Mamma Mia, Sunday Brunch, & Jordan’s Birthday!


Happy Monday everyone, this past week has been so crazy busy that I completely forgot to write a recap post…so here it is three days late!

I hope that you all enjoyed your week & weekend, mine was super fun and I can’t wait to share it with y’all!

On Friday night, I met with my Mom & siblings to go see the new “Mamma Mia” movie. We all were obsessed. It was such a great sequel to the first movie, had great singing & choreography, was emotional, and had terrific acting. I could go see it a million times and I listen to the soundtrack in my car/sing the songs in the shower (when Jordan can’t hear me) all the time! Jordan and I went on a day date on Saturday, which started out at one of our favorite spots, The Toasted Yolk. We both ordered some mimosas to start. I ordered their meal called “The Arnold,” which is actually just eggs Benedict. It was delish!Jordan ordered their breakfast burrito. He’s in love with that thing. Both of our meals come with a hash brown casserole that I would love to get the recipe to. After brunch, we went to the movie theater to see “Incredibles 2.” Jordan had already taken Mila and told me that I had to see it because it was hilarious and he was right. I loved every minute of it. We were a little early to the movie, so we killed time by playing “Heads-Up,” which was so fun. Jordan was cracking me up. Sunday morning, we (and all of our favorite neighbors) woke up to have breakfast together by the pool. We always get together in the evenings by the pool to have dinner and drinks, but we decided to try something different and it was such a great idea!! We had mimosas, bloody Mary’s, and we all brought a little something to share for food. We had fruit, biscuits, chocolate gravy, cake batter pancakes, turkey bacon, regular bacon, scrambled eggs, and breakfast potatoes. My favorite part of the entire thing was to see all of us come together after staying up at the pool until 1am the night before. Some of us were tired and some of us were grumpy, but we all showed up and had such a good time together. Monday morning, I took Mila with me to the Toasted Yolk. I was craving the eggs Benedict and she wanted some pancakes, so we were both happy. I could eat this meal over and over again. While Mila took a nap, I had some me time. Jordan had gotten me a beautiful bath bomb about a month ago that I had been saving and I got myself a charcoal face mask from Bath & Body works to try. I felt so clean and relaxed after a nice bath & face mask. I also watched some of this show that I’ve been absolutely obsessed with lately called, “Marcella.” It’s on Netflix and if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend that you check it out! Monday night I went for a short run to get myself back into working out, so I can restart my challenge. I planned to start it over on this day, but the week ended up being so crazy busy that I really didn’t have the time. However, I did get in a couple of good workouts and I’m starting the challenge over this Monday, so whoever that wants to join me, please come along for the fitness ride. 😊 Tuesday was filled with cleaning, playing with Mila, working, and snuggling with the pup. Jordan, Mila, and I went to the pool of dinner on Tuesday evening. I swam some laps while Jordan grilled this amazingness. We had steak & poppers. This steak was one of the best ones he has made me so far. On Wednesday morning, I had a long break between my skating lessons and I had to study for some coaching exams, so I headed to Another Broken Egg for some breakfast & studying. I ordered some poached eggs, bacon, an English muffin, and potatoes. I couldn’t eat all of it, but it tasted amazing. I spent most of the day taking exams for my coaching education (7 exams to be exact). After my 6th test, Jordan, Mila, and I met my grandparents at Uncle Julios to celebrate Jordan’s birthday. Jordan and I split some delicious beef fajitas. My grandparents also ordered him this super cool chocolate piñata. We had a great time and enjoyed some amazing food! I worked all day long on Thursday and then came home to make us all some spaghetti for dinner. It felt so nice getting to sit down and have dinner after having my skates on for 9 hours. Jordan was awesome and gave me a foot massage before I fell asleep. I went to bed so excited for the next day to come…Jordan’s birthday!!

Jordan turned 25 this Friday and it was the first Birthday that I’ve been able to spend with him on the actual day, so I was so excited to make it special for him. I made him some chorizo, egg, and cheese taquitos for breakfast (that I forgot to take a picture of..) and they ended up being such a hit that I made them again for us the following Sunday. He had work during the day and then we met up with his family at Escalante’s in City Centre for dinner to eat and open gifts. After dinner, we headed over to Bowl & Barrel for a fun game of bowling. Jordan ended up beating me (barely), but it was his birthday so I’m glad that he won. We all enjoyed some red velvet cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, which was delicious! Everyone had such a fun time. I couldn’t have been happier to see Jordan be happy and enjoy his birthday. Saturday was a busy day! I worked a few hours in the late morning, watched my brother, Davis play some baseball, and then headed over to Pappadeaux’s for a 50th Anniversary dinner. The first course of the night was a Greek salad, which was good and sour tasting at the same time. I’d like to work on put my own spin on a Greek salad sometime soon. I ordered the Moroccan Salmon for my entree, which included a deliciously seasoned salmon, shrimp, and crab meat with a side of couscous. Jordan ordered their Seafood Platter, which included fried shrimp, tilapia, crab cakes, and more. He loved it! We also all enjoyed our own dessert while listening to people give lovely speeches about the happy couple. It is so heartwarming to see how much love two people can have for each other after 50 years of marriage and all of the sweet things their loved ones had to say about them.

Sunday was another day full of fun! After sleeping in and doing some grocery shopping for the week, I headed over to my grandparents for a pool day. It was nice getting to swim and spend time with my siblings, grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins. A little bit after we finished swimming, I met up with my family to go see the new “Mission: Impossible Fallout” movie. I didn’t realize how many movies I’d seen lately until I wrote this post lol. It was a really good, action packed movie. I’ve loved all of the Mission Impossible’s. This morning started off pretty slow & relaxing. I whipped up some eggs and coffee before starting this post. I brought some lunch over to Jordan’s office and ate with him there before coming home to tackle some chores! I will be starting my 8-Week Summer Fitness Challenge over again starting this evening, so check out my Instagram story to stay tuned.

I hope that you all have a very good rest of your week!

XOXO, Paige.

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