Fall Fun: Pumpkin Patches, Halloween, & More!

Hello, hello everybody!! I am back to fill you in on all of the fun things that we’ve been up to in Houston this Fall! šŸŽƒ My parents threw a fun Halloween party on October 20th! Mila dressed up as the cutest, little Super Girl, Davis was a confederate soldier vampire, and as you can see in the picture above Jordan and I were #Filter vs #NoFilter. I couldn’t help but die laughing every time I’d look at Jordan in that blonde wig. The following Sunday, we took Mila to the Pumpkin Patch at The Olde Time Christmas Tree Farm! I’ve been going to the same Pumpkin Patch/Christmas Tree Farm since I was a little girl with my family, so it’s really neat being able to carry on the tradition with Jordan & Mila now. We had tons of fun riding the train, taking pictures on top of pumpkins, and eating some yummy BBQ. Later that night, Jordan and I went with a big group of our friends to see the new “Halloween” movie at Star Cinema Grille. We had such a great time! The next weekend, I met with my family in Old Town Spring for some trick-or-treating for my little cousin, Dusty’s, birthday party. It was so cute because the whole town was decorated for Halloween and the kids were able to go trick-or-treat at all the little shops. Plus, the adults were able to walk around with to-go wine & beer! Later that evening, Jordan and I went to District 249 for their Halloween party with my grandparents & some friends. It was so cool to see everyone’s different costume ideas, cheer for the different contestants in the costume competition (the winner won $1000 šŸ˜Æ), and dance to some good music. I finally got my nails done in my favorite Fall color!!We went trick-or-treating with Mila on Halloween night and got soaking wet from all of the rain!!

Afterwards, we headed to our friend’s, Taylor & Wesley’s, house for some to-go PF Chang’s and “The Conjuring 2.” We took Mila trick-or-treating one more time with my family the day after Halloween. Halloween was basically rescheduled due to the heavy rain all over Houston, so she was able to enjoy it two days in a row. šŸ˜Š Jordan and I threw Mila a birthday party at Burroughs Park on November 3rd for her 4th birthday. All of the kids had such a fun time running around & playing together. I just think that her and Hudson are the cutest. šŸ’• We had an absolute blast at the Texas Renaissance Festival!! It was so fun getting to walk around the park, watch knights joist, ride elephants, and watch Mila rock at rock climbing.

We had so much fun enjoying all of these different Fall festivities. I can’t wait to share some early Christmas time festivities and Thanksgiving next!

XOXO, Paige.

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