Weekend Bliss

Hey y’all, I hope that your weekend’s were all that you hoped they’d be. As soon as Thursday rolls around, I always get so excited for the weekend. This past Thursday morning, I randomly asked Jordan if he would want to get away for the weekend to celebrate our 3 year anniversary a little early since the next 3 months are going to be jam packed with birthday’s, shower’s, and even more wedding festivities. I was so happy that neither of us had anything going on once I finished working on Saturday, so we quickly planned a weekend getaway. I cannot wait to tell you all about it! Friday morning, I was up bright and early at 4am for work. Once I finished coaching, I hit the trails for a beautiful 5 mile walk. I arrived at the park with a goal to walk 3 miles, but I was having such a nice time listening to classical music, embracing nature, and soaking up some sunshine, so I decided to continue until I hit 5. It felt amazing! Friday afternoon, Jordan & I headed to the Woodlands Market Street & Mall to grab some lunch & look at some wedding band options. We ate some delicious fish tacos at Berryhill & found some beautiful wedding bands. I still can’t grasp that we’re a little over 2 months away from our wedding day. It feels good watching all the final details come together and being able to spend these special moments with Jordan. I coached 3 of my awesome skaters through some US Figure Skating Tests on Saturday morning. The 3 of them skated beautifully & passed. I couldn’t be any more proud of their hard work and dedication to the sport. Coaching was complete, so off we went to San Antonio! We of course couldn’t miss out on stopping at Buc-ee’s for some BBQ sandwiches for lunch, which were delicious as always. Buc-ee’s has some of the coolest merchandise, food/seasonings, and the cleanest bathrooms. It’s definitely a go-to road trip stop when you’re traveling around Texas. Once we arrived in San Antonio, our first stop was at The Alamo! Neither of us had been here in many years, so it was really neat to experience the tour all over again. I love learning the history behind significant moments & battles like the one at the Alamo. Next stop was the River Walk (we also rented some motorized scooters in between to ride around downtown SA. It was fun & terrifying at the same time 😂)! We walked around for awhile enjoying the scenery before happening upon Rita’s On The River where we enjoyed beef fajitas & a strawberry blonde margarita. The strawberry blonde margarita was a 32oz strawberry margarita infused with a Shiner Light Blonde. It was delicious! After dinner, we found Howl At The Moon, which was an awesome bar that played live music all night. They play tons of popular sing-a-long & dance worthy songs. It was so fun to sing-a-long to some classics with everyone at the bar. We were especially excited to hear “Bohemian Rhapsody” played! We had an absolute blast at Six Flags on Sunday! They already started decorating the park for Halloween, which made me super happy!! We spent the beginning of our time at White Bay Water Park before having fun like children while riding roller coasters at Fiesta Texas. To say, our day was filled with fun would be an understatement. I am so happy that I get to spend the rest of my life being a goober & having a great time with Jordan. Well now that I’ve finished writing while drinking my pumpkin spice coffee, it is time for me to get some chores done around the apartment & get ready to take on a new week! I hope that y’all have a great Monday. I’ll be back to write more very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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  1. Rankin Schurman says:

    You are just so cute! Love you and miss you!! Keep that winning attitude – it’s a blessing to all who know you!

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  2. Lindsay says:

    What a fun getaway! Glad you got to spend some special time with your fiance before the craziness of wedding season kicked off! Any fun plans for Labor Day weekend?

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    1. Paige says:

      It was a blast! We have some small, fun plans with our little one this upcoming weekend that I can’t wait to share! What about you?


      1. Lindsay says:

        No fun plans for me this weekend my family is all going to be out of town for work in different places so I’m just going to have a low key weekend too and try to get ahead a little bit on work. I’m sure you’re going to have a blast with your little one and I’m sure the blog recap to follow will be just as fun! Do you prefer the fall or summer?? I’m a fall girl all the way!!

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      2. Paige says:

        Low key weekends can some of the best! I hope you enjoy it!! I am definitely a Fall girl all the way as well. I can’t wait for the cooler weather and Fall foliage. I just had my first PSL today lol!

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      3. Lindsay says:

        Yay! First PSL of the season is probably always the BEST one! I look forward to fall & winter but I much prefer iced coffee drinks so that is always inconvenient come winter when my fingers are frozen and I guzzling down my iced coffees! 😉


  3. Brittany says:

    Just stumbled on here, so hi! Looks like you had quite the fun weekend last week! I actually just bought pumpkin spice creamer and am sipping on my pumpkin spice coffee as we speak😂

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    1. Paige says:

      Hi Brittany!! So happy to hear you happened to stumble upon my site!! I love pumpkin spice creamer! Which brand is your favorite?


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