Catching Up Part 3!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I meant to have this post up last Thursday, but this past weekend and beginning of this week have been insanely busy & fun. This post is starting where I left you guys last and ends this past Friday. I hope y’all are ready to enjoy another super long post! After I left you guys Saturday August 18th, Jordan, Mila, and I were about to head out to see the new “Meg” movie. On our way to the theater, we were scarily surprised with a pretty bad storm. It was raining like crazy and the lightening was so intense that you could feel it hit the ground while riding in the car. I bought some of my favorite candy once we finally made it to the theater and we all got cozy in our reclining chair, anxious for the movie to begin.

I loved “Meg.” It was like a modern version of “Jaws.” It had suspense, a decent storyline, a massive/scary looking shark, and so much more. If you’re into shark movies, I highly recommend you go check this one out! Sunday morning, I made some scrambled eggs & biscuits for breakfast.

Somehow Mila and I were able to convince Jordan to watch the “vampire movies” (as Mila would say) with us that weekend. We watched “Twilight” on Saturday and then we watched “New Moon” and “Eclipse” on Sunday. I was obsessed with the Twilight books and movies throughout my teenage years and still love to watch them no matter how cheesy they are.

Amazon Prime is currently streaming them for free (if you have a Prime account) and they are all extended cuts, so there are added scenes that I had never seen before. Jordan probably thought I was the biggest nerd every time I said “that scene was new.” I’m still kind of shocked that he actually watched them with me. Now we need to watch “Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2.” Monday morning, Jordan and I woke up early to workout at the gym. We did some interval running for a mile and some strength training. It was really nice getting to have him as my workout buddy again. 😊

After our workout, I made myself some peanut butter toast & coffee for breakfast. For lunch, I made some low-carb, Beef Stir-Fry. Jordan and I both love eating this healthy recipe because the flavor is great and it’s so filling. I will be sharing the recipe for this meal soon on a separate post.

I spent most of my Monday packing boxes. Jordan and I are transferring to a bigger apartment on September 5th (today actually), which we are both SO excited about and I wanted to make sure we’re ready to go ahead of time. 😊 After a long morning of coaching on Tuesday, I met Jordan at a restaurant called, Frey’s Backyard, for some lunch. I ordered their grilled chicken breast with some broccoli and also had a little bit of the mashed potatoes. Jordan ordered their bacon-wrapped chicken poppers with a side of broccoli. Part of me wished I had ordered the same thing because they looked so darn good. I did some more interval running for 1.50 miles + some stretching & abs once I got back home. Jordan & I ate some seafood-stuffed salmon, crab cakes, and asparagus for dinner on Tuesday night. The salmon came from H-E-B. I always love their pre-seasoned meats & fish because they always taste great, their fairly healthy, and so easy to cook. I coached early on Wednesday morning and got back just in time to do a short workout with Jordan. We worked out our biceps and did some walking on the treadmill. After our workout was complete, I made us both an egg sandwich. I just love it when the runny yolk oozes out. 😋 I spent all day Wednesday doing some more packing, but I did take a little lunch break and made myself a tuna fish sandwich. After a very long afternoon of coaching, I made my favorite Southwest Ancho Tilapia dish with some broccoli and a brown rice/black bean mix. I love it when I have enough of the brown rice/black bean mix for leftovers because it tastes so good for breakfast. After coaching on Thursday morning, I made an egg white & feta cheese omlette with the rice mix and a cup of coffee. It was perfect! Later on, I accomplished about 2 miles of running/walking intervals.

I had to go back to work Thursday evening, but afterwards I was able to meet Jordan and Mila at the mall to hang out and have dinner in the food court. I got a tuna sandwich from Subway because I just had to keep up my roll of having tuna every day that week. 😂 I went over to my parents house on Friday night. When I got there my dad was slaving away in the kitchen while listening to the “Coco” movie soundtrack. Little did I know that he was preparing a gourmet meal of lemon pepper shrimp & ahi tuna fajitas with sautéed onions & bell peppers. Everything tasted absolutely amazing and we had lots of fun spending time together. Saturday morning, I was up bright and early for a long day of coaching. I had 4 of my students testing through US Figure Skating to move on to a higher level of skating. I was very proud of how hard each of my skaters worked for their tests and while some of them passed and others have to try again, it was a great learning experience for them all. After finishing 9 hours of coaching, I headed home for a much needed nap and when I awoke it felt like a brand new day. Jordan had gone fishing so I had the apartment to myself and had no clue what to do lol. I decided to get some cleaning done, so the place looked nice when he came home and then I had a “me night.” I headed to Target and Bath & Body Works to get a bath bomb, face mask, and stuff for dinner. I did some cardio at the gym, took my bath with my new bath bomb, and then got started on dinner and my current TV show (Sons of Anarchy). The vanilla chai bath bomb from Bath & Body Works smelled incredible and it made my skin so soft!

For dinner, I made some four cheese ravioli with a basil pesto Alfredo sauce. It was delicious. I finished the evening reading True Believer by Nicholas Sparks (which is a great book by the way) while I had “Love Actually” playing in the background. I don’t know why, but I can’t just sit in silence when I’m alone. I have to have some music or a movie, that I’ve seen a billion times, playing as background noise. Jordan arrived home on Sunday afternoon and we spent the rest of the day at the pool together with our neighbors. We played corn-hole, grilled dinner, and caught up with our friends. Tuesday (August 27th) was PSL day!! As some of you may know already, the day PSL’s come out at Starbucks is like an actual holiday for my family. My mom, sister, and I all got our own versions of our favorite drink. After finishing up our lattes, we headed over to Michael’s to check out their Fall & Halloween decor. I cannot wait for Fall weather to arrive and I am beyond excited to begin decorating our apartment for the season once we’re settled into our new place. ❤️🍂 That evening, I met Jordan at Craft Grille for dinner. I ordered their grilled chicken Caesar salad and he ordered their fish tacos. Wednesday was filled with early morning coaching, packing, and then Jordan surprised me with a PSL. I had gotten myself one on the way to the ice rink that morning, but I will never say no to another one and I thought it was so sweet that he thought to get me my favorite drink.

Later that evening, we headed over to a neighbors house for some wine and to participate in our apartment complex music video. It ended up being such a funny thing to witness/be apart of. After coaching Thursday, Jordan met me at Five Guys for some burgers & fries. 😉 We also checked out some stores together afterwards to see what kind of pieces we’d like to add to our new place once we get settled in.

I ordered a little hamburger w/pickles, onions, mustard, and ketchup and a side of their Cajun style French fries. It was unhealthy, but it was delicious. I made a lemon butter shrimp & zucchini noodles for dinner to eat before going to watch the Texans game at the pool. It was a very nice & relaxing evening. I worked on packing, cleaning, and more packing as soon as I woke up on Friday morning. My goal was to get the entire apartment ready to go before the weekend festivities began and that did happen somewhat!!

Friday evening, Jordan and I took Mila to Willie’s Icehouse for dinner. I ordered their grilled chicken smothered in Monterrey jack cheese and mushrooms with a side of rice & veggies. We swung by the arcades after eating because you just can’t pass that up when you’ve got a kid with you. 😊

Now this is where I’m ending my catch up because I have a great post coming soon filled with my 23rd birthday festivities & Jordan and I’s big move. I hope you guys have a wonderful Hump Day, I’ll be back very soon.

XOXO, Paige. ❤️

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