Ashton’s Final Fiesta!

Hey y’all! I’m back this Monday with yet another trip post. I hope that you all are staying warm and dry this Monday morning. I’m currently having a hard time getting myself out of my warm bed because it’s so freaking cold.

The first weekend of October was one of my good friend’s (Ashton) bachelorette party. All of the bridesmaids (and the bride of course) headed to Austin, TX for a weekend getaway. We all stayed at this super nice airbnb condo in Lake Travis! As soon as we arrived & unloaded our cars, we began decorating the place for Ash’s Final Fiesta. Everything turned out so cute! That evening we all got ready and found this cute, little pizza place for dinner. My other friend, Fiona, and I split a four cheese pizza that had Italian sausage & spinach on it. It was yummy!! The next morning we went to this little bitty breakfast spot right by the condo. We all enjoyed some iced coffees & egg croissant sandwiches. We spent almost the entire day hanging out in a pool that looked over Lake Travis, which was so much fun, beautiful, and relaxing.

Later that evening, we all got dolled up to go to a restaurant called, Gnarly Gar, right on the lake. This place was really cool and had some great live singers performing some popular country music. Saturday was the day for wine tasting and we went to a great place for it!! We went to Flat Creek Winery for some delicious wine. This was the first vineyard that I’ve been to in the U.S. and it did not disappoint. They sat us all down at this big round table with a wine glass and a menu. The owner of the venue would come in with a bottle of red or white to choose from 5 different times and described the taste of each and every wine that she was serving. Everything that I tasted was wonderful (except for the port, I’ve learned I’m not a fan of that lol) and the experience was so fun! After we finished tasting all of the different wines, we took a tour around the vineyard. I find it so fascinating to learn about the process of making wine. I love learning things like, how long the wine is stored, how the different types of oak flavor each red wine differently, how the white wine is created in comparison to red. I think it would be so cool to have your very own vineyard. After the tour was finished, we headed to their bistro form some lunch and more wine. We were each able to choose our favorite wine from the tasting and have a glass of it with our meal. My two favorites were the Sparkling Raspberry and the Cuvée Rouge. I bought a bottle of each to take home with me, but went with the Cuvée Rouge for lunch. We all started with a salad for our appetizer, along with a yummy cheese plate. We split 3 different types of pizzas with each other and they were all pretty scrumptious. We definitely couldn’t miss out on a photo opportunity with some good sunlight and vineyard style grapes. 🍇☀️

We spent the rest of our evening hanging out & playing board games at the condo (Clue was definitely our go to over the weekend). It was a relaxing way to spend the last night together and enjoy some of the wine we purchased. Sunday morning, we made our way back to Houston, but had to stop for some Starbucks first! I ordered an iced toffee nut latte and the reduced-fat turkey bacon & egg white sandwich.

I had such a wonderful weekend with some great girls in Austin! It’s always fun getting to go on little adventures that aren’t too far from home, so times when you really need to just get away, you know where you can go to have some fun and just relax.

I hope that you guys have a great rest of your day. I’m going to be getting out of bed soon so I can workout and get some chores done around the house before work. I will be back to write again very soon. 🖤

XOXO, Paige.

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