Still Catching Up: A Wedding, Wedding Planning, and the Rodeo!

Hello, hello everybody!! I’m slowly but surely trying to catch up on the blog. I’m very excited to share this post with y’all because it’s a good one, so I hope you enjoy! Friday (February 22nd) was the start to wedding festivities for one of my best friend’s big day! After coaching early that morning, I hit the trails for a 2 mile run/walk. It was such a gloomy and cold morning, which I loved to run in. Later that evening was rehearsal dinner. The venue for the rehearsal dinner was absolutely gorgeous. The next morning was the big day and here’s the beautiful bride, Ashton. ❤️ All of the bridal party arrived at the venue that morning and spent most of the time getting ready & excited for what was to come. Ash and I grew up skating together and became very close throughout our teenage years. We use to talk about how we wanted to be apart of each other’s wedding’s whenever they happened in the far future and I think it’s pretty amazing that we actually are after all these years. It was an honor to stand by her side while she married the love of her life and I can’t wait to have her next me on my big day.

The bride & bridesmaids all got ready in a room overlooking the reception area. It was incredible watching the wedding come to life throughout the day. It honestly was like magic. And just like that we were all heading to the reception to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Cox! I finally was able to see my future hubs and enjoy some amazing dinner from Pappas Catering. They were serving shrimp brochette, dijon chicken, sautéed veggies, mashed potatoes, and crawfish étouffée. It was honestly the best wedding food that I’ve ever tasted. It was an amazing night filled with sweet speeches and fun dancing. I couldn’t be happier for Ash & Tyler. The next day happened to be an open house at Jordan and I’s wedding venue and after attending such an awesome wedding the night before, we were so excited to go see everything and start getting a little more serious about planning. Here is a little sneak peak of our venue. They have beautiful outdoor and indoor options for the ceremony (we plan to do outdoor) and the reception barn is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to share pictures of our wedding day!

The open house had tons of awesome vendors that we were able to meet & talk to. Once we were finished we were both so ready to start working hard on getting things booked. We got some big things done last November (venue booked ✔️, Photographer/Videographer booked ✔️, Saying Yes to the Dress ✔️) and once the holidays hit we just decided to take a little break and relax. We’re now about 8 months away from our wedding date and are both so excited to watch it all come together for our special day. The following Monday was the start to Rodeo Houston! I had a super fun girl’s night with my Mom, sister, and friend Brianna while getting to see Kacey Musgraves perform. She was great and wore the prettiest white, bell bottomed romper. I told my sister that I wanted the romper for my rehearsal dinner outfit and she found it online for $6,000, so needless to say I am going to be wearing something else. 😂❤️ A couple of days later it was time for some Brooks & Dunn! Jordan and I had gotten tickets to go with his parents and it was a blast. We got to NRG a little early so we could grab a bite to eat and check out the shops in NRG Center before the rodeo began. The concert was awesome!

This is where I’m going to leave you guys today. I still have more fun things to share with you, so make sure you come back! I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday!

XOXO, Paige.

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