A Special Time: My Birthday, The Big Move, & Our Anniversary!

Happy, happy Friday y’all! I have so many fun & exciting things to share with you in this post, so sit down with your desired beverage (I’ve got a glass of wine in my hand 😉) and enjoy the post. Saturday, September 1st (three days before my birthday), I had an incredible birthday dinner at El Tiempo. All of my closest family members and some of my closest friends got together to celebrate and I had the best time. I decided to do something to celebrate the weekend before my birthday to make the moving process easier. My sister, Bailey, made the most beautiful cake. I’ve had a strawberry flavored cake for my birthday for as long as I can remember and I just can’t let go of that tradition. I am still in awe of how talented Bailey is! There are so many great pictures from that night. All I can say is that I am so grateful to have such loving friends and family that took time out of their lives to be there with me.

After dinner was finished (several hours later) quite a few of the adults went out to dance with Jordan and I. The night ended on such a high note and it will definitely be a birthday celebration that I won’t forget. On the actual big day (September 4th), I went to my parents house in the morning after I finished coaching. My mom made a huge breakfast & mimosas for us to eat and drink.

After stuffing our bellies, we headed out to the movie theater to watch “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.” All of the Cinemark’s were having a Wizarding Week from August 31st-September 6th where they replayed all of the Harry Potter films at the theater again. It was amazing getting to experience watching the movie like that again. 😊 Later that evening, Jordan took me out to Shogun for some dinner. We split their delicious fried rice and each ordered a specialty sushi roll. September 5th was the day of the move!! Jordan and I woke up at 6am, headed to Starbucks for some coffee & breakfast, and then began the moving process. On our way to unload my storage unit I told Jordan that it felt like I was about to go to Disney World or something. I couldn’t wait to get into our new place and get it all set up. After 15 hours of moving on Wednesday, this is what our living room looked like…

We’ve been unpacking, organizing, and decorating for several days now and this is what the place looks like so far. I’m pretty sure the kitchen is my favorite spot & I have absolutely loved setting out my Fall & Halloween decor! The bedrooms are still a work in progress, but we are fully unpacked and I will be posting before and after pictures of each bedroom & the bathrooms. I’m sooo happy with how it’s looking and cannot wait to see it when it’s completely finished. September 9th was my little brother’s 7th birthday. I still can’t grasp the fact that he’s getting so old… I still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday!

We had a great time on Sunday celebrating little Hud. I gave him a PlayStation gift card so he could purchase a Fortnite costume since that’s all the craze right now. September 10th was Jordan and I’s 2 year anniversary. We spent most of the day working on the apartment together & working, but Jordan made us a beautiful dinner that evening. He picked up some lamb chops from Trader Joe’s along with some excellent wine called, Dearly Beloved, which I thought was pretty cute. Also, these “Star Wars” wine glasses that he got for my birthday are from Box Lunch, which is this crazy cool shop filled with the most amazing, nerdy items and on top of that, their proceeds go towards Feeding America. I love every item that I leave with when I shop there and I also love knowing that I am some how helping those in need by shopping there. I will have to post Jordan’s lamb chop recipe soon because it is to die for!! I loved getting to just enjoy a nice dinner in our new home together. It was simple, yet perfect. The last few days have been spent working hard on the ice and at home whether it’s finishing up the apartment or packing for our upcoming trip. Yes, you read that right, Jordan and I are heading to Miami Beach this evening to celebrate our anniversary & to have a blast at the beach together.

I just finished eating my stuffed bell pepper & glass of wine and we are now being driven to the airport. I can’t contain my excitement for this trip! This will be Jordan and I’s first big vacation together. ❤️

I’m very excited to come back and write again all about our adventures in Miami! I hope all of you stay & dry over the weekend.

XOXO, Paige.

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  1. Debbie Davis says:

    Safe travels, can’t wait to see pictures! ❤️Y’all!


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