coffee, blogging, and a nice run/walk sesh at a beautiful, nearby park. I’m going to leave you guys here for today to get myself ready for some fun plans with some very special people!

I hope y’all have a great rest of your week! ❤️

XOXO, Paige.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Happy Birthday, Paige!

    What is your go to Starbucks order? I am NOT a huge fan of the PSL BUT I think that’s because I can’t do dairy and don’t love soy milk. So I generally just drink iced coffee with sugar free vanilla with very light ice. ❤

    Any BIG plans for this weekend??

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    1. Paige says:

      Thank you Lindsay!

      My go to order would probably be the vanilla sweet cream cold brew, but I typically drink most of my coffee at home. Have you ever tried the coconut milk? I think it tastes better than soy. 😊


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