Easter Weekend!


Hey y’all, so I lied and took a lot longer than I promised to get back to you, but I am SO excited to be back!! I hope that you all have been doing very well. I surely have!!

The weather in Houston this past weekend was crazy. We went from having 80 degree weather to mid-50’s, which is insane for this city at this time of the year. I was a little bummed by it because I’ve been excited to soak up some sun, but the beginning of this week has felt amazing and it has been so sunny. I cannot wait to have some free time to tan soon!

So I am taking y’all back to a couple of weekend’s ago before I fill you in with Jordan and I’s new adventure because Easter weekend was such a wonderful weekend. On Thursday evening (March 29th), Jordan, Mila, and I met my grandparents at the Woodlands Church for their Easter service. We went to a very early “Easter” service because were going to be heading out of town the next day. I’m so glad we were able to go with my grandparents to celebrate Christ together. After a very long day of working on Good Friday, Jordan, Mila, and I packed up the truck and began our trip to Canyon Lake. The drive there is always beautiful.

We arrived at our rental condo being warmly welcomed by Jordan’s family. We all visited and sipped some wine (or Bloody Mary’s if you were Jordan) before we all got tucked in for a good night of sleep. Saturday we all slept in and were woken up with some yummy sausage and pancakes that ShaRon had made.

We all headed out to the lake around 1pm to get out on the boat. It was such a fun, warm, and sunny day. Jordan, Brittany, and Luke got to wake board. Jordan and I went tubing together and Mila went tubing with Jordan’s Dad (E.L.). By the end of the day we were starving and sunburnt, so as soon as we got back to the condo we got changed and ready to go eat. We went to a Mexican restaurant right off of the lake that wasn’t the best, but we had a very fun time. Sunday morning (Easter Sunday), we all awoke to a beautiful sunrise. Whenever I catch a glance of beauty in the sky I always feel like God is talking to me, I feel his warmth wrapped around me and it makes me feel peaceful. I am so thankful when I’m able to experience that special moment with Him on any day, but especially that day. This year was my first time spending Easter morning with Jordan and Mila. Jordan and I couldn’t wait to see how excited Mila would be to see what the Easter Bunny had brought her and boy was she excited. 😊

A couple hours after breakfast, we all headed back to Houston. In the afternoon, I headed to the grocery store to grab some healthy eats for the next week ahead and later that evening Jordan and I had dinner together at Chili’s and finally got to go see “The Black Panther” in theaters. It was such a great movie and I cannot wait to see the new Avengers movie coming out soon!

Well this concludes my Easter weekend post. I am very excited to announce that Jordan and I have decided to tackle a new challenge and that challenge is the Ketogenic diet. Today is our 11th day and we have been doing so well. My next post will fill you all in with how it’s been going exactly, yummy low-carb recipes, and goals for the rest of the month.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Wednesday. I’ll be back very soon!

XOXO, Paige.

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