A Glimpse Into My Summer!

Hey y’all, I hope that each of you had the greatest Summer and are easing into the start of back-to-school/Fall schedules. I am happy to say that I’m back from my blog break and ready to write!!

I’m sure you all were wondering where I’ve been lately and why I haven’t written since my last post and the answer to that is that I simply just needed to give myself some space to reboot. Throughout this Summer I have been implementing all of the tools that I shared in my last post and have worked hard on getting myself back to a healthy state mentally & physically so that my creativity can soar again. I can’t even begin to explain how much better I feel inside, how much I’ve learned about myself, and how excited I am to be back to blogging.

Here is a glimpse into my Summer:


One big theme this Summer has been wedding planning! We have accomplished tons of planning whether it’s food tastings, cake tastings, finding a makeup artist, creating our music list, finding an officiant, more food tastings, honeymoon planning, flower girl dress hunting, and deciding on decorations. All of it has been an absolute blast! I can’t wait to see all of it come together and share my big day with y’all! I still can’t believe that our big day is a mere 84 days away!! SUMMER ACTIVITIES

We enjoyed having Mila with us for an entire month in the middle of the summer & spent tons of time by the water! We spent Father’s Day weekend at Canyon Lake, spent many days at the pool, watched Jordan’s softball games each week, saw some new movies at the theater & drive-in, went to a waterpark & splash pad, attended an AWESOME Astros game, and spent lots of time with family & friends!

Another fun thing that we were able to enjoy were some work events with Jordan’s company. He began planning theses super cool once a month get togethers with his colleagues, their spouses, and children (sometimes lol) at fun places. The first event was at a place in Downtown Houston called, Truck Yard, and it was AWESOME!! It had a very unique outdoor area with bars, food trucks, super neat seating/decor, and TV’s to watch the Astros play. The second event was at District 249 in Tomball, which is one of Jordan and I’s go to spots to watch sports games, dancing, or spend time with family & friends. We were able to bring Mila with us to District 249 and she had the greatest time playing with all of the other little ones there.

I also planned a weekend full of surprises for Jordan’s 26th birthday!! We had a nice family dinner at Fleming’s on Friday, July 26th & then the big stuff happened on his actual birthday (Saturday, July 27th). We had brunch at The Toasted Yolk, played golf at Top Golf, and then I surprised him by taking him to Oakmont Houston with almost all of his greatest friends hiding away there. We had such a great time! Oakmont is a fabulous place to go have a good time. HEALTH & FITNESS

I’ve been working very hard the past 2 months on getting a handle on my health & fitness. I began seeing a weight loss and fatigue doctor about a month ago who has been great in helping me form a plan to reach my goals in a natural and healthy way. I found out that I was very deficient in some crucial vitamins, which is the primary reason for my exhaustion & mood swings. It felt good to finally have answers and solutions. I have been receiving vitamin shots for a little over a month now and can feel a huge difference in my energy and how I handle my stress. I have also been focusing on eating foods and doing exercises that make my body feel good. I’m not going to lie and tell you that I haven’t eaten foods that are unhealthy or gone days without a workout in this time frame because that has most certainly happened, but I will say that having more energy to want to workout has made me realize how much better I feel each day if I accomplish some type of exercise, even if it’s just walking 2 miles (which is honestly one of my favorite workouts), and eating nutritious food. I’m at a place now where I’m not making any food off limit to myself, but instead using my knowledge of which foods will fuel my body properly and make my body feel good to make my food choices and also knowing that if I at least go for a 2 mile walk instead of taking a nap or watching TV, that I will have a much clearer mindset and positive outlook each day. I’m definitely starting off slow in regards to working out, but I’m happy and okay with it. I have goals set for myself that are very achievable & I will continue to work towards them at a healthy pace.

It feels amazing to be back you guys!! I hope y’all enjoyed this post & have a wonderful weekend!

XOXO, Paige.

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